Euro 2016 Quarterfinals (Article From Last Summer) #15


Quarterfinals Finals
1 Romania vs 0 Spain

The quterfinals kicks off with two time defending champions Spain hosting the underdog package the defensive superpower of the Romanians. The two teams met a few months prior to the Euro’s in an international friendly in Cluj the match ended with a 0-0 Draw Romania keeping a clean sheet against than the #3 team in the world. In that match despite Romania only having 28% posssion they managed 19 shots on goal including 9 on target in the match they were the much better side. The Spanish left the match with great disappointment following the loss they dropped out of the top 5 of the FIFA Rankings. That may have been several months ago but Romania has stayed in fine form since they went 16 games unbeaten before the loss to Ukraine before the Euro’s in they only have lost 1 game in two years prior to the euros. This team is capable of beating the defending champions Spanish are a tremendously talented team that can cause a lot of team’s big problems. The talent of the Spanish doesn’t threaten Romania in the last meeting they failed to breakdown the defense Romania have. The defense been difficult for anyone to Break down this should be no different. Along with the defense Romania finally have a proven player that can score goals for them. Nicaele Stanciu the 23-year-old Midfielder who has an impeccable start to his international career scoring four goals in his 1st 5 appearances for Romania. It should only take one goal to knockout the holders. It will be a great back in forth game they will test the defense with the players Spain have but in the end once again they will fail to crack the defense. I think a Stanciu goal should be enough to knockout the Cup Holders. As Romania shows the world that they are the real deal as a 1-0 win sends them to their 1st ever semi Final.

1Turkey vs 2 Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo has faced a lot of criticism over the last few years on Portugal’s inability to deliver Portugal to the pinnacle of International success. After an embarrassing 2014 World Cup Portugal seemed to be in threat of losing the title as a European powerhouse but with the development of their youth they will return to the mountain top. Ronaldo is the most dangerous player into the tournament and he is coming into the euro’s in great form. In this Quarterfinals match up they face another surprise Package Turkey a team that has been in great form the last few years a team that has returned as European power. Both teams are very similar both in the tactical sense as well as development sense both teams are looking to show that they have what it takes to go the distance. Ronaldo has the entire country depending on him to the deliver but a very talented Turkish side stand in their way a team with the capability of stopping the firepower offence that is Portugal this game will challenge both teams physically and mentally. Both are great teams with equal amount of chances to advance to the semifinals but in the end their can only be one. I think we will be in for one of those Ronaldo games where he takes off. Given the fact that both Portugal and Turkey are built the same way strong midfield strong defense proven striker. This match will go the distance 90 minutes will not be enough I see 1-1 game forcing extra time. This will be Ronaldo moment one the match and on the euros I think in this scenario Ronaldo will score the winner in extra time given him and Portugal a chance to redeem themselves from the Euro 2012 semifinals shootout disappointment to return the semis to get it right this time to try and push through to their 2nd Euro final. As Turkeys dream tournament comes crashing down after a great performance
2 Belgium Germany 3

The game of the quarterfinals without any doubt is Germany vs Belgium it is such an intriguing matchup because in all sense of it Germany and Belgium are the same team it is experience vs Youth. These teams are exactly the same down to everything. Both teams are built on a strong midfield as their identity both have world class keepers both are built on a foundation of a great defense that allows the offence to operate. They both have a midfielder that is the catalyst of everything they do. Germany are the big boys they are the world champions over the last 10 years they have made deep runs in almost every big tournament that they have been a part of three major finals. Belgium are the new kids a quterfinals appreance in the 2014 World Cup they are currently are the #2 Ranking team in the world #1 In Europe and are definite one of the Favorites to lift the trophy this summer. These teams are similar in so many ways. One of the most talent teams in recent memory there is so much talent between them. But in the end the experience out weights youth Again the Absence of Marco Rues will make it very difficult for the Germanys to counter but will Ozil controlling the German attack he should put his teammates in great position to score goal he will give them the opportunities to get Germany though the attacking ability of Thomas Muller who has been a scoring machine for the Germans in major tournaments. Upfront the Germans clearly has the advantage the youth of Belgium Strikers Christian Benteke & Romelu Lukaku give Belgium that certain pace that maybe the Germans don’t have upfront the youth gives them a chance to wear down the defense I think they will have great success doing so however Muller is the better striker. The youth will challenge Germany it more ways than one, but the experience of Germany can break down the Belgium defense as well physically and physiologically Germany has been doing it for a long period of time they have been through this before which gives them a different type of advantage. Despite two stone wall defenses the attacking options of both teams in too strong it will be a high scoring shoot it out battle but in the end experience beats youth. Germany makes the semifinals once again as they should see off the kids 3-2 in a close game that will require extra time but in the end Germany will prevail


3 France vs Austria 1
David Alaba led Austria to an improbable run to see Austria make their 1st ever quarterfinals. They will run into the hosts a French team filled with Talent fueled by their very strong midfield the likes of Payet, Kate and the 6’4 talented giant Juventus’s Paul Pogba this team is very dangerous in so many areas playing in front of the home fans on home soil will very much play into their advantage. David Alaba and Austria will find it very difficult in this game to match what the French are able to does this Austrian side have the ability to score absolutely but can they keep up with the French that fact is that is a very low probability. Forget the offence for a second this defense is nearly unstoppable they have youth and experience they have both a player like Ronaldo can crack it but they don’t got Ronaldo even if they are able to score which is in question Hugo Lloris will make it very difficult for them to even score a goal. Can they really prevent this offence from delivering the blow can they be slowed down I don’t think they can. The French strikers are Antione Griezmann, Anthony Martial & Oliver Giroud
this French side it will bring all they got. Austria while a good team don’t have the quality to keep up with this French team they are too good complete overmatched in this quterfinals. In will be one-way traffic and the dream will ultimately crash down. France will win this fairly easily I see them winning this game 3-1 Alaba will find the net but it’s not enough to stop the hosts at home the French are the favorites to lift to trophy on home soil Austria having done so well to get to here but in the end they will lose as the hosts advance to the Semi Finals where they will play Germany.








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