Saving Chelsea #1

Saving Chelsea -The Sports Guru
Last Season Chelsea Football Club could not have done any better. Reclaiming success in English Football in Mourinho’s 2nd season back capturing the Premier league title for the 1st time Since 2010. Chelsea posted a 26-9-3 Record on their way to glory. They took full advantage of the summer transfer window cashing in on some great signings that would largely impact their title run. Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid a man that would score 21 goals for the Blues and was a Nominee for Player of the Year as well as finish 3rd in the league in goals. Cesc Fabregas the former Barcelona and Arsenal Man joined the Blues would make a huge impact right away he went on to lead the league in assists was one of the vocal leaders on and off the pitch was a big play maker for them in last year’s campaign. In Addition to those two massive signings they brought back long time Chelsea player Didier Drogba who is a seasoned veteran late in his 30’s was still very affect and brought a different element that something different that made Chelsea an instant contender. As well as a few other signings that really helped them. Chelsea point blank were the best team the team to beat since day one they finished 8 points above of 2nd place Manchester City. Jose’s Tactics were genius as the blues from top to bottom they were just clearly better than everyone else. last season they enjoyed tremendous success in addition to winning the league title they topped Spurs at Wembley to capture the league cup. They also made it to the knockout stage of the Champions league. They just seemed perfect. The only negatives from last season was losing to PSG in the Champions League knockout stage getting knocked out of the FA Cup by lower league side Bradford City and losing to Spurs at home. All in all, they were the best Eden Hazard was the man for Chelsea last year was clearly the best player in England and showed us why he’s one of the best players in the world he scored 21 goals and had 11 assists in all completions. Chelsea players and coaches collected several awards at the end of the season. Eden Hazard was Player of the Season and Mourinho took home Manager of the Season. An Addition Chelsea had 7 players Featured On Team of the Year Including Eden Hazard, John Terry, Branislaw Ivanovic, Gary Cahill, Nemanja Matic & Diego Costa. All in all, Chelsea dominated last season and truly deserved it was as close to perfection as you can get they were giants last season but that was last year. What would follow would shock the football world.
The Very Next Season Chelsea again were one of the favorites to reclaim the title. All in all, the team looked exactly the same other than a few modifications it was pretty much the same team that had won the title less than three months earlier. During the Summer transfer window, the blues Lost long time Chelsea Stopper Peter Cech to London Rivals Arsenal for 10M. The Blues didn’t do much else but Did Fight off Man United for Barcelona Winger Pedro. Things look almost exactly the same so Chelsea should still be fighting for a title Right? that what I would of thought too but then it started to unveil. It All started at Wembley Stadium in the Community Shield Against FA Cup Champions Arsenal. Wenger up to this point was winless against Mourinho which would change that Afternoon when his Arsenal Side took home the Trophy with 1-0 win thanks to an Ox Chamberlin goal right before half time. Disappointing sure but great things were still expected from the Blues it was only a curtain raiser just a preseason trophy. Chelsea still was expected to be in for a great season. Chelsea opened their season at home vs Swansea Chelsea started hot but it became a back in forth game. In the second half it was a breaking point of the game when the Chelsea Keeper got a Straight Red Card for the Tackle on Gomis Swansea were awarded a PK which they converted. In the Closing Moments of the Game the incident happed. Chelsea Team Doctor Eva Carneiro rushed on to the pitch to attend to Eden Hazard Mourninho felt that the injury was not of a serious nature Under the rules of the game Medical staff are not allowed onto the field without the Referee’s permission but have the duty to tend to an injured player when summoned. Eva was summoned twice by referee. Mourinho was livid by the situation publicly criticized Eva in the post-game press conference in the collusion of Chelsea’s 2-2 Draw against Swansea. Not only had they failed to put in a quality performance but they had drama already. She was dropped by Mouninho in the following match Against Last Year’s 2nd place Finishers Manchester City. There was a lot of hype surrounding the game but what we would see in reality would shock us all. Man City ripped apart Chelsea winning 3-0 Chelsea looked flat as they were out played in every era of the pitch. Eva Later left her Position as Team Doctor lawyers acting on behalf of Eva Carneiro served notice of claim of constructive dismissal against Chelsea Football Club and Jose Mourinho. Following the Defeat to Man City Chelsea continued to looked out of form they started the season less than gloriously as the continuing to play poorly as the weeks progressed. The Defense this year has been absolutely dreadful and they haven’t been attacking the way Chelsea Great teams have had in the past they haven’t been taking chances on net they have very few scoring chances each game. We are in Mid-November and Chelsea have Posted a 3-2-7 Record they currently find themselves in 16th with 11pts. There is a dark cloud over the blues they have lost themselves they have been poor all-season. Individually there’s nothing either Diego Costa a guy who scored 21 goals for Chelsea in his 1st season in London seems to be getting more noticed for the wrong reasons only has found the net three times this season. Eden Hazard a man who lit up the league last year showing that he’s one of the best players in the world. His magic has disappeared he doesn’t appear to have it this season only has one goal all season. No one is playing well this season this is the worst defense to a title I have ever seen. They have lost to several inferior teams like Stoke & Crystal Palace. Only one team has ever gone from where Chelsea are to a top 6 side (Aston Villa 2004). In all Honestly Oscar and William are the only players that have shown there worth this season everyone else is mediocre at best. Not Only have Chelsea done absolutely nothing in the Premiership but they have been rubbish in the Champions League losing to teams that they really shouldn’t be. Chelsea Have a Mountain to climb as they desire to still claim a spot in Europe in my personal opinion I think they are in too deep of a hole to get a Champions League Spot but they have a chance to still get into Europe they can be saved if they make the right moves. I think they are kind of stuck here till the Window Reopens. But when it does here’s what they need to do.



