Nainggolan Helps Roma Top Lazio In a Typical Nasty Battle In the Derby Della Capitale #41

Week 18Score: Roma 2 Lazio 0 FT
-Stadio Olimpico


               Following victory Against Pescara last Sunday Roma would continue their Serie A journey On Match Day 16 Against Local Rivals Lazio In The Derby Della Capatile Considered By many as the Most Dangerous and Heated derbies In Europe One of the Most Anticipated matches In Italian football With a three team battle between AC Milan and Juventus at the top of the table the next few matches would be crucial as Roma play both teams in the next two weeks a largely important game not just because of the tight race at the top of the table but because of the Bragging rights to the winner of the match this derby means so much to the City so winning this derby is everything. Roma despite being without Mouhamed Salah would win their 4th straight derby win against Lazio In Rome a very closely contested game but 2nd half goals by Raji Nainggolan and Kevin Strootman would be the difference as Roma pick up a very important win to keep the pressure on Juventus at the top of the Table as it is just a 4-point difference at the top. Next week it doesn’t get any easier as they will Welcome AC Milan to the Stadio Olimpico.
                It was a bit of a different Roma side against Lazio, Roma have been informed my team doctors earlier in the week Prior to the derby one of Roma’s best Mohmed Salah had picked on an ankle injury as would miss the derby the timetable is unknown could possibly miss more games the injury is a bit of a game changer it caused Luciano Spalletti to change the philosophy, Spalletti has regularly used the 4-5-1 formation this season it has brought them great success but without Salah a change was necessary. Also, along with Salah being out winger Stephen El Shaarawy was still recovering from his injury and wasn’t quite fit to return although he is expected to be ready when they host AC Milan next week. So, Roma had two Midfielders out with injury and not just anyone but crucial players for Roma they are a part of the Three headed monster unit. anyways this caused Spalletti to make a shock move a change of the formation for the 1st time in months. They changed it to a 3-5-2 three defenders five midfielders and two strikers. The goalkeeper was the usual would be the Wojciech Szcz?sny the Arsenal Loanee has been Roma’s #1 for the last two seasons he’s done very well since he’s been in Italy. The defense would look very different with the formation change in the two-different formation they have used this season there were always four in the back there were only three in this game. The players in the defense were the same though. Controlling the center would be Kosta Manolas coming off an injury was raring to go in his derby return. On the right side, would be the German giant Antino “Berlin Wall” Rudiger moving to the outside as the right back after playing in the center in the last match, he’s such a great asset he can play both in the middle and on the sides, I hope he stay with Roma for a long time he is a big-time player a very important piece to Roma’s success. Than on the opposite side of Rudiger would be Roma’s most consistent starter Fazio the Loanee from Spurs have been spectacular for the Roman defense. That would make up the back line. Without Salah and EL Shaarawy they would be no three-headed monster unit for the 1st time this season as they played 5 midfielders instead of three. This is where it got a little bit odd Regular defenders Bruno Peres and Emerson would be moved up to midfield the Brazilian pair have pretty good offensive skills so rather than starting two more players from the bench they just pushed them up an interesting tactic to say the least. In the middle of the midfield unit would be the usual defensive midfielder in the usual formation Dannielle De Rossi and Kevin Strootman. Than finally in the center of the pack of Midfielders would be Raji “The Tasmanian Devil” Nainggolan as the QB of the midfield. Than it would be the attackers usually it’s just Dzeko by himself but due to formation they would play two Strikers powering the attack. On the right side, it would be the Bosnian tower the Red Hot Edin Dzeko who is Roma’s top scoring in all comp this season with 17 goals. Joining him in the absence of Salah and El Shaarawy would be Penalty Specialist Diego Perotti. An odd team but sure to be a very effective one.
                The Day finally arrived the most violent and Dangerous Derby in the World returned, this is more than game it’s not sport it’s the enemy derby day is the biggest event of any kind in Rome. When these games take place, the entire city shut down it becomes gloomy people become cold hearted this game means everything to the fans in this city. This derby means more than perhaps any derby in Europe Roma and Lazio aren’t typically winning the titles very often winning this game is the reason to be proud. As most Romans, will I rather win the derby than lift the title losing this game causes so much pain. This would be one of the most anticipated derbies in years with both teams very much in the title race this season going into the game they was just one point separating the two sides the most crucial derby in years. 2nd place Roma 9-2-3 were warm up and ready to take on their 4th place Rivals Lazio 8-4-2. The Romans sides were ready for kickoff on a very cloudy and gloomy morning at Stadio Olimpico a near perfect atmosphere for a derby like this one. As expected it was a very physical and intense derby it was a very closely contested affair there was no real favorite going into the match both teams shared many chances. Immobile was taking Lazio in dangerous territory as often as he could getting them in great position but had several mischances. Roma did a great job holding Lazio with the defense as Szcz?sny was in great form making a fantastic save from Immobile early in the game. Roma did control the possession through the 1st half but wasn’t producing the offensive attack they usually do but they weren’t giving any goals up either they however did have a few chances. It wouldn’t be a derby without controversy in the 28th minute they would get it Bruno Peres was brought down near the inside the box there would be a late whistle on the call the Lazio player was booked and a free kick was given. They were debate whether it was a penalty and if it was in the box for me it was somewhat hard to tell. The tension was at an all-time high there were several scuffles throughout this game. Lazio was getting all the offence but Roma played it was perfect they were controlling the game from the back to generate chances we started to see it near the end of the half but after a back and forth derby so far, the 1st half would end with a 0-0 score. Roma would start growing into the game as Lazio started red hot but was unable to convert on the chances but a very Physical and close derby so far.



