Racial Abuse Highlights the Derby as Lazio Take a two goal Lead in Cup Semis #61

Week 39

 Rudiger continues to face Racism as he battles Jordan Lukaku for the Ball In the Derby Della Capitale in his teams 2-0 loss to Lazio

Score: Lazio 2 Roma 0 FT
-Stadio Olimpico, Rome


               Following Roma’s big win against Inter Milan in Serie A Match day 26 over the week end Roma would take a break from league action as they took on rivals S.S Lazio in the first leg a Derby Semi Final in the Coppa Itaila. In the Derby Della Capatiale Roma are unbeaten in the last 6 derbies going into this match including Roma 2-0 Derby win back in December despite Roma’s decisive lead in the table Derby Della Capitale is one of the most violent dangerous and passionate derbies in world football so anything can happen. Roma are much better team and are much higher in the table but in Derbies all that goes out the window. Roma may have been favorites but this game always turns out to be a great match. Roma had majority of the chances but just couldn’t finish them off as Lazio took the early lead near the half hour mark when Serbian midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic found the back of the net to give Lazio the lead. Roma continued and continued to outplay their crosstown rivals but yet again Lazio was able to take advantage with a late goal from Ciro Immobile to give Lazio a 2-0 lead in the Semi Final first leg. On a side note once again Lazio fans abused Antione Rudiger with racists chants there a long part of the match very disgusting behavior among Lazio fans. A disappointing and painful result for Roma but this is not over.
                 Not real big news this week beside a few rumors kind of been a dry week of news for Roma in fact there is barley any news at all really not much to report. However there is one thing that I would like to mention, apparently a sale of Kosta Manolas would solve Roma’s financial problems is heavily expected to join Inter in the summer, it has to be Manolas if I star is to be sold because Roma can’t afford to let go of Nainggolan Dzeko or Rudiger. Also Woiech Szcz?sny was in the news as more stories develop about his future after he confesses he still has love for Arsenal but insists that he will play were he getting playing time as the number one choice. Roma would like to retain him but have a very good backup plan if it decides to return to North London. Luciano Spalletti fielded a strong side for this game only a few changes from the Inter Milan game. Roma put out a 3-4-2-1 formation once again as it has been their main formation since Januarys it has worked out quite well for them since their change from the 4-5-1. In goal for Roma would be Roma’s #2 and possible next year’s first choice Keeper the Brazilian Allison Becker making his 12th start for the Giallorossi the back three would be their usual trio of defense with Kosta Manolas at left-back Antione Rudiger at the right-back position and then in the middle being deployed as the center back would be Fazio. The defensive midfield would be almost the same as in their previous game. Playing as the left wing-back on the outside of the defensive midfield would be Emerson as he would be returning to the lineup coming in for Juan Jesus. Than on the opposite side playing as the right wing-back would be as usual Bruno Peres; than in the center of the defensive midfield would be the duo of Kevin Strootman and Leonardo Paredes playing the RCM and LCM roles respectively. Than in front of the center midfield would to attacking midfield unit. Raja Nainggolan would play on the left as the Left wing than on the right wing it would be Mouhamed Salah than finally up front as there striker SERIE A’s most dangerous scorer with 19 goals and 29 in all competitions would be the BIG MAN Edin Dzeko. Normally a very dangerous team the tactics was spot on from Spalletti in my opinion.
                It would be a return of one of football’s biggest rivalries the Derby Della Capitale may not be at the level of El Classico in terms of competitiveness but it is one of the most dangerous violent and passionate derbies there are easily one of the biggest rivalries in the world. The meaning of the derby means more in Rome than perhaps any other city or derby in the world which is what makes this derby so special. It is politically driven as well as location based Roma and Lazio fans often argue about who is the real fans of Rome the supremacy in the city matters above all else. Historically throughout time Roma and Lazio were winning very few Scudetto’s the meaning of the season was the derby it wasn’t about we are the champions of Italy it is about we finished higher than them. This is way the derby means so much to this city this have never been a title battle between the two of them well not very often at least this was the only reason to be proud if you were to ask me now if I rather win the derby or the title I would win the derby without even thinking about it the supremacy in the city Rome is what matters the most. These matches often lead to fairly violent scenes the two clubs simply cannot stand each other and as a Roma fan I am no different. Roma have not lost a derby since the 2013-2014 season just to give you an idea Roma leads the famous match have 68 wins where Lazio have only collected 50 wins with 63 draws it at times could be argued that it is very one-sided. This match will be the second of the season between the two teams Roma beat Lazio 2-0 on December 4th. Many of the matches between the two teams have been the subject of Racism by Lazio supporters in their first meeting Roma black defender Rudiger was abused by the Lazio ultras and if that wasn’t enough a Lazio player Lulic had some pretty cruel comments that led to a 20 day suspension. “Two years ago, he was selling socks and belts in Stuttgart. Now he acts like he’s some phenomenon. It’s not his fault, really, but the fault of those who are around him. They haven’t taught him good manners. Apologize to Rudiger? It doesn’t matter, even white people sell socks”. So there’s already the tension going in to the match I feel really bad for Rudiger that he has been forced to deal with things like this ever since he’s been in Rome unfortunately in this game he would be abused once again. Unlike years in the past Roma and Lazio are both playing at a very higher level this season it should be a great match. After weeks of anticipation for the game they were finally ready to kick off.