SELL Diego Costa
While Diego Costa is a great player he was absolutely brilliant in his 1st season in London was Chelsea’s top goal scorer with 21 goals which was third in the league but he has some serious character issues and well as lacks discipline. He has developed the reputation as someone that deliberately tries to cause other players to injury he is a very aggressive player which is not always a bad thing but it his case the way he plays is completely classless and disrespectful Costa has been the source of much controversy in his career due to confrontations with opponents and has received multiple violent charges from the FA. The way he plays and acts is a disgrace to the Premier league. Last Season following two stamps incidents involving Liverpool players Costa Received a three match band for his actions. He has been under criticism for his very poor start to his 2nd season in London affecting the way he plays and performs he doesn’t have the slightest appreciation and has started unnecessary classless diving. As well as being a huge disappointment on the Spanish National team for having a very low scoring rate. as well as transfer speculation from this summer suggesting the possibility that wants to leave and return to Spain. Than another Violent incident occurred once again. Earlier this season in Chelsea’s 2-0 win over London Rivals Arsenal he twice slapped and chest bummed Laurent Koscielny than confronted Gabriel who kicked him which lead to him being sent off. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was absolutely furious as he should of been his actions that he displayed in the match were completely unacceptable and his behavior shouldn’t not be tolerated in the premiership. Shortly after the incident Costa was named the dirtiest player in the premier league by an English Football website. Costa clearly has some serious issues he is ripping Chelsea’s team chemistry apart Chelsea’s struggles aren’t all his fault but I believe he’s a big part of it he is bad karma. He is a great player but he’s a player not worth dealing with you never know when he’s going to get violent and get suspended. Plus, Given the fact that he was linked away from London I don’t think he would have an issue with relocating. He is a fantastic player any club would be luckily to have him but the thing is his classless acts and poor attitude are bad for Chelsea’s current situation. He is worth around 40-50 Million which would be enough to fix all the problems that Chelsea possess.



