Dzeko Strikes Twice as Roma top Napoli in Derby #31

Week 9Score: Roma 3 Napoli 1 FT
– Stadio San Paolo, Naples


               Following the 2nd International break of the season Serie A would return this weekend. After a week off of International play where Romans Edin Dzeko and Danielle De Rossi both scored while on international duty. Roma Returned to action in their 8th match of the campaign taking on fellow Italian giants Napoli in The Derby Del Sole also known as The Derby of the Sun in English. In the Battle of Southern Italy, it would be one of the most anticipated matches of the season. Two of the best offensive unites in Europe featruing some of the best players in Serie A. In Serie A they would only be a spot separating the two teams a win for either team would be a make a statement. It would be huge match pegged as the Game of the Week in Italy this week. Once again much like the Inter game there was no clear favorite they are two of the most inform sides in the division would go to battle in Napoli. It would be the visitors that would prevail 3-1 in a hard fought game. Dzeko opened up the scoring early in the 1st half only to double it the 2nd half Napoli would try to comeback with Koulibaly’s second half goal but Salah’s late goal would insure the 3points for the Romans as they reach back to back wins against Napoli.
                Roma manager Luciano Spalletti once again would need a very strong side to take down a team with as much quality as Napoli. They stayed in their standard formation of 5-4-1 they have been quite successful using this formation so far this season. Roma went with a very similar back four that we are accustom to seeing but with some slight changes in the back none the less. Juan Jesus would start at left back in the place of Bruno Peres, Fazio and Manolas as the center backs and Alexandro Florenzi would return to the back line after playing center mid in his last game against Inter. Directly in front of the defense would be the defensive midfield unite of Danielle De Rossi on the left getting another start as well as Leonardo Parades getting his 2nd start in a row to make up the defensive midfield. Than in the attacking midfield would be make with the three headed monster. Diego Perotti would take the left wing as Mohamed Salah would take the right and the final head of their attacking unite would be Raja Nainggolan who would play Centre Midfield returning to the lineup after being an unused sub against Inter Milan. regular Stephen El Shaarawy would come off the bench. Than up front as the lone striker Roma best player this season the Bosnian Tower Big Men Edin Dzeko who is in great form having scored two goals for Bosnia while on break and last of all Szczesny would be in goal for the Romans. Spalletti once again has put together a very strong team for the derby.
                It would be battle between 3rd place Roma (4-1-2) against 2nd Place Napoli (4-2-1) only one-point difference dividing the two teams. They would compete for the Kings of Southern Italy. Roma and Napoli last season finished in the top 3 last season with Napoli get finishing with 82 Pts and Roma finishing with 80Pts. They still remain the biggest threats to Champions Juventus. Which makes this game largely important not only because it’s a massive game but because it’s a derby not as fierce or Intense as the Derby Del Capitale with local rivalry with Lazio but none the less the derby with Napoli still means a lot to both sets of players and fans. The Derby Del Sol known as the Derby of the Sun referring to the hottest area of Italy. Roma and Napoli are the only two teams that can take out Juventus this season it was a largely important game but the game would mean more than just for bragging rights it could mean a great deal for the title challenge down the road. Roma had previously beaten Inter Milan prior to the break was a massive win they would come into the game with great believe and confidence. Napoli came into the match falling to bottom feeders Atalanta but none the less has been a great outfit this season. The big news coming into the game would be Napoli’s Star striker Arkadiusz Milik would miss the game due to injury but they would go into the game very inspired.
                It was a dark dreamy night in Napoli when Roma arrived to the Stadio San Paolo stadium getting ready for the most anticipated fixture for both teams up to this point this season in this week’s addition of Saturday Night Football had the eyes of the world on this game. Both teams came out with a lot of energy passion it was beautiful attacking football the creativity would just be out of the world. It was clear for the very beginning for the game that it was no clear favorite to win the game both teams possess great quality which made this game so exhilarating to watch. Especially of what the game could potentially mean for the title challenge. Napoli came out with a very strong attacking game plan and were getting great success, even though they were missing their big star. In the beginning the game they were able to manage the offence quite well but Roma wasn’t letting them run them they came out very well defensively. Roma have the best defense in Serie this season averaging the least amount of shots and the most interceptions and tackles this season. They were fighting off everything Napoli threw at them once again Szczensy was in top gear once again. Roma were no slouch either their counter