Roma Blow a Two Goal Lead as Roma’s Misery continues #23



Score: ROMA 2 Cagliari 2
– Stadio Sant’Elia, Cagliari

               After crashing out of the champions league against Porto Roma would try to rebound against Cagliari in the 2nd week in Serie A after their opening 4-0 victory last week against Udinese once again it looked like Roma would come out on top looking much better on paper and definitely are the much better side. After the disaster against Porto that would see them fall out of the Champions League There would be no fairy tale ending The game would end in a 2-2 draw as Roma coughed up a 2-0 lead in the 2nd half of the game After Strootmen and Perotti gave Roma the 2 goal Advantage.

              Roma would get word earlier this week that German Defender Antione Rudiger returned to training giving the Roman defense a sense of hope he would not play this week but his return isn’t to far away. Roma would get back their captain Alexandro Florenzi that missed Week 1 due to injury. Roma would keep the same formation Running a 4-3-3 Szczesny would get his 2nd start of the season in goal there wouldn’t be to many changes most of the starting 11 remained the same beside Perotti playing upfront with El Shaarawy and Salah as part of the three headed monster for Roma’s Attack rather than Dzeko who would come off the bench. The game started very well for Roma in only took 6 minutes for Roma to get an opportunity to put themselves upfront when El Shaarawy was violently tripped in the box Perotti would step up to take the PK after scoring twice from the spot in the opening game of the season he was elected to take the kick once again. He would put it away in the bottom corner to score his 3rd goal of the season in the process giving Roma the deserving lead. So far so good from Roma they looked quite well out of the gate once again they were in great form taking lots of shots in the 1st half despite only the one goal they looked good but if they can’t get more on target it would become a problem as we know but overall it was a good performance after 45 minutes.

               After the break Dzeko would come in for Steph El Shaarwy to join Perotti & Salah upfront to maintain the Roma Attack. It would only take one minute into the 2nd half for Roma to Double the lead when Kevin Strootman scored for the first time in almost 1,000 days following two injury-prone seasons in Italy for the Dutch midfielder. It was a majestic finished Salah’s crossed inside the box in to Dzeko who then Headed it to Strootman which lead to a beautiful finish. Roma were very much in control I had no worries what so ever Roma aren’t a team that typically blow leads it was karma I guess. About 10 minutes later Marco Borriello gave Cagliari hope. Roma still seemed like they would win they were in control they flowed really well together the problem became their inability to finish off their chances they only have a few shots on target in the end really hurt them in this game. They held them off as long as they could but after the defense took a beating the pressure ultimately was too much deep in the game with three minutes to go Marco Sanu equalized causing heart break to the Giallorossi as Roma threw away the game after going up by 2-0 Roma was left with utter disappointment. It’s completely inexcusable to throw away a 2-0 lead especially in this sport. But it is only two games in 4 out of 6 possible points isn’t bad no reason to panic Roma just need to Finish their chances and they should be fine. But I was disappointed with them today they will look to get back on their feet next week against Sampdiora Roma should be able to take care of them without too many problems. If they fix the necessary mistakes they should be in good position to improve on today’s disappointment.


A.S Roma
Possession: 52%
Shots On Target: 7
Passes: 400
Passing Accuracy: 84%
Corners: 3
Possession: 48%
Shots: 17
Shots On Target: 5
Passes: 367
Passing Accuracy: 80%
Corners: 4

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