Buy Edison Cavani: PSG (42Million)
Edinson Cavani could be the answer he could bring some of the magic back. Chelsea has a mountain to climb but the way to start climbing is with that one great signing one versatile player can make all the difference in the world. Chelsea have really struggled to score this season. Quick strong opportunistic and lethal striker he is known for his ability to score impressive goals both in the air and with his feet tireless worker an accurate set piece taker he is capable of playing multiple offensive positions. Cavani would have to be lured away he is one of the best players in France a big impact player for the French champions. With a big offer he can be swayed to make the switch to London. Even at 28 years old he is a player with a lot to offer. He has the ability to score at a very high rate when he gets hot there is very little anyone can do about. Getting rid of a Problem Child Diego Costa and Replacing him with a lethal scorer with no discipline issues would do wonders not only for this season but the future. Cavani is a world-class goal-scoring machine.
He can be a little inconsistent at times, but he has a habit of more than making up for it with a hat trick out of the blue. He has become a fan favorite lighting up the crowd on a weekly basis with committed performances and passionate showings. He scores every type of goal—headed, tap-in, free-kick, long-range striker or golazo. He can do it all. Since joining PSG from Napoli Cavani has breached 20 goal mark twice he has scored 25 & 31 goals in his 1st two seasons in Paris. He has already found the back of the Net on 9 occasions this season. Many believe Cavani to be a pure poacher. France is renowned his tireless work ethic, covering the length of the pitch and back multiple times per game. As such, he’s become adept at dribbling forward with the ball at his feet, laying the ball in simple circumstances or launching a longer pass. He forces the issue and literally carries his side out of trouble. He also is a star on his national side having scored for Uruguay In Big tournaments such as the World Cup and Copa
America. He has scored 28 goals in 73 appearances for his national side. He has the scoring ability and talent to pick of the slack and bring Chelsea back to life. He would be worth a lot more than 42Million but due to the fact he’s 28 years old I think that’s a reasonable amount for him. He will fit right in he will find the net right out of the gate he could possibly help Eden Hazard get his form back I think the two of them working together could make a very dangerous combination a big impact player like Cavani could make a positive impact on current Chelsea players currently in poor form. Cavani is a big time player his goals alone could him Chelsea back on the right. In addition to that he has been heavily linked the Chelsea the last few weeks and according to reports he has interest in making the London switch and prefers Chelsea to Arsenal. A signing like this will help Chelsea get their confidence back this would be a monumental signing this should be priority #1.

Buy Aymeric Laporte: Athletic Bilbao (50Million)

Chelsea’s Defense has completely lost its place they have been horrendous they have been awful they have lost the consistency also lack youth in there. Aymeric Laporte is not a name that is going to jump off the page but is quietly becoming one of Europe’s best young defenders. At age 21 he’s already made 98 appearances for Athletic as well as making several appearances for the French U-21’s. Laporte became an undisputed starter under new coach Ernesto Valverde, also being deployed as left back on occasion. With Chelsea Legend John Terry near the end of his career this move would be perfect for the blues he would make an immediate impact he would start the change Chelsea’s poor defense. Over the past decade or so, the no non-sense center back has been on a steady decline. Ball-playing center backs have been the rage and Aymeric Laporte is as good as they come. Not only is he tall (6’2), he is also quick, good in the air and has an impeccable reading of the game for someone who only turned 20 before the start of the season. Although he is a center back by trade, he is also very capable of filling in at left back, which makes him even more of a valuable asset. Although he is very capable of bringing the ball out from the back, he is well aware of his primary duties as a center back and ensures that he never over-commits himself.
It is not very often that a defender’s biggest asset is his pace. But Laporte has lighting speed in the case of Laporte it is, as it allows him the time to recover even if he does make a mistake. Not only is he quick, he is which is not very often. He is strong and can hold his own in defense. For a defender who is just 21, Laporte’s reading of the game is simply stunning as it gives him the opportunity to nip attacks in the bud with a simple interception or sharp tackle. Not only is he a good defender, but a leader as well, as his ability to organize his defense is that of a player well beyond his years. His leadership ability is key with John Terry on the decline he will be a huge part of the future he has the potential to be a great leader in the premiership he possesses leadership qualities that are found in players twice his age he truly is a special kind of a player on and off the pitch.
Not only is the Frenchman defensively resolute, his ability on the ball is not bad either. Whether it is keeping it short and simple in the center of the park, or spraying a long diagonal to either flanks, the 21-year-old is equally comfortable at both. While many defenders are good technically, what separates him from the rest is his ability to act according to the situation at hand and not merely rush forward at every opportunity. He has been tracked by several club all over Europe he won’t be available for long if Chelsea don’t act as soon as possible if they don’t act now there might not be another chance. Laporte had a 27.5 Million buyout clause but earlier this year they changed is contract putting in an increased 50Million buyout clause to scare away teams that are interested. I honestly think they should match it he’s a very young player with a tremendous talent he’s worth every penny even more in my opinion. He will have to be swayed due to his loyalty to the club but if he can be convinced You spend 50Million and you get a Franchise player a player that you can build around a guy you will be Chelsea’s undisputed leader. he will play a big part in Chelsea’s fight for Europe. He going to be a superstar for years to come.

