Euro Final (Article From Last Summer) #17



Portugal vs France

We have reached the Euro 2016 Final The France have a chance to lift the trophy on home soil like they did so in 1984 & 2000 the came into the beginning of this tournament as the favorites and going into the game they remain to do so. The competitors are Europe’s best player Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal are appearing in their only there 2nd Euro Final after they lost in 2004 final on home soil. Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal are determined to not let that ever happen again. The images of Ronaldo crying at the end of the 2004 final are almost symbolic of his international disappointment he knows how he felt all those years ago which is why Portugal have a great chance to ruin the party for France. France has been Portugal in Semi Finals in two major tournaments losing in Euro 2000 and World Cup 2006. The World Cup Semi Final in 2006 is one game that sticks out in everyone’s mind especially players apart of that team including Ronaldo & Tiago in that match they lost 1-0 to the France in controversy. France was given a Penalty that ended up being the only goal of the entire game Thierry Henry tripped in the box without contact he slipped in the Grass inside the box due to the rain earlier that day. The Penalty was given anyway Portugal was the better team for all 90 minutes was the much better side that but Penalty gifted France a spot in the World Cup final. So Portugal are looking to get revenge on them from 2006 might have been better but this Portugal team is as good as it has been the last 10 years leading them into the fire is the world best player Cristiano Ronaldo but unlike previous tournaments Ronaldo isn’t alone this time Portugal are a superpower once again they have built their success on a very strong midfield with a young player as well as ones with experience. Coming to Ronaldo’s Help include the likes of Pepe, Andre Gomes and Nani as new Bayern Munich signing 18year old Renato Sanchez the midfield is a very very strong might not have the biggest names but together they are close to impossible to stop. France will not make it easy for the Portuguese much like Portugal the France are built on a strong Midfield the French also have a top quality striker Antione Griezmann who has shown for Athletico and France that he is a proven scorer they have the most talented team in this tournament they have answers at every angle. He’s not Ronaldo but Griezmann is a very good striker that can do some serious damage. However, the absence of Karim Benzema is the key he is the player that would be the IT factor in this game him not being there is a big deal they can have all the talented in the world but they majority of their team is dominated by the youth they have. They don’t have the experience that Portugal have and in a game like this that could be a problem. Will the Hosts and their talented young squad Deliver France the Greatest of Victories? Or will Cristiano Ronaldo get revenge overcome the 2004 failure and finally deliver Portugal a major trophy? France are the Favorites having a chance to lift the Trophy and win the euros in front of their home fans. But this will be no storybook ending as Portugal will triumph over the hosts bringing Portugal the 1st major title in Years. Are France the more talented team? Yes, they are do they have more stars? Yes they do are they arguably the better side? Yes, again they are. The problem is France has too much youth and not enough experience this will be wonderfully existing game with no clear team in advantage but the combination of youth and experience that Portugal have will be ultimately sink the hosts. The greatest player deliver during the biggest moments Cristiano Ronaldo will score the game’s only goal in a 1-0 win in the euro final to unleash monster within him leaving the hosts in disappointment Ronaldo finally delivers the greatness to Portugal as he only cements his legacy……

Score: Portugal 1 France 0


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