Euro 2016 Group B (Article From Last Summer) #7


England Euro Rank #5 Winner

England always have a great team but they struggle at times to come through in the games this year should be no different again they come in with a very talented squad with a combination of young players and experienced players a squad that makes England on paper one of the favorites to win it all. During qualifying they were untouchable winning every single game they played. Headlining the English squad is the strike partnership of Premier League top scores Spurs Harry Kane and Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy who were the two top scorers in the Premier League this season. If Kane and Vardy continue to maintain their form England could make a very deep run in France this summer. England have struggled in the last several big tournaments they have been in a lot of good performance but plagued by penalty shootouts. England has a pretty great collection of players that have proven that can play on the biggest stages the three headed monster of Jamie Vardy Harry Kane and Daniel Sturridge could cause some serious problems for their opponents all three have been known as proven goal scorers that can deliver in the crucial moments. The nagging concern is their Midfield they have good players in Dele Ali and Ross Barkley and several other stars but they lack tactically speaking a creative midfielder that can orcaastrate through balls to the strikers I think the front 3 are very very good running a 4-3-3 formation makes the most sense for the English the defense England have are also very strong I think the midfielders are the main issue there’s a lot of inexperience there several players making their debut in major tournament. Overall they are very very good team one of the best teams on paper should fly through the group fairly easy Wales really the only challenging match they have.


Wales Euro Rank #17 Runner up

Wales is another team making their tournament debut other than a world cup quarterfinal appearance in the 50’s this will be there 1st major tournament in a very long time. Which is very exciting and happy moment for their country they have done very well in qualifying finishing 2nd only Belgium had more points in their respective group. They even beat a Belgium team that is poised as one of the favorites to win it all they could make a run of their own in France this summer. This team in hindsight is a big one dimensional with basically two players really carrying the load for the Welsh. Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey are the key to how far they get. They are poised as the Welsh’s heavy hitters. Gareth Bale is coming off the best season of his career in a Madid shirt who really came into his own when Zidane took over at the Bernabeu. Scoring 19 goals in 23 appearances including the goal against Man City that sent them into the Champions League final as well becoming the highest scoring English player in Spain of all time. He also has another chance to win the champions league with Real He has come through for Real in times when Ronaldo was injured the team’s success in this tournament is solely on the shoulders of Bale who also scored the winning goal in their win over Belgium. Outside of the two stars they have a few other players that are solid but it’s really comes down to Bale. This group isn’t too difficult so they should be able to secure a 2nd in the group to earn a spot in the Knockout stage.


Russia Euro Ranking #20
Russia is a very solid team that I had originally thought they could challenge Wales for 2nd in the group but news has just surfaced recently that Midfielder Alan Dzagoev would miss the entire tournament due to injury he is considered to be Russia’s best player and is the complete identity of Russia’s midfield they are completely lost without him and sadly without him Russia doesn’t stand a chance to advance but they are good enough to get third they have an outside chance to be one of the 3rd place teams to advance but without Dzagoev its unlikely to happen. Artem Dzyuba Russia’s top scorer is still healthy and well it’s quite possible he will account for most of their goals as far as strikers go he is one of the most dangerous strikers in this tournament he scored 23 goals in for Zenit and was the leading scorer in qualification is absolutely lethal. I think he could get as much as 6 goals in the group with the latest injury it’s going to almost do it by himself but I think its important to see Russia give a great showing because Russia host the next World cup in two years. That’s while I think it’s vital they give a good showing even though I don’t see them advancing Russia should get at least one win Dzyuba will light it up and will score some great goals but I’m afraid most likely won’t be enough to prevent an earlier exit.


Slovakia Euro Ranking #24
Slovakia is another team making their 1st appearances in the tournament history doing pretty well through qualifying a lot of a lot of excitement for the country only have made two major tournaments in the countries history. They even made the Round of 16 in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The team has changed a lot since then it’s been 6 years a lot of the players that were on that team are no longer there it is going to be very difficult for them to win any games in this group I find it unlikely that they will get a point at all England Wales and Russia are far stronger sides they don’t have a big time scorer that can lead them to victory they only have two players that play in big leagues not a team that lacks the playmakers necessary to lead them to any sort of success in France this summer their lone stars of Marek Hamšík and Martin Škrtel will make an impact but I don’t see it making a huge difference definitely not enough to see them through its amzing that they get to be part of the tour but in the end they aren’t good enough to make it beyond the group stage.









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