Real Madrid sacked manager Rafa Benitez after seven months in charge after failing to impress and his inability to win over the locker room as well as the supports. They replace him with an untested football legend Zinedine Zidane. It’s only been a year and a half since Madrid lifted the Champions league trophy when they defeated Athletico Madrid in Lisbon in 2014. It feels like so long ago so much has changed with the Spanish Giants over the last year. After winning the Champions League and the Copa Del Rey in 2014 Under Carlos Angolottii they failed to deliver any success the following season. As they watched rivals Barcelona run the table a season ago as they won the treble winning the Copa Del Rey the Spanish league title and The Champions League. Despite Ronaldo scoring 61 goals in all completions they ended the year trophy less which is a rarity for a team the size of Real Madrid one of the most historic teams in history they have won everything have over 70 trophies to their name greatness is not a hope it’s a requirement. So after a their fight for the league title falling just Short they unfairly sacked Carlos Ancelotti. It wasn’t a popular decision among the Real Madrid Faithful Carlos was a fan faviote among the supports and was loved by his players. Then it got even worse when Benitez was hired I think it was large due to the fact that he wasn’t accustom to have so many amazing players at Liverpool he had Steven Gerrard Fernando Torres & Xabi Alonzo but it’s not really the same thing. He had players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, James Rodriguez, Mordic, Garth Bale and More during his time at Madrid. He needed a different approach of his new surroundings he needed to change tactically how he ran the team because of the fact that he didn’t make the necessary adjustments. The results were not good which ultimately lead to his sacking. Despite Ronaldo having another historic season Benitez finished his Real Madrid Career with 11 wins 4 draws and 3 losses they are currently in 3rd place in La Liga with 37pts the only positive all season from him was winning the group in the champions league but to be fair most of that was Ronaldo’s doing he scored a Record 11 goals in the group stage. The lowest point was his disastrous performance in the El Classicio losing to Barca 4-0 at the Bernabeu a place where Real is nearly unbeatable even if they didn’t win they shouldn’t have let them do that to them truly shameful performance this was not the Real Madrid that we are accustom to. After several Draws to keep them out of poll position he needed to be sacked. I think he’s a good manager but this job was to much for him to handle. Now Real gives the keys to an inexperienced Frenchman who I believe can lead this team into the future. A brilliant Man Named Zinedine Zidane! It is now in the hands of an inexperienced Former Real Madrid legend the future is on you now Zizu.

It’s been over 10 years since Zizu scored that majestic goal against Bayer 04 in the champions league final That gave Real Madrid their 1st trophy in years. That goal is considered by many to be the greatest Champions league goal in the history of the tournament. The French legend spent 6 years at the Bernabeu from 2001-2006 scoring 45 goals making 247 appearances for the Spanish Giants. Zidane is widely regarded as one of the greatest players to ever play this game. He is 5th on my all-time list was an absolute brilliant player one of the most intelligent players throughout history. He was one of the 1st players I feel in love with as a kid the 1998 World Cup was the 1st time I got into the sport fully and France won that World Cup that year and Ending up Winning Euro two years later he was the world best player during that time was just brilliant. Although ufortuly he is remembered for something else. In was in his last professional appearance in 2006 World Cup Final in Berlin Germany the Frenchmen was sensational during the tournament winning Player of the Tournament even scoring in final. However, his career did not have a fairytale ending that we all wanted him to have. In the World Cup Final against Italy his Career ended in disgrace. In Extra Time of the Final Zidane was sent off for Head-butting Italian Defender Marco Materazzi for saying offensive things about his sister. He told the Italian defender that in response to grabbing his jersey that if he wants his jersey he could have it after the game. The Defender responded my saying “I rather Have your Sister” I would have probably done the same thing but non the less he left the game in disgrace rather than what would have been a fairy tale ending to an all-time great. There was an iconic image of him walking past the World Cup Trophy that game ended his career he would never play again. I remember him for his brilliance not to head butt I think most people should remember him his greatness 1st and for most.