               After a very intense 1st half that was lacking chances both team would look to improve on their performance. There would be no changes by either team going into the 2nd half. Roma continued to apply pressure on Lazio as they were giving Lazio very limited possession as roma was starting to control the game in that respect. With wins for Juventus and AC Milan the game would be a must win for the Roma, the Romans continued to thrive playing very controlled football which stopped the red-hot attack that Lazio had shown early in. The physical intensity continued 17 fouls given in the 1st half they were using they bodies a lot of the time. We were getting a very different game that we originally thought Roma and Lazio are two of the top attacking teams in Serie A this season but instead it became a defensive fight. It still was very entertaining the deep the game got the more goal scoring chances Lazio got but they would continue to fail to convert. Then slowly but surely Roma was starting to display some attacking football Dzeko had a great chance to break through early in the 2nd half was their best chance of the game up to that point. It would come down to the team that makes the 1st crucial mistake as there wasn’t much separation in the match exactly how a derby game should be both going for the win. Roma started playing like the offensive superpower they are Raji looked great the mids were creating a lot of chances it was a close game but Roma on the pitch certainly started to look like the better team that they are but again Immobile was doing great work for Lazio had a few good chances to put one away after Dzeko wasted a chance just minutes earlier. Finally, the moment arrived as Lazio committed a blunder in the 64th minute Rudiger gave a short pass to Nainggolan who hit a cross to Perotti deep in Lazio Perotti would lose the ball only for Wallace to get the ball picked off by Strootman he took the ball in the box on a 1 on 1 and chips the keeper to give Roma the 1-0 In the Derby Della Capitale. It would be Strotman’s 1st derby goal and his 2nd of the season. The Roma section of the stadium exploded as Strootman jumped in the crowed with his Roma teammates the expression on the Lazio fans faces told it all. Shortly after before play even resume a fight broke out Danilo Cataldi a player on the Lazio bench pulled Kevin Strootmen’s jersey getting a RED CARD the 31st RED CARD shown in the Derby in the last 20 years. That would unlimitedly spark a fight between both teams after Strootman squirted water at the Lazio bench receiving a yellow card. Both teams than got in to it in a big scuffle with Totti and El Shaarawy trying to calm down both teams. After the fight cards started flying like crazy it became a very dirty match. Both teams very ticked off about the incident it would fuel roma’s fire after just one Lazio chance daggered by Manolas’s defense Roma would start to attack at a high rate less than 10 minutes later Roma would double the lead. In the 77th minute Manolas gave a short pass to De Rossi would than send a through ball pass to Nainggolan. The Belgium international took two dribbles and hit a wonder strike from well outside the box a dead on shot with great power beating the keeper to Give Roma the 2-0 lead in the derby, one of the best goals Roma has scored this season. man, of the match finally delivered Scoring his 2nd goal of the season and his 1st derby goal. He would go in front of the Roma fans with his teammates to celebrate. Lazio supports knew they were beat some were even in tears showing once again how much this match means to the city of Rome. Nainggolan clearly backing up is trash talk he said before the match “Lazio who cares they never finish above us anyway”. He has been brilliant all game and all season for Roma he almost should count as two players what he does on both sides of the ball is unlike any player in serie a. Lazio continued to fight and try to do something to attempt a comeback but it wouldn’t happen as the full time whistle blew 2-0 in Favor of Roma winning there 4th Derby in a row unbeaten in their last 7 as the bragging rights belong to the Romans as the pain and agony displayed on the faces of Lazio showed the disappoint. Showing how serious this game really is. It would be the 1st Derby without Totti in years it was disappointing that he wasn’t able to get in.



               With Roma’s victory in Derby Della Capatile they go back to 2nd even on points with AC Milan also only trail Juventus by four point well in striking distance. Next weekend they host AC Milan at home massive match in Serie with a lot of implications they follow that up with a visit to Juventus in Turin these next two matches could make or break their season. They also have a mid-week match in Romania against Astra in the Europa league a rather meaningless game since they have already qualified as well as won the group. The change of formation was interesting but it seemed to work Stephen El Shaarawy will return next week as for Salah his status is unknown. Roma once again showed they are the Kings of the Enteral City as Roma have won their last 4 derbies against Lazio and now are undefeated in their last Seven. Again, this Derby showed its greatness in all aspects of the game it’s the biggest game of the year and it means the most out of any fixture to the fans and players I can’t wait to play them again the feeling of winning this derby is indescribable

MAN, OF THE MATCH: Raja Nainggolan
Next Game in Serie A: vs AC Milan, Stadio Olimpico , December 12th
Next Game In Europe: @ Astra, December 8th


BY THE Numbers
A.S Roma
Shots: 7
On Target: 4
Passes: 285
Passing Accuracy: 75%
Corner: 3


On Target:2
Passes: 274
Passing Accuracy: 75%
Corner: 6

Top Of The Table
1.Juventus 12-0-3 36Pts
2. Roma 10-2-3 32Pts
3. AC Milan 10-2-3 32Pts
4. Napoli 8-4-3 28Pts
5. Lazio 8-4-3 28pts

Relegation Zone
16. Udinese 4-3-7 15Pts
17. FC Empoli 2-4-9 10Pts
18. Pescara 1-5-9 8Pts
19. FC Crotone 1-3-11 6Pts
20. Palermo 1-3-11 6Pts

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