A.S Roma Blog Series Mid-Season Review #46

Week 24

Welcome to 2017 and Happy New Year We have reached the mid-way point A.S Roma’s 2016-2017 Campaign in Serie A this season. We are going to look back at the season so far and look at the positives and negatives. A.S Roma currently sits in 2nd place in the top of Italy’s 1st division accumulating 38 Pts throughout the first 18 games of the season getting 12 wins 2 draws and 4 losses in that time they still trail Juventus as the top by 4 points with Juventus having players one less game as the Turin side will likely jump to a 7point lead as they play Cronte in their next game. Despite that Roma have been in top form nearly all season this is the best Roma team we have seen in many years and in my opinion they are Juventus’s only threat to their Throne despite losing to Juventus a few weeks ago Roma outplayed them in that game and were very unlucky not to at least earn a point it might be a tough to chase Juventus down this season but the next 5 games they play are against very winnable opposition as Roma Face Genoa, Udinese, Sampdoria twice as well as Cagliari than they follow that up with games against Fiorentina and Crotone they should win every one of those games giving them 59pts hypothetically speaking which will be just in time for their Europa league RD of 32 games against Villarreal. It is really important that they play well during February because dropped points could be very costly espeically given Juventus’s lead at the top. It’s time to turn it up for the next year and finish the season strong I’d like to win something this year and with the Transfer Window now open it can help bolster the Squad




Bosnian Striker Edin Dzeko, 18 Goals in 25 Appearances for Roma
Every year there is an unexpected player that emerges as the one of the top players in the league this season that title belongs to Roma’s big striker Edin Dzeko who was recently called “The Most Dangerous Player in the League” by Juventus Legendary goalkeeper Buffon. Edin Dzeko has 13 goals this season in Serie A only trails Inter’s Mario Icardi by one goal as the #2 goal scorer in Italy this season however he has more total goals than Icardi an Addition to the 13 he has in the league he has scored 5 goals in the Europa league this season to lead Roma to the knockout stage and winning their group. Dzeko is a completely different player than he was a season ago he hadn’t quite got the hang of Italian football yet. Edin Dzeko joined the Giallorossi las season from Manchester City where he scored 72 goals in 5 seasons the thought was he would bring that high scoring ability to Roma I didn’t really go as planned last season only finding the net 10 times in 39 appearances. He was struggling to adapt in Italy as he was criticized by the Italian media on a very consistent basis lacked a lot of confidence of his abilities as well there were Rumors about his exit already. However at the end of the season he started to show Roma what they paid for as he vastly improved and started to find the back of the net even scored in the derby. This season he just turned a corner he was playing with great confidence and has been the best player in Serie A since day one he is scoring goals for fun in Rome this season and he will only get better as the season progresses he is Roma’s most impactful player this season if he keeps scoring like this it will make Roma title challenge a lot easier as they will need it when Salah leaves for the African Cup later this month. He has been without questions Roma’s best player and he will continue to show why he deserves player of the season in Serie A.




Success against the Big Boys
This season When Roma have struggled it has never been against the big teams one their four losses one has been against one of the bigger team the historical clubs have really struggled against Roma. Roma has beaten Napoli (3-1 In the Derby Del Sol) they Inter Milan at Home 2-1, Ac Milan 1-0 and of course Lazio 2-0 In the Derby Della Capatiale. Roma have lost to Juventus, Torino, Fiorentina and Atalanta three of those most people wouldn’t consider big teams. Also even though they have lost to Juventus they were the better to team thought the game the season could come down to how they fair against the bigger teams in this division if that’s the case it will play in their favor Roma always preforms s well against the better teams.
Roma’s High Powered Counter Attacking Unit
Roma has done really well this season threatening the opposing goal scoring 55 goals in all competitions they have one of the dangerous counter attacking unites in World football they have scored more goals this season than German Giants Bayern Munich also at one time had more goals than Barcelona they are in the top 5 scoring teams this season. This team is always a threat to score they have used a few different formations throughout the season they have had great success in the league and in Europe. They have used many different players in their trio of attackers Along with Edin Dzeko they have used Mohamed Salah, Stephen El Shaarawy, Diego Perotti and Raja Nainggolan it seems no matter who lines up they have great success Dzeko is getting the most goals but the combination of Salah and Dzeko has been fantastic both players are in the top 5 goal scorers in the league and Salah is top 5 in assists is as well. But even there others have also been effective Perotti has been brilliant for Roma despite a lot of his goals coming from the spot he has done really well for roma this season scored one of the goals of the season in Europa league it is a very quality player. El Shaarawy was the only real player of the bunch who hasn’t played up to expectations and he is starting to show more promise as he has done quite well lately if this unit continues to improve and staying in good form they will create a real challenge to Juventus.



Missed Opportunity’s
This season has been two team maybe three team races at the start of the season however there have been times where opportunities have been given to Roma to make a jump on Juventus or attempt to close the gap and for the most part they have failed to do so. Also it must be said that Roma have had games that they drew or lost that they really deserved to win but couldn’t take advantages of their chances. Early in the season they jumped to a 2-0 lead on Cagliari and completely blew it as they settled for a draw it happen once in the Europa league as well on a similar occasion I mean it was very early in the season when it occurred but it was a game that they easily should have won they also shouldn’t have lost to Fiorentina plus the goal was offside they missed out on going top. Than once again against Torino they failed to close the gap there was well but that game deserved Torino were way better than us. Roma also shouldn’t have lost to Atalanta but I big one was failed to beat Juve away if they had won that game they would of made it a one point lead. For the 2nd half of the season they shouldn’t be losing games like they had so far it’s really important that they win every game they can present a challenge in the title race.



If there’s one thing that have slowed down Roma’s progress this season it has been injures there have been more than a fare few this season. It start the season Antione Rudiger was still recovering from his ACL Tear he suffered before the euros missing several games this season, than even before the season started they brought in Mario Rui on loan from Empoli and before he even played a single game boom just like that ACL out for several months. Even more key players got injured this season Leonardo Paredes a guy who has been one of Roma’s best young players got injured about a month ago and still remains out however he is expected to return this season. Perhaps the biggest injury suffered this year has been the injury of Roma captain Alexandro Florenzi who is a crucial part of the Roman defense as well as one of the most versatile players in Italian football a player that can play multiple positions a player that is always a threat to do damage. He suffered an ACL as well his return to the side is highly unlikely on top of all that several others have picked up various of injuries. Hopefully everyone can come back strong.

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