Euro 2016 Round Of 16 (Article From Last Summer) #14




Romania V.s Poland

To kick of the Round of 16 Romania take on Poland in an offence versus Defense. Poland is a team built on what their offence can do they are fueled by their Striker Duo of Lewendowski and Milik as well as a strong midfield but the fact of the matter is their defense is a liability they are going to need to score more than one goal to beat Romania I just don’t see them being able to crack that defense. Robert provides a dangerous scoring option for Poland so I think he will score but given the fact Poland’s defdnde is not great I feel that Stanciu will find a way to get through the Polish Defense and score I expect a very exciting and closely contested game. Goals from Robert and Stanciu will force extra time it will be a defensive battle I see it going 120 minutes and ending in a Penalty Shootout. With the Romanians winning mainly because Romania has the better goal keeper who has come through in situation like this Romania will make the quarterfinals for only the 2nd time as Poland will crash out.
Score: Romania 1 Poland 1 (Romania 5-3 On PK’s)



Spain vs Iceland
Iceland will continue to surprise everyone by making the knockout stage but their fairy tale will end the Cinderella story at the expense of the Defending Champions Spain. Spain is just too much of a task they are too deep I don’t think their defense can handle the firepower of the Spain midfield I think that David Silva will wear out the defense getting them tired using is all around ability to expose them setting them up to send them home. David De Gea has been pretty unbeatable this season Iceland will find it quite difficult to break down the defense. Spain during their last two years have barley conceded any goals in the knockout rounds they are also capable of scoring at any moment. But an inspiring Iceland team will not be feared by the Spanish they will keep it close until the end and show there worth putting together a good performance I see them scoring in this game but Spain is too strong it will be a hard fought 2-1 win for the Spanish as Iceland will bow out with their heads held high while Spain will advance to the quarterfinals as they continue to attempt to defend the title

Score: Spain 2 Iceland 1


England vs. Turkey

England meet Turkey in the Round of 16 the two teams played prior to the Euro’s with the English winning 2-1 but in many aspects of the game the Turkish were the much better side that day. This day will be no different it will be a hard fought battle through 90 minutes I believe extra time will be needed these teams aren’t too far apart in ability with both sides showing real quality. England’s failure in international Tournament in recent times is very well documented. In extra time Turkey will find a late goal to send out one of the favorite. The Strike force of Vardy and Kane will be a big threat to the Turkish they will get a lot of scoring opportunities to I this game I think the Turkish defense will put together an inspiring performance which will generate scoring chances for the Turkish which they will take advantage of the Turkish play together as a unite as well as have great team chemistry. I don’t find the English defense very strong England are stacked everywhere else but given the fact that defense isn’t there strong point it will give Turkey a long of chances in front of goal. A 1-0 win will send the Turkish through to the quarterfinals as Turkey will prove that they are a team to be feared once again. With the departure from the tournament Roy and his England squad will face a lot of criticism beyond the Tournament as his job will be under pressure. England once again leave in disappointment
Score: Turkey 1 England 0 ET



Portugal vs Italy

This Italy has no chance taking out Ronaldo and Portugal this will be an absolutely thrashing. Portugal will rip them apart. With the new defied strength of the midfield Portugal have will be very difficult to crack especially a team like Italy with no strike firepower upfront this is one of the weaker teams to make the knockout stage I don’t think that Italy is capable of even competing with the Portuguese. Ronaldo by himself could blow out Italy. The Young and experienced Portugal side will continue to add to Italy’s Failure to deliver any greatness to Italy have not had any real success since the won the World Cup in 2006. Portugal will dominate this game from kick off to the end easily being dispatched I see a 4-0 for Ronaldo and Portugal. As they get back to the quarterfinals for the 6th European Championship in a row. Conte’s tenure will end in bitter disappointment as he leaves for Chelsea. The Italians are in for a rough few years down the road as they attempt to fill the now vacant job. Portugal once again prove to be a power house as one of the favorites going forward has what it takes to lift the trophy as Italy goes out in misery
Score: Portugal 4 Italy 0


Germany vs Switzerland

one of the more interesting matchups in the knockout stage. Germany has always been a European powerhouse with a team with quality players at every position a very dangerous side that can beat you in so many ways they have made the semifinals the last two European Championships they are the World Champs they are a team that’s always an overwhelming concern to deal with. But I believe Switzerland are a very underrated team that you don’t want to underestimate that they could cause some havoc of the German defense I think the youth of 19-year-old striker Breel Embolo could wear down and frustrated the German defense even though Germany’s back 4 is very good his youth could break them down. The Absence of Marco Reus from the German squad who missed the trip to France due to injury concerns could play a big part in this game it in a way puts a hole in the Midfield not to say they don’t have other options because Germanys midfield is still very strong with guys like Mesut Ozil and Mario Götze as well as many others however Reus plays such a big role in Germany’s midfield he can create and score himself and in my eyes is their very best player. His absence gives Switzerland an opportunity for the Swiss to complete with the world champions they are still a very good team with an incredibly strong midfield in their own right it will allow them to create more of an attacking style of play. it will be a very mentally and physically tough game for both teams I think it will be a high scoring affair. Germany has struggled in their last few games in preparation for the tournament blowing a 2-0 lead to England following the loss to England they blew another lead to get crushed by Slovakia who didn’t even qualify for the tournament. So they have insecurities that can be exploited. The Swiss come into the game with much better form and will have opportunity to even potentially win the game. Germany’s overall quality is just too strong for them to knock them out. Swiss will put up a big fight but in the end Germany will prevail in a high scoring 3-2 victory for the Germanys advancing to the last eight for the third tournament in a row

