Dzeko Stays HOT As Roma Blow Past Benevento #107



Score: A.S Roma 4 Benevento 0FT

Stadio Ciro Vigorito, Benevento


               Following Roma’s Recent victory last weekend against Verona at Home Roma would comminute their journey in Serie A with their mid-week and 4th Match Day of  the season Campaign. This time the Giallorossi would head on the road to face another side that Roma should be able to deal with quite easily. As they prepared to faceoff against newly Promoted Benevento it would be the first time the two teams have ever faced on against each other. Benevento have lost their previous 4 games to start the season most recently getting crushed by Napoli 6-0. So going into the match Roma would be the heavy favorites Roma however would be without Patrick Schick and Radja Nainggolan due to injury’s as a result Eusebio Di Francesco made a few more adjustments for this game as he changed things up a little bit due to the absentees. Once again the tactics really did seems to make the difference in this game. The game was very dominated by Roma much like against Verona Benevento put up more of a fight thought out the game as Alisson was challenged on several occasion but they was always going to be one winner here. Roma opened up the scoring just past the 20 minute mark As Kolarov set up Dzeko for the opening goal of the game giving Roma the early 1-0 lead as it happens it would be the exact minute Roma took the lead last week as well. Benevento did continued to try and put up a fight but Roma would double there lead about 10 minute before the end of the half when Benevento tried to stop Dzeko from scoring another off a pass into the box as a result Lucioni put it into his own net to give Roma the 2-0 lead going into the half. In the second half Roma would be in control of the game once again as Dzeko would add his Second goal of the game to give Roma the 3-0 lead before another own goal would pile it on to make it 4-0 victory for the Giallorossi taking Roma’s point total to 9pts with one game back. With EDF’s tactics instrumental in Roma’s 4-0 victory.  

There hasn’t been all that much news this week its been kind of a light week. However there has been some the most notable event that happened this week was Radja Nainggolan’s latest interview. The Belgium Midfielder did interview with Il Romanista earlier this week. The biggest talking point of the Interview was the reason why he decided to stay in Rome after having opportunity to leave the club he extended his contract. He descried it as being unable to leave due to his love for the club. quoted saying ” only want to win with Roma with this club for this shirt”  he went on to say “It’d be an indescribable emotion [to win something with Roma], and I hope sooner or later we can celebrate something. Why did I choose to stay at Roma? I had many important offers, but for me it’s important to have the right lifestyle with the people I love. I’m happy where I am and I had no reason to change teams. It’s not just a matter of feeling good at Roma, it’s also because of all the affection. There’s nothing more beautiful.” Said the midfielder this is something that will be music to the ears of many Roma fans around the world. I’m afraid that’s really all that happened this week there really wasn’t much that happened this week.



              Eusebio Di Francesco much like last weekend would make some changes to their side once again due to the injuries for Radja Nainggolan and Patrik Schick we would see a similar yet different Roma side. In Di Francesco’s 4-3-3 in goal between the stick would be the big Brazilan the in-form Alisson Becker. In the back there would be two changes in the defence; At left back to would be once again Aleksandar Kolorov a player that is looking like a brilllant signing for Roma he remains in his post as he is been masterful on the left this season been great on both sides going up and down the flanks. On the right coming in for Alexandro Florenzi at right back as Bruno Peres retuned to the starting line up. I found it a strange move given how well Florezni played but I understand it we don’t want gas him out after just coming back I think we should slowly get him back. As the left center back coming in for Kostas Manolas would be Juan Jesus coming back into the team he is a player that has really impressive this season a good move which will give Manolas the rest in a game which he may not be needed at that much given the opposition. Then to make up the defense it would be Fazio that would get another start which I think is a very good move given the fact that he will have a massive size advantage on corners and set pieces.  Then in the midfield there would also be two changes including Roma Captain Danielle De Rossi. De Rossi would be given rest which is a smart call given his age you want him ready for the big games so id say its good that he is getting his much needed rest. replacing him in the center midfield would be new signing Max Gonalons. As he would make his debut then coming in for Radja Nainggolan would be Kevin Strootman who wore the armband to captain Roma he would line up as the right center midfielder as Pellegrini switched sides from the previous game to lineup as the left center midfielder. The front three would be almost the same with just the one change with Diego Perotti replacing El Shaarawy on the left wing. On the right wing it would be Roma’s  youngster Cengiz Under getting a back to back start as EDF has given the 20 year old solid minutes which should be very invaluable to him. Then Finally up top as Roma’s main striker Roma’s scoring machine the RED HOT Edin Dzeko. The Bosnian has scored 3 goals in 3 games this season  as the reigning Golden Boot winner still looks to be in top form he is one of Serie A’s most dangerous players. Even without Radja its still a very strong team with Florezni and El Shaarawy ready on the bench.      