               Roma started off very well in the game it only took about two minutes for Roma execute a fantastic opening chance and an excellent chance it was. While Roma was on the attack Emerson fired in a ball to Dzeko to attempt to open the scoring but deflected by the Lazio defense. Despite clearing the ball out it wasn’t an ideal start for Lazio. Roma has dominated the last few games between the team teams and early in we were seeing no different here. Roma were nearly in again but Dzeko’s shot from outside of the box was blocked. Than not long after Emerson created yet another chance for Roma as he sent in a cross from the wing into Fazio but the 6’5 defender couldn’t put it past the keeper as it was saved. Than about 20 minutes in Lazio finally got their first chance Savic attempted header from a Jordan Lukaku cross but was saved by Allison. Than for the next few minutes following the chance there would be back and forth chances between both teams. Raja Nainggolan’s shot from outside the box was saved than Immobile tried from outside the box on the other and his shot was saved as well. Than Lukaku and Immobile both got into a good space and missed. Despite the game going back in forth the at that point of the game Roma still looked like the much better side but that’s the thing about football it just takes on chance to make your mark on the game. Despite Roma being in control it would be Lazio who would strike first as the game approached the half hour mark. Serbian Striker Sergej Mililinkvic-Savic after receiving the ball from Felipe Anderson fired a shot from the center of the box placing in it the top left corner putting past Allison to give them the 1-0 lead in the 29th minute. After the goal Roma had a quick fire response nearly equalizing on several occasions. Nainggolan sent in a header to Dzeko less than a minute after the goal but the Big Bosnian misfired. Than several minutes later they were nearly in again the desire to equalize was strong. Emerson created another chance giving service to Salah but Salah couldn’t finish it, Dzeko was in again right after on a very close attempt but he missed from the six yard box. The Roman attack was relentless as they continued to fight. Near the end of the first half Roma had even more chances Paredes crossed a ball in to Fazio but once again his header was a little high. Dzeko and Paredes had two shots near the end of the half but both got blocked as the first 45 minutes came to an end with Lazio this the 1-0 lead you could argue that Roma have been the better side as the lead did seem undeserved but that’s how football is sometimes. On a side note Rudiger continues and continues to be the Subject of racial abuse in the first half of this game Lazio fans repeatedly sung racist chants at Him absolutely disgusting behavior! They continue to display inhuman behavior they are a bunch of racists they have proved this again and again. Off the pitch Rudiger is one of the nicest guys you will come across no one deserves to be treated like that the Lazio fans deserve some kind of ban or fine for the second leg they are just a disgrace. The announcer pleaded with the fans to stop it; the game was on the verge of being stopped because of it.
                Despite being behind Roma was the much better team going into the break Luciano Spalletti decided against making any changes even through Roma was down Spalletti was getting the quality out of his team the issue was finishing off their chances. There was no real reason why Roma should have been down they were winning possession they had more shots more crosses more chances more everything. They were doing all the right things they just couldn’t finish them off. They would kick off the second half in Rome with Lazio leading 1-0 on AGG in the first leg of the Coppa Itaila Semi Finals. Roma wasn’t doing as well in the second have the game started to open up a little bit Roma still were doing better but Lazio started to show more quality. However Roma were still fighting to equalize Leandro Paredes hit a shot from outside the box but the shot missed. Lazio looked much improved in the second half Felipe Anderson nearly was in but his shot just barely missed. Lazio got more scoring attempts from Ciro Immobile and Marco Parolo but they failed to double it Lazio was a different Lazio team that we saw early in they started to play with much more confidence. Roma wasn’t laying down though they continued to get in good position Roma would be on the verge of breaking the deadlock in the 62nd minute Roma Egyptian winger Mohammed Salah after Receiving a ball from Raja Nainggolan took a shot from the left side of the box but his shot hit the post. After the shot Spalletti would go to the Roma bench to make a change. Diego Perotti would come in for Leandro Paredes Lazio would also make a change as Keita replaced Felipe Anderson. About 5 minutes later Roma would go to their bench yet again as Stephen El Shaarawy. Not long after Roma had two really good chances Bruno Peres took Raja’s pass and took a very powerful shot. Bruno’s shot was close but just missed the target; Bruno minutes later would assist El Shaarawy in a near goal. Bruno sends in a cross El Shaarawy would hit the ball from the center of the box but he would miss to the right. Roma really didn’t take advantage of all the scoring chances they had. Than with about 10 minutes to go Lazio took advantage of another chance in the 79th minute Ciro Immobile doubled Lazio’s lead the Italian international hit a shot from very close range in the bottom left corner to give Lazio the 2-0 lead in the first leg. Roma would bring on Roma legend and the derbies top scorer Francesco Totti to give Roma some hope. In stoppage time Rudiger was on the verge of silencing the racism when Emerson sent in a cross from a free kick in the box and the big German Rudiger got his head to it but misfired. The game would end with Lazio the derby winning 2-0 getting a rare win against Roma.
                With the win Lazio take a two goal lead going into the second leg this is a loss that is very painful losing the Lazio is worse than dying. to lose to them and what they fans stand for is just soul crushing. Following this fixture Roma set to host 3rd place Napoli as Roma set to defend their 15 games win streak at home an attempt to make it 2 wins out of 2 this season after they won their first match up against them at the beginning of the season. Following the Napoli game they set out to France to take on Lyon in the Round of 16 of the Europa League in Lyon. It was a game of missed Opportunities for Roma, Lazio jump to a 2-0 which is a threat to Roma’s first trophy in 9 years however the second leg is still to play for this isn’t over by any stretch.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Ciro Immobile
NEXT IN SERIE A: vs Napoli March 4th 2017 Saturday
NEXT IN EUROPA: @Lyon Round Of 16 March 9th Thursday 2017


A.S Roma
Shots: 22
On Target: 3
Possession: 66%
Passing Accuracy: 83%

S.S Lazio
Shots: 14
On Target: 5
Possession: 33%
Passing Accuracy: 69%

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