Roma Lose Bruno Peres and Diego Perotti For Two Weeks #32

Roma Lose Bruno Peres and Diego Perotti For Two Weeks

– Rome, Italy

After an inspiring performance in Naples defeating Napoli 3-1 on the road Roma has been hit with some unsettling news. It has been confirmed that Left Back Bruno Peres and Attacking midfielder Diageo Perotti will miss the next two weeks due to picking up injury’s. Both players have been vital for Roma’s success this season. Bruno Peres has started nearly every game since his arrival from Torino this summer he has been a consistent player for Roma all the season. Perotti has also played a big part in a Roma shirt this season played a major role in the attack force helping Roma become one of the best counter attacking teams thought-out Europe.

The Diagnoses and Detail of the Injury
Roma told the media earlier today that Peres (groin) and Perotti (hamstring) will both be missing action for the next two weeks. Bruno Peres was put though several tests and examinations on Monday after missing Roma’s 3-1 Win over Napoli in Naples on Sunday as Juan Jesus started in his place. In conclusion of the tests its understood that the player has been in a lot of pain and has been diagnosed with a Minor groin strain. The time timetable is expected to be around two weeks although there is a possibility that he could return before than if he heals ahead of Schedule it isn’t a serious injury so it’s quite possible he could be ready for the November 3rd Europa league tie against but will likely make his return on November 6th against Bolonga. The Brazilian left back as played 10 games this season for the Romans he picked up his injury on the Friday training session before Saturdays game. He will be a player surly missed but he will hope to have a speedy recover as he desires to comeback to help the team he has already started treatment.

Diego Perotti did play most of the 90 minutes in Roma’s trip to Naples before ultimately being subbed off for Gerson in the closing moment of the game. Perotti as well as examined after the game on Monday after feeling discomfort in his leg. After running several tests and examinations it was concluded that he was diagnosed with a myofascial strain on his right hamstring. Basically, meaning he is feeling muscle irritation on his leg or hamstring which can be very difficult to play through. He is also expected to be sidelined for 2 weeks unlike Bruno’s case it is highly unlikely he will be back before then. The Argentine as already begun his treatment program as he will attempt to deal with this on a timely manner. The Argentine International has been brilliant for Roma this season a big blow of Roma’s high powered offence he has made 11 appearances this season and has scored4 goals he has been the club designated penalty taker so far this season that job will likely be handed over to Totti or Dzeko for the mean time until he can return at full stretch. It can be expected to return on November 6th against Bolonga but should be back no later than November 20th against Atalanta.

What It Mean for Roma In the Mean Time

Diego Perotti
With Diego Perotti out for the next few weeks its likely Italy International Stephen El Shaarawy would take over a large portion of Diego’s minutes giving him a possible full time starting role at left wing. After scoring 8 goals in 16 appearances last season while on loan to Roma he secured a permanent move this summer. However, unlike a season ago he has struggled to find the back of the net so far this season the 23yr old has just one game in game games. The Injury to Diego Perotti could be a blessing it will give El Shaarawy a chance to get back in top gear it will give him the platform to find the back of the net and rejuvenate his season. Since he has gotten his minutes increased he has scored 3 goals With Perotti out its also likely that Brazilian youngster Gerson could possibly see more minutes as well as only made three appearances since his arrival in the summer. It could mean more action for several others as well but El Shaarawy is the player mostly effected by the absence of Diego. This could possibly turn his season around becoming the player he was last year once again I wouldn’t worry he will get there it’s only the beginning of the season. Despite all that the loss of Diego Perotti is a devastating loss for Roma regardless how long he will be out for. He’s been on of Roma’s bests players this season I don’t think it’s a panic move but can be worrisome but I believe we will still get good results in the upcoming weeks. We wish Diego a Speedy Recovery.

Bruno Peres

Since Bruno Peres arrived in Rome for his loan from Torino he has been arguably the best defender on the team been a very consistent player starting nearly every game so far. Juan Jesus is likely to take over his role on a temporary basis Roma don’t have any other choices as the moment at least good ones. He has been very poor this season so far so the hope is he can return very soon Roma must wins their next few games. They don’t have very many challenging opponents at the moment. However, Roma received big news this week regarding their defense German center back Antione Rudiger was cleared by medial staff to return to full contact training it appears he will return to the side sometime in the next few weeks. Rudiger has yet to play for Roma this summer after tearing his ACL prior to this year’s Euros in France. Roma will surely be exited to integrate him back into the squad as he will be looking to make a big impact when he is fully cleared. filling a big need now especially because of the absence of Bruno Peres. He is not yet at Spalletti’s disposal but surely will be ready to help the team when he’s cleared. Whether he can return before Peres comes back is unclear at this point but if he can its possible he could make a big impact in Bruno’s role if he starts out of the gate now if he is used as a sub at the start of his return Roma could have some issues fill that spot. Rudigers return will help regardless. Bruno is a big part of this team hopefully he won’t be out for very long. Having Rudiger back and a fully healthy back could make Roma one of the best in Serie A but we will see what happens

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