attack was in the top shape form that we are accustom to seeing from them this season. Roma this season have the #1 offence in Serie A and #3 ranked attack in Europe. Ranked higher than big teams such as Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Despite Napoli controlling the possession when Roma saw their chance they took it with ease. In the 15th minute of the game Mohammed Salah started an attack using his quick speed and pace he dribbled deep into the box where he eventually lost it but didn’t give up on the play as he stole it back immediately crossing it in to the box for Dzeko where the big man blasted it past the keeper giving the Romans the 1-0 lead in the 1st 20 minutes. Dzeko scoring his 6th goal of the season a very inform player at the moment taking him to the top of the Serie A goals. A great goal but a fantastic assist showing great effort and perseverance making the goal possible as Roma’s offence continues to thrive under Spalletti. No team really dominated the 1st half Napoli did have the advantage on the stat sheet but not on the score sheet they created the several big chances but the defense held them hostage in the 1st half it would end 1-0 after 45 minutes.
                During the 1st half it was a tug of war battle the stats up to this point were very close in comparison. Both teams stayed the same decided not to rock the boat no changes were issued. For the moment it seemed really tough to call neither team had a clear advantage. In the 1st half it came down to which team finished off their chances Roma made good on their scoring chances which is why they lead but overall in the game it was almost to close to call a fantastic brand of football. This was one of those games where it comes down to the chances you take. As the 2nd half began we would see a similar game much like the 1st half no one was in control throughout many more chances from both teams applying great pressure on the defense a great game plan but the defense played the role well too. A game like this it’s all about the chances taken and once again Roma’s moment would come. In the 54th minute Roma would be given a free kick on the edge of the box. That’s when it happed Alexandro Florenzi stepped up to the ball on the free kick driving it inside the box into yep you guessed it Edin Dzeko who headed it home in the bottom left corner for his 7th goal of the season. Doubling Roma’s lead to 2-0 putting together a great performance so far today on the verge of jumping to 2nd. Napoli given the deep hole they were in they decided to make a change bringing in a striker in to add some weapons on offence brining in the Belgium international Dries Mertens for Manolo Gabbiadini. A move that turned out to be a great move no more than 4 minutes later Napoli would finally break though getting the equalizer. Koulibaly would make up for his early mistake off a corner he got in a great spot blasting it past Szczesny on a beautifully taken header closing the gap it wasn’t over yet making it 2-1. It continued to be a back in forth affair both teams exchanging great scoring opportunity’s but both defensive unites were holding their own. Napoli continued to win on the stat sheet it was one of those games that stats didn’t matter. With about 30 minutes to go both teams made a few changes. For Roma Juan Jesus a man who was carrying a yellow card was subbed out for Emerson who would make his 4th appearance of the season, and also Stephen El Shaarawy would finally get his named call as well coming in for Raja at CM. Napoli would take out Hamsik and Jose Calleejon as Piotr Zielinski and Omar El Kaddouri would come in to give Napoli one last push to draw even. The game continued to stay even for the majority of the reminder of the game with Roma desperately trying to hold off a very strong Napoli attack. The three points were nearly theirs Roma than would put it away for good with only 5 minutes left. Roma would put together one last counter attack to finish them off when Leonardo Paredes gave a short pass to Stephen El Sharaawy who launched a majestic ball into Salah, he would go on a break away using his pace to get past the defenders leading to a one on one with the keeper where Salah put it past him no problem putting in the bottom corner making it 3-1 late in the game. Putting another highlight of the Egyptian connection of Salah and El Shaarawy. After the Goal 19 Year old Gerson would make his Serie A Debut. There would be a few more chances for Napoli but it was to little to late as Roma won 3-1 picking up a massive three points.


                The win would take them to 2nd in table with 16 Points as Napoli would drop to 5th. This game was more than just bragging rights Roma’s schedule the next few weeks is fairly easy which only strengthens there chances of knocking off Juventus. Napoli will be fine they played a brilliant game Roma just were the better outfit on this day.

NEXT In Serie A: V.S Palermo October 23rd
NEXT in Europa League: V.S Austra Wien October 20th

Shots: 6
On Target: 5
Possession: 43%
Passes: 341
Passing Accuracy: 82%
Corner: 1

Shots: 21
On Target: 14
Possession: 57%
Passes: 468
Passing Accuracy: 87%
Corner: 9

1.Juventus 7-0-1 21pts
2. Roma 5-1-2 16Pts
3. AC Milan 5-1-2 16Pts
4. Torino 4-2-2 14Pts
5. Napoli 4-2-2 14pts

16. Pescara 1-4-3 7Pts
17. Udinese 2-1-5 7Pts
18. Palermo 1-3-4 6Pts
19. Empoli 1-2-5 5Pts
20. Crotone 0-1-7 1Pts

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