Seattle, Washington

             Jordon Morris is one of the very best young prospects the United States have seen in years. Morris at 21 Years old has already made 7 appearances for the national team scoring one goal and he’s done all this before turning pro. Morris has been an exceptional player from the start as a freshmen two years ago Morris appeared in all 21 matches and led all Pac-12 freshman with seven assists and 19 points and tied for the lead with six goals and helped lead his team to their first NCAA Tournament Berth since the 2009 season they made it to the round of 16 during that season in the Round of 16. He would be named first team All-Pac-12 that year which is very impressive for a 1st year player. Morris later that year he would spend time with the Seattle Sounders Devilment Under 23 team it was understood at that time that he would join the club after his college career. In his sophomore year, Morris helped Stanford capture their 1st Pac-12 championship since the 2001 season.
In his final year in college as a junior Morris scored 13 goals and had 3 assists. He then led them to a Pac-12 Championship and a National Championship he was also awarded Pac-12 player of the year. In the NCAA tournament, Morris scored 5 of Stanford’s total of 12 goals. In the championship game against Clemson, then Morris capped off his college career by scoring Stanford’s first of two goals in the game only 87 seconds into the contest. The upside in this kid is unbelievable Morris was recently awarded the Hermann Trophy as the best player in NCAA Division I soccer this season. He provides a serious future for US soccer. After the season was over he decided to forgo his last year of eligibility to turn pro. He did so well in college He has shown his value to Coach Jurjan Klinsmann and he was rewarded with 7 appearances for the USA men’s national team. When his chance came he took full advantage of it he scored a beautiful goal against Mexico which was his 1st ever goal for the United States.

After his college career finished there was speculation of what he would do as far as who he would play for. Seattle Sounders were eager to negotiate a deal for the Stanford star but he had other options as well. German side SV Werder Bremen offered Morris a trail to train with the team in Turkey as they prepare for the Bundesliga to start up again. He had permission of the Sounders to fly to Turkey to train with them. The German side currently in the Relegation Battle looking to bolster the team were very impressed with his performances during the training sessions he had with the team. They official offered him a contract that would bring him to Germany on a Free Transfer only having to pay Seattle a compensation free for the 21-year-old services. This would potentially be a monumental opportunity for the youngster. He could get solid play time in one of Europe’s top leagues for me I think he could have taken him to another level. SO he had two options stay in the US and play for Seattle or go to Europe and player for one of the top leagues in the world. Due to serious lack of judgment Morris decided to reject move to the Bundesliga. Even though SV Werder Bremen missed out on bringing the young prospect to Weserstadion the team feels optimistic that they could lure him in the near future they haven’t closed the to check book on the potentially move to Germany they feel that after some time playing professionally they 21-year-old would be more willing to the move down the line. It is expected that Morris will start negating a contract to Seattle now that talks have broken down.


             1st Of all I want to make clear that I am a fan of this kid and I think he has potential to be the face of the United States in the future he is a very special player which is quite uncommon for a US prospect. He is from Seattle so it feels like home he’s also just fresh out of college as well so I understand why he should rather play in the united states these are understandable reasons. However, this is a huge mistake passing up a chance to play in Germany he would play regularly for Bremen that’s the thing he will play roughly the same amount regardless. Chances like this down come often to American players he is being a stubborn fool to turn down this chance. There are very few European success stories for Americans Client Dempsey & Tim Howard being the classic examples Morris going to atop league at such a young age could have taken him to that next level. I’m not saying that he won’t get back there but here’s the critical difference whether he plays in Germany or the US the training and preparation is going to be the same but in Germany he would be training against the very best and playing against the very best. Now that wouldn’t guarantee that he would turn into the star he could become in the Us but the level of comeption he would have faced ultimately would make him a better than rather than playing against players in a league that considered relatively weak don’t misunderstand the MLS is getting so much better but it’s not a strong league yet not to say that he couldn’t one day be one although in this situation he logically is a smarter move to play in Europe right away. I want him to be the best player he can possibly be I don’t want him to be another Landon Donavan type of player I don’t want him having that type of a career because he could do better. People refer to Donavan as the greatest US men’s soccer player in history this is something I don’t get he is the greatest MLS player of all time without to doubt in my mind he scored 186 goals for Galaxy and Earthquakes winning 5 MLS Cups he’s the leagues all-time leading scorer won an MVP and they even Named the MVP award after him. I get it I understand but let’s not kid ourselves here he did all this in the MLS he started in Germany and then left because it was too difficult for him he had a great International career but all in all he never flourished in Europe despite two Everton loans he still failed to impress one the big stage. On the other hand, guys like Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard blow everyone out of the water. Tim Howard has 131 Career Clean Sheets Playing for Everton and Manchester United he’s is 9th on time in the Premier League in clean sheets he could crack the top 5 before he’s finished playing he did this in England! Ever since he joined Everton in 2007 he’s been one of the finest keepers in the league almost flawless European career. Than Clint Dempsey with a career total of 57 Premier league goals after leaving the MLS he became Fullham’s all-time leading scorer with 50 goals than scored another 7 for Spurs. He also led Fullham to the Europa League final during his time there he was a brilliant player in England even became a top 10 scorer several times now he’s back in the MLS and still ripping it up. Not to mention both of these guys were fantastic player for the national team too. They were great because that played in Europe so it depends what kind of player Morris wants to be. He has a chance to be one of the best USA players ever but in order to achieve that he needs to do it in Europe. But there is a plus side to his MLS commit as well he will be playing on Seattle which to me is one of the only European style teams in the MLS. Also a team that Features Clint Dempsey that can help him get ready for Europe. So I do have some faith for him although Seattle has Two superstars at Striker which is what he plays so that is very infortune its possible that he would be playing more for Bremen. I’m not trying to be harsh on the kid because he’s a very talented player but to me it just would make more sense to have stayed in Germany over an MLS Stay.
Here’s the main thing in order for the USA men’s national team to find success on the global scale all o their best players need to be in Europe it’s just a fact of building a national side up. Fabian Johnson for example he’s playing for Borussia he played in the champions league a ripped it up its very important to build the youth development system that the best need to be playing in Europe against the most difficult completion the more difficult the challengers the better they will become as Individual as player and this will make the US a better team because of the players playing in the European leagues its extremely important for the future of us soccer. The Kid made a big mistake turning this chance down but it’s not a waste if the MLS is not his final destination if his ultimate goal is to get to euripi than its great news for the future of the US team he can’t stay in the MLS forever this should be a rest stop not the destination.

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