Passed On #83

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This article will be a little different from what I usually do There will be more Roma articles coming in the next few weeks when the transfer window opens on July 1st but before all that I have to talk about something personal something a bit depressing it doesn’t necessarily have to do with football but it does have to do with my career and how I have become what I am one of my biggest believers and inspirations has passed on after a battled with cancer much like with my step dad I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t talk about this it is a bit of a downer but I think I have say something and using my blog to it is the only way I know how. My entire life sports have been the thing that has made me happy the thing that has given me the most enjoyment it is the entire reason I entered this field because the love for it I do mostly love Futbol but I enjoy all sports and when I started this blog or this sports career thing I couldn’t of done it alone I do have a lot of belief in myself but it wasn’t always the case I needed others for me to truly believe I could make something of myself in this. From a very young age I have had a very high volume of sports knowledge as an adult I more than most people I come across and I could even argue that they are paid journalists that know less than me. From the very beginning my Uncle Andy along with my step dad Marc played a major role in my progression of just being the way I am and doing what I do. The thing is I didn’t realize how large of an impact they had on my career until they passed on both deaths are a very depressing thing but I just feel they still live within me when I do a great article or make a great argument they are part of me being able to do that. When they were alive I just didn’t realize the impact they had on me I wouldn’t say I regret anything about it but some part of me wish I knew of understood the amount of impact they really had. They created insane almost mental sports guru which I am often referred to by friends. They didn’t necessarily do the big things but the small things they did in my life now looking back really made all the difference in the world I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t of become anything because I still consider myself rather smart and a creative person but as I am writing this I’m not so sure Marc and Andy ignited that inside of me. Them being in my life made me a different person the reason I become a success in this because of people like Marc and Andy they were the best people I’ve known in my existence they have played major roles in me achieving everything I have they aren’t responsible for everything cause some of it was my mind set but growing up with a learning disability things didn’t come easy for me I also had social issues that still exit now so there wasn’t a great deal of confidence I had in myself they gave me that. I’d like to just recognize some important moments with the two of them. I don’t even care if anything reads this I’m writing this article for them and for myself.



I’m going to start with my step dad Marc first; Marc came into my life when I in 2000 when I was just 8 years old so at this point I was still a young lad. I couldn’t tell you the entire story because I don’t have enough pages. One of my first memories I ever had with him was watching the movies FREE Willey and ET at his old apartment. He was adamant that it was important that I watch those movies in hindsight that played a big part in my love more Killer Whales I still watch those movies to this day I think of him every time I watch them. It was the beginning of our relationship and ultimately it was the end as well I spent his last day watching Black Fish a doc about Killer Whales and SeaWorld it ended of being the downfall of his life but now looking back its kind of cool that it happened in that way obviously the family camp trips meant a lot to me despite my displeasure for camping. The Canada trip sticks out in my mind it was the last trip before he got sick it was a really fun time. We brought out Popup mom and maddy were there it was just a really fun time it’s one of these trips that always stick with you we went on adventures together and even if it wasn’t adventurous Marc made it interesting. He taught me a lot thought-out life even in situations when I was unwilling to help. Working on different types of projects helped me gain skills I use in my life now. One of my favorite moments was driving home with him after soccer or other sporting evets I would take a bus to his office and we would drive home together it was the small things that mattered. He didn’t consider me his step son he considered me his son. I honestly can’t explain how good of a person he was when he passed it hit me harder than I ever expected I wish I could just talk to him one last time. His passing completely changed my entire life not only emotionally but physically it also changed my passion and career path. I did music for quite some time up until his passing I did some tribute songs for him but deep down I knew I couldn’t continue. He is a large reason why I’m doing what I’m doing now many years ago he sudjested me to do a sports blog at the time he sounded like hard work. However that’s exactly what I am doing now I took a phase out of marc’s book “how hard could it be”. I wasn’t the easiest kid to deal with but he loved me anyways I could go on and one about it but the thing that has meant the most to me he is always believed in me and for a kid that didn’t believe in myself that was everything to me he still lives inside of me when I write every single world the Roma blog has been a great success I couldn’t of done it without the belief marc had in me. He believed I would become a great man and I feel like I’m accomplished that before he passed on he saw me get my first job get my first apartment create a great life for myself he would be happy of the person I became I wish he was still here but he still lives with in me there may not be a bigger impact on my career than Marc Breton.Andy
It would be unfair for me to talk about my inspirations if I didn’t mention Andy Feinman someone I am having trouble talking about at the moment because he recently passed but I will try to capture his importance on me. Unlike marc he wasn’t there every day of my life but it might as well of been didn’t matter when I saw him he treated me like his own. One of the most generous people I ever know I would say I’m not close with every family member but out of them Andy is the closest one I have. He took me and my sister under his wing in a sense treated us like a member of his family spoiled us so much took us to some great places loved being around us brought the family together in just a special way words can’t exactly cap it off. Usually I’m quite good with my words but in this instance I am having trouble because it’s really had to put it into words. I don’t even know where to begin with this there are so many things I never would have got to do without him. I got to see a Celtics game which is something I never thought would ever happen Andy made that happen I got to do to plays on Broadway Andy made that happen. He took me to Vegas Andy made that happen it’s really hard to even imagen him no longer being here. Above all he really believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself he always believed in my sports career and me as just that guy who know and loves sports. It meant a lot to me that he supported me it made me feel good about myself anytime he asked me advice it made me feel important during times I didn’t feel like I was. There are a thousand things I could say about him. One of the funniest things we did together was going to Vegas with him getting to just watch sports eat food it was just the best time we even came out with 10 more dollars then we started with but it wasn’t about that it was about everything else just being in each other’s company and enjoying ourselves countless other things as well and the year he invited me to New York to watch the Super bowl Drew Bress vs Peyton Manning Saints 33 Colts 17 I remember it so well A late interception from Tracy Porter sealed the game. I just really enjoyed talking sports with him someone I will dearly miss. Just one of the nicest funniest genuinely great people that I have ever come across. He loved me and my sister so much and did so many nice things for us I feel entirely grateful for all the life I do wish we could spent more time together its truly starting to hit me that its real this is one I may never get over he lives inside of me out of everyone in my family he supported and helped me become the pundit the analyst the writer just purely the person I would become in life. I would like it say so much more about him but for now this will do.


The impact of Marc Breton and Andy Feinman on my life CANT NOT BE Understated I honestly believe I wouldn’t be this person without both of them. The memories of them and the roles they have in my life will never fade they lite the fire from under me that allowed me to be who I am my success is their success without them in my life I would have been someone else somewhere something else and tribute a great deal of success to them if they saw what I’m doing I think they would be proud of me I’d like another life lesson from Marc and have another laugh with Andy this is really all I can say now I have to leave some out just for me I have wrote 85 articles in my writing career over 2,500 words written but this is the realist shit I ever spoke R.I P to both of these Legends they gave me the belief the charisma confidence and the love and I shall never forgot what they meant to my upbringing and my rise to prominence I feel them within me



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