Buy Andre Carrillo: Sporting F.C (28Million)
An extravagantly talented winger, Sporting Lisbon winger André Carrillo has at last added the missing piece to take his game to the next level – consistency. Last season he came into his own and started to develop Consistently he was one of the most impressive players in Portugal last season scored 5 goals and dished out 17 assists. He has finally put it all together Peruvian proved both an explosive and a mercurial performer. With speed to burn, majestic dribbling skills and a rocket of a shot, he is capable of the truly sublime. His high-speed dribbling is especially thrilling to behold, his ability to slither past opposing defenders earning him the apt nickname of “La Culebra” (the snake). The Peruvian international has more than doubled his previous season’s best in terms of goal-scoring, having found the back of the net 7 times in 34 games in all competitions. He has also become far more disciplined from the tactical point of view, tracking back and helping the team keep its shape when possession is lost. Chelsea’s Fans are very familiar with this bloke A stand-out performance against Chelsea in London in the Champions League raised his profile further, so little wonder that Sporting have been working furiously to try and get him to sign an improved contract. As Tempted as a New Contract might be im certain he has is eyes on bigger clubs. Carrillo’s exceptional talent has earned him a move to one of Europe’s major league. I think he would be a perfect fit for the last year’s champions. Carrillo would give them another dimension he just gives them that something else he gives them that something different and my goodness does this Chelsea team need something a bit different. The Real question here is if Andre would Leave Sporting he rejected Leicester City last summer to remain in Portugal so yet again like a lot of my options he would have to be convinced. I truly think this signing would get the offence started up again not only does he have the ability to score with a cracking shot but is an exceptional passer with the ability to drive the ball inside the box to team mates this will give Chelsea better scoring chances in the box he also has frightening speed on the wing. At 24 years old the “Peruvian Snake” has a great future ahead of him he is slowly becoming one of the best prospects in South America he has got it all he would change the culture of life at the Bridge if he is used correctly. He is south Americans biggest kept secret the kid is special he is a fearless player he doesn’t fear anyone it’s one of the thing like most about him he has that believe that he can beat anyone to the ball he has the right personality for this situation Chelsea’s needs a player like Andre a lot of teams do. I think Andre could go for 28Million for his services which is a bargain. He will be a huge steal if they can pull this. A Player with this tremendous ability and talent along with the right personality and mindset for this team he will become a legit premier league midfielder.

Sign Alexzandru Maxim for Loan with a Purchase Option (8Million)

Alexzandru Maxim is my favorite player on my National side (Romania) he is a player that could be Chelsea’s spark plug off the bench a super sub but is also capable of starting matches. Maxim is an agile 5’10” very skilled playmaker, that is comfortable crossing the ball with either foot and relishes taking on opposing players has a fearless presence (averages 2.4 dribbles per game; 0.1 higher than Liverpool star Coutinho. Maxim has many strengths, but it is his dead-ball expertise that makes him special it’s one key Characteristic that separates him from other players. as Stuttgart lead the Bundesliga in set-piece goals (eight plus) a few seasons ago.
Maxim is predominantly used in a 4-2-3-1 as a No. 10 role, but he can play as a second striker in a he can easily adapt to any situation.
Maxim at 25 has made 27 appearances for his national side. He has 3 Goals for Romania and will likely be on the Euro 2016 squad that if heading to France.
Maxim, who’s one of the most in-form players at club level and has been a hit in the Bundesliga since he joined Stuttgart three years ago. This might be a risk but it’s a nice one Trust my Romanian brother he
could be a big part of their season and possibly a part of their future. I think an 8Million purchase option would be a good move and a bit of a bargain. Even if Chelsea decide not to buy him I think on a short term basics he would be valuable.

In conclusion in my personal opinion If Chelsea Indeed take my advice and use the players correctly which I don’t expect them to because a lot people don’t know what I know but if this happens they will not only fight for a Champions league spot this year they will get it and Mourinho will keep his job.


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