                After a short week for both sides it was time to kick off in this mid week fixture on this Wednesday afternoon in a match between two teams that have never faced each other. enough of the speculation it was time to kick off as the game got underway in Benevento. Unlike the Verona game Benevento challenged the Roma goal early in fact they had the first chance of the game. Inter Milan loanee George Puscas took a well hit shot from deep on target but Alisson saved it in the bottom corner. Roma looked good from the start as well they continued to look sharp but early in Benevento was up for the challenge much more than Verona was last week they al least were trying to create something. Dzeko would take his first crack at goal near the 10 minute mark after getting a ball from Cengiz Dzeko took a well hit shot from deep but his shot would be saved. Dzeko would get another glorious chance minutes later when Bruno Peres crossed in a ball from the wing into the BIG Bosnian and Dzeko connected on a powerful headed that slipped through the keepers hands nearly crossing the line but it was saved just before it crossed. Nearly 1-0 Roma they looked really sharp it was clear that they are in a different class than Benevento but their wasn’t a lack of effort from the hosts.  Danilo Cataldi Benevento’s most dangerous had a chance right before the 20 minute mark. On a fast break created by Massimo Coda through ball Cataldi had a great chance but a poor finished left Alisson unchallenged. Roma’s moment came minutes later in the 22nd minute with a great team goal Aleksandar Kolarov was dribbling down the wing while shoving defenders off his shoulders using his quickness as he approached the danger area the Serb cut into the box taking the ball near the closest touchline to the goal near out of bounds where Kolarov would then pick out a perfect pass into Dzeko and the striker would just have to put his laces through it to slot home the opening goal of the game to make it 1-0 to Roma. It would be Edin Dzeko’s 4th goal of the season as he stays hot but it must be said what a wonderful pass from Kolarov as he got his 2nd of the season. Several minutes later Dzeko was nearly in there again hit a strike from the center of the box but luck was not on his side as he hit the post in what would be a world class goal. Benevento had another chance as the game progressed with Massimo Coda shot was close but due to another wasted chance Alisson wasn’t threatened once again. Roma then double their lead a little later in what would be a massive mistake from the hosts. In the 35th minute Fazio hit a short pass to Pellegrini and the Italian International from the center of the pitch hit a wonderful cross up the wing to Bruno Peres; Peres would pass it into the box on his first touch to try to find Dzeko who was running forward but it was Fabio Lucioni connecting with the ball putting it into the back of his own net trying to clear it to give Roma the 2-0 lead. A wonderful team play a great cross from Pellegrini to set up the goal. Near the end of the half Benevento had a change as Raman Chibsa connected on a header but SUPER Alisson made the acrobatic save to keep it out of the bottom corner. However it then swayed back in Roma’s favor as Dzeko had another chance Cengiz hit a cross into the box connecting with Dzeko but his header missed to the left. One of just the few great things Cengiz did in this game as he wasn’t at his best but he did all right he’s only 20 so its a learning curve. That would signal the end of the first half with Roma leading 2-0 thanks to Dzeko and an Own goal.  