Score: Germany 3 Switzerland 2


Belgium vs Croatia

Two of the most talented sides in the entire tournament go head to head the Round of 16. It’s really unfortunate they had to met at this point in the tournament this would have been a great semifinal match up. One side you have Croatia who has been a quality side for a very long time. They have been regulars in this tournament participating in 4 of the last 5 European Championships they even made the quarterfinals twice back in 1996,2008 a team that has a sea of quality players and young talent with the Real Madrid and Barcelona pair of Modric and Rakitic leading the charge for the Croatians they have others as well who are capable of scoring. They are also pretty strong in the back which makes them even more dangerous. Going against one of the favorites to lift the trophy at the end of the summer and the most talented assembled squad in the entire tournament in Belgium. They are at the same skill level of Germany but the defense between them and the world champions if the Flemish squad is younger they have a very young all of their best players are between the ages of 24-27. A very strong midfield and a formable strike force as well and like their opponents are very strong in the back. But the most difficult thing about this team is breaking down the Belgium keeper Thibaut Courtois standing at 6’6 he is practically difficult to crack. Both team are very good and it will be a very close game. The Creativity of Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard can make a major influence on the strikers that can lead to an exposing any defense. But I look for the Croatians to put up a big fight I expect a big game from Modric who is one of the best players in the world and is arguably better than anyone the Belgium team has to offer. But in the end I think the quality of Belgium is too strong but it won’t be easy I think it will be a very close game through a game like this with these two teams I don’t think there will be a clear winner I see a 2-2 score after 90 minutes it will take all 120 minutes to find a winner it in the end will come down to a dreaded penalty shootout. In the shootout in going to give Belgium the edge due to their 6’6 goalkeepers ultimately winning 6-4 on Penalties making it to the Quarterfinals. Croatia’s will be sent up under unfortunate circumstances if it was Belgium they could have made it all the way to the semis but Belgium goes through after a hard fought battle
Score: Belgium 2 Croatia 2 (PK 6-4)


France vs Ukraine

The hosts and favorites France take on an underrated Ukraine Squad that seem to be the only team to crack the Europe’s best Romanian defense they were unbeaten for two years before being introduced to the Ukraine they have a really good midfield that are capable of breaking down a team like France. But they have an almighty task on their hands France who are two time champions in 1984 and 2000 have yet again have a team capable of lifting the Trophy and are pegged as favorites to do so. France’s attacking players will cause seriously problems for the Ukraine defense despite Karim Benzema controversially being out the squad. The team has one of the most dangerous strikers and best players in the world Athletico Madrid’s Antione Griezmann who was the standout star for the Spanish Giants leading them to a 3rd place finish and is a hugely important player for the French side. They also so have to their disposal young Manchester United striker Anthony Martial who scored 17 goals in his 1st season in England and Arsenal Striker Oliver Giroud who scored 24 for Arsenal Anthony & Oliver are very good strikers I don’t think they are great put they high power offence of the French should be enough to see off Ukraine. I think tactically speaking the midfield is the most dangerous part of their team they can wear you out with guys like with the creativity of Payet and the workhouse load of Kante also have two world class keepers. Ukraine won’t back down but it will be a little too much to handle I see the Hosts through with a 2-0-win ending Ukraine’s tournament. As the French head to the last 8.
France 2 Ukraine 0

Wales vs Austria
Two inexperienced teams head into the Round of 16 Bale and Ramsey lead the Welsh into the knockout stage against a very young Austrian side neither team has been this far in the euro’s in their countries history. Bale is coming off a breakout season where he became the highest British scorer in La Liga history playing for Real Madrid also adding another Champions League title so he will come into this game with a lot of confidence Because of the high scoring ability of Gareth Bale & Aaron Ramsey Wales if likely to be favored it this match but I am going with an Upset. Austria are an up and coming team with a lot of talent who did an exceptional job during the road to France are on a very impressive unbeaten streak going. They are very close in talented neither are very experienced in major tournaments. But I just have a feeling that Austria will find a way to win this game and advance to the last 8 it comes back again to David Alaba he’s versatility can cause some real problems for Wales chances to advance his pace could really wear them out his also one of the smartest players in Europe he can pick up a players’ weakness very easily. I feel that Wales will rely too much on Bale to deliver for them. Austria is a more well-grounded team they don’t have a lot of stars but they are able to work well together that’s why they will win. Bale will score for Wales but I see Austria winning this game getting two goals of their own beating wales in a very close 2-1 game to send them to the last 8.

Score: Austria 3 Wales 1


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