Roma Name Luciano Spalletti as their New manager after Rui Garcia was sacked after three seasons in the Italian Capital he is expected to sign an 18-month deal than runs until the end of the 2017 season. Spalletti coached Roma from 2005-2009. Winning Two Domestic Cups in 2007 & 2008 as well as winning Super Copa in 2007 during his 4-year tenure helped Roma qualify for the Champions League three years in a row making past the group stage every time including making Quarterfinals in back to back years during that time even winning the group in 2008 had great success here. Before going to Russia to have continued Success at St. Petersburg where he won Two Russian Premier league titles as well as one Russian cup.


Rui Garcia was recently sacked due to a poor run of from Roma has been a disappointment as they continue you to fall out of the title race they stand in 5th with 35 pts with a 9-8-3 record through the 1st half of the season. It isn’t a bad record they are hanging with the top 4 four still but it’s not good enough they havent have very many solid performances and have been very poor ever since the Derby win against Lazio. They have drooped points in games they should of won like games against AC Milan and Cheivo with Juve and Napoli heating up its going to become very difficult in get back into the champions league spot. After starting his time at Roma exceptionally well earning a 2nd place finish in two years in a row as well as making the champions league the last two years. It really all went south this season after a slow start to the season Roma showed signs of brief brilliance were as high as 3rd at the beginning of the season. Beating defeating Champions Juventus ripping apart surprise title chasers Florentina & beating Heated Rivals Lazio in the Derby. They also qualified for the Round of 16 Of the Champions league where they will play Real Madrid in the knockout stage in February. But At some point they lost their form and they began to fall. The lowest point was when they failed to beat Serie B side Spezia Calcio in the Italian Domestic cup they lost 5-4 on PK’s in a game they should of won easily. Roma has struggled to produce this year like in the past Roma is searching for their 1st league title since the 2000-2001 season it’s a drought that has frustrated me and many Roma fans the Italian giants have been so close so many years they have finished 2nd eight times since lifting the trophy over a decade ago.

Spalletti’s return to the bench couldn’t have come at a better time having managed the club before he knows the team very well. Has had great success in his career in has tasted the champagne in Rome as well in Russia a place where he was tactically a genius. In his Five seasons in the Russian Premier League other than his Two league titles he also made them into an underrated European side he led St. Petersburg into the Champions league nearly ever season making it to the knockout stage twice despite failing to advance any further he was great success in Russia. You can even now see the team he developed showing great success they made the knockout stage again this season his former employer even won the group he was not the main reason Andre Villas-Boas is a great coach but Spalletti’s got the balls rolling.
Roma havent won very many trophies in the past but he was apart of brining Two Italian Cups to the Olimpico beating Milan Giants Inter in back to back years. Then again took down Inter in the Super Coppa Italia which is a preseason completion between the winner of the League against the winner of the Cup. Spalletti’s won all of his trophies for Roma against Inter. Inter was the best team in Europe at that time winning 4 league titles in a row and winning the champions league in 2009. Despite not winning a title during that time he was able to take down Inter over 5 times during his 1st tenure their he proved that he can handle the pressure of the job taking out some of the best teams in Italy. He led Roma to three straight 2nd place finishes, as well as making it to the Quarterfinals of the champions league twice in his four years there. Even Taking out s super team like Real Madrid. He also had a very good derby Record against Lazio all in all he was one of the best Roma managers they have had in the last ten years. He is the right guy for this job he has everything Roma needs has experience with the team a good attitude and most importantly a plan I think this is a great appointment.



However, it didn’t start gloriously in his 1st match failing to pick up a win against Verona who currently stand bottom with 9 points without a win this season. I think it had a large part to do with him lack of time he was given to prepare Roma should look much better in a full week of training. They will face their toughest challenge of the season when they go down to Torino to face red hot Juventus winners of 9 matches in a row. Going into their house and winning will be a tremendous challenge. Roma won the 1st meeting on August 30th at that point in the season Juve had a very slow start to the season Bosnian Star Pjinc made the defending champions look like a 2nd league team during that game there was one clear winner throughout but a lot can change in four months. Juventus hit an extremely hot streak a large part due to their pair of Youngsters in Paul Pogba and Pablo Dybala who are the spark behind the streak they are on which like Roma has helped them reach the Champions League Round of 16. On the other hand, Roma was kind of slipped off since. This is a monumental game for Roma a win for Spalletti’s men would potentially put them back in the title race. Only three points out of 4th place Florentina who has struggled for results that last few weeks. A win here could completely turn the season around for Roma. Huge match with a full week of training he can prepare his team mentally and physically for the challenge that lies ahead.
Regarding his impact of the players I think his impact of the players will show in due time. Specifically, Bosnian Striker Edin Dzeko a player’s arrival came with a lot of high expectations, expectations that so far he has not been able to live up to. Personally he’s a personal favorite of mine. I think the he’s been good but he’s not been able to find the back of the net the way he did on Wolfsburg and Manchester City only registering 5 goals to his name his last goal coming on November 8th against Lazio in the Derby. With the help of the new boss I believe we will start to see his scoring rate increase to see him hit the back of the net on a consistent basis something that we are accustom to seeing. He made his long anticipated move to Rome over the summer completing a €11 million move from Manchester City. His 2015 hasn’t been the best but mark my words he will find his form again.
Another player I see feeling the impact of the new boss his teenager Sadiq Umar he has 2 goals this season has shown his worth. The Nigerian 18-year-old is one of the best young African prospects in Europe at the moment under the right coaching he could become a huge star in Serie A The 18-year-old started in the placement of Dzeko during his two match band and played quite well during that time. He should feel the impact of Spalletti I could see him making a big impact on a lot of players. In due time Roma will be a force again he can lead this team to the very top with the transfer window still open Spalletti has time to upgrade his team making the necessary adjustments to help in the title chase he going assemble a very special and unique team how do I know that because he’s done it once before.

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