Kolarov Finding Dzeko for the Opening Goal of the Game as Roma Lead 2-0 At the Break 


               Roma was clearly the better team and it showed but Benevento still tried to apply the pressure and make something happen they put themselves in a lot better position to score than Verona did a week ago being 2-0 down is almost done and dusted but they have put up a fight I think its more or less lack of quality then anything else. Roma would make one change before the start of the second half with Stephen El Shaarawy checking into the game replacing Cengiz Under I thought it was a good change because Cengiz got a good run out and Roma adding in El Shaarawy who has fantastic pace and is Roma’s most underrated player. Not to mention I like the idea of Perotti and El Shaarawy on the wings because of how quick those two really are. Roma wasted no time getting back into the swing of things as they converted on their first shot of the second half. In the 52nd minute a poor thrown in from Benevento allowed Diego Perotti to steal the ball from the Benevento player in their danger area before he could even control it. Perotti gives a short pass to Dzeko who was just outside the box; Dzeko cool calm and collected whipped a curler  passed the keeper in the bottom corner on a one touch strike from just out side the box to make it 3-0 to Roma. It would be Edin Dzeko’s 5 goal of the season 5 goals in four games for the Bosnian. Later Benevento would have solid chance when Gianluca Di Chiara sent a cross into Massimo Coda who got his head to it but Alisson make the save like it was nothing Alisson has been exceptional for Roma this season. Roma would response to their chance minutes later when El Shaarawy found Pellegrini who stroke the ball with great power from deep but the keeper saved it in the bottom corner. Pellegrini was tremendous in this game id like to see him continue to start. Shortly after that Roma would go to their bench as Gerson came on for Pellegrini who had a great game the game was allready over so I like the idea of giving Gerson some minutes. I like that EDF as giving Gerson a chance with the first team this year he has the ability to be a great player in the coming years so I want to see him get game time. After the change Roma had another chance with El Shaarawy trying from deep but despite a good effort he misfired. Roma at this point just added on to the score line with another mistake by the hosts. From just outside the box Gerson passed it outside to Perotti who than passed it to Strootman who from there sent a terrific chipped through ball in Kolarov. The Serb took a shot from the side of the box but it would be Venuti who put the ball in his own net to make it 4-0 Roma. There second own goal of the game a very disappointing performance to say the least. After the goal Roma would make one last sub bringing on Florezni for Perotti to ease him back in to the team coming in the Midfield because Florezni plays several positions. The game was all but over Benevento got a couple of chances late but Alisson kept them out as Roma win in convincing fashion as the Eusebio Di Francesco era is here. Another tactical masterpiece as Roma continue to go up the table.   


Kolarov and Dzeko Celebrating Dzeko’s second of the game in a Eventual 4-0 win for Roma               


               Another very convincing performance from Roma once again despite the score line they were slightly challenged in certain parts of the game. But as it happens Benevento just didn’t have enough to realistically give Roma a fight they lacked the quality and they were unable to finish off chances. As they drop yet another game Roma seems to start getting some momentum. There staring to look like a very dangerous team on the attack EDF has continued to put players in the right spots I think tactically his approach and the way he lines up his team is probably better than Spalletti I don’t think he’s quite a better manager but the way he set up his team might be better than Lucaino. In this game he used size and physical advantage he put Dzeko up front but a little deeper than usual because of a major height advantage in their defense. The 6’4 Bosnian was often up against a 5’8 defender which allowed Dzeko to operate in space very well there wasn’t much the defenders could do to stop him. In this game we also saw Pellegrini and Under get another start both looked pretty sharp Under didn’t have his best game but getting the kid out there is very important. EDF also brought Bruno Peres and Juan Jesus back into the defense which greatly helped putting the Benevento attack in check due to the speed they have. Perotti retuned to the lineup as well playing really well again also the impact of Kolarov in this game must be mentioned he has been Roma’s best defender this season he has not had a bad game yet getting a pitch perfect assist a top of a good performance. Maxime Gonalons  given his debut and though he did well with De Rossi and Nainggolan being not used The team collectively to very well together with