He may be lacking experience but he makes up for it with his intelligence he has been involved in Real Madrid for several years has he has been apart of the real Madrid coaching staff since 2014. In June of 2014 Real Madrid announced that Zidane will be the coach of Real Madrid’s B team, Real Madrid He was in charge of Real Madrid B as well as an assistant of the Real Madrid 1st team. Real Madrid are always looking up at Barcelona This team is just in the need of that something different. This may be a risk but I think it’s a nice one Zizu has proven to be worthy of the job he is a great football mind he can lead Real to greatness I have no doubt. In his 1st game in charge this team played about as well as they could in his debut. Hosting a relatively strong side in Devportivo the New look Madrid came out guns blazing winning comfortably 5-0. With Garth Bale as the Stand out star in the match feeling the impact of the Frenchmen right away Scoring three absolutely brilliant goals the best I have ever seen him in a Real Madrid shirt. As well as Fellow Frenchmen Benzema adding two more. He was fully in control of the team they played extremely under him and I think he showed that he is the guy who will lead them into the future. He managed the team better in one game that Rafa had the previous 6 months. Despite the lack of experience at this level from coaching stand point He was able to perform extremely well out of the gate.

He has so many great players to his disposal another important thing is he might be new as the Boss but he was involved with the team before taking over so the players are already familiar with him as a coach and will be able to settle in smoothly. He has a player that some consider the best in the World a Portuguese Midfielder by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo who since arriving in 2009 from Manchester United has scored 338 Goals in 325 Appearances for the Spanish Giants as well as leading them to A Champions League title in 2013 someone who on a consistent basics in breaking records every season it seems like he breaks records every season. Ronaldo is a monster he needs to be used correctly Zidane understands that Ronaldo has already scored 25 goals this season including a Champions league record 11 goals in the group stage. He is arguably the best player ever to wear the kit. Zidane will get the best out of him and help him to continue to strive for greatness.

In addition to all of that he has already have a positive impact of several players especially Garth Bale who was rumored to be wanting to leave after his disapproval of the sacking of Rafa but after his hatrick performance has had a change of heart now desires to stay in Madrid. He is a player I believe he’s going to have a great impact on. Bale has been done well for Real Madrid but has failed to regain the run of form he had in England when he was playing for Tottenham. He has faced a lot of criticism by the Spanish media for his inability to put up consistent great performances. Which is something Zidane can relate to he struggled for his 1st few years on Juventus before finding his place on the team than he became world class player eventually became the best player in the world not saying that Bale will become that but with his help he can become a world class player could become a club legend at the Club. Zidane is an intelligent man a French genius if you will if anyone can make him greats its Zidane.

Those are only a few examples of the type of impact he could potentially have I could give more but you get the idea he is a great impactful coach which sometimes can be a rare thing to find. None the less this is an enormous job Real Madrid expect greatness every season it takes an insane amount of pressure to do this job well I think he’s more than capable of handling the expectations he will be given however it is a great challenge to do so. Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world with amazing players World class players throughout the team but there last La Liga title was in 2011. A Large part of the reason is Leo Messi and Barcelona the Trio of Suarez Neymar and Messi might be the most prolific trio ever they single handily ruined anyone else’s chances to win the title last season’s winning the treble was no accident a team that is also extremely well coached by Luis Enrique and as his team looks like they are on the verge for another run at Europe’s top competitions. La Liga belongs to Barcelona they have dominated this league for over a decade. They will be Zidane’s biggest threat to retaking Spain. Another team that will pose a threat is Local rivals Athletico Madrid who have really put together a great season so far and have really started to show their brilliance the last few seasons. Despite being knockout by Real in the last two Champions Leagues competitions Athletico aren’t afraid of Real either they shocked the football world only two years ago when they beat out Real and Barca for the league title. In addition to that they have had convincing wins against Real including last years a 4-0 win, as well as beating them in the Spanish Cup a few seasons ago. Along with Barcelona they have become a real threat to Real Madrid overtaking Spain.

It is huge Challenge! can a Brilliant player such as Zidane with one of the most intelligent football minds ever take Real Madrid to the top once again? Only time will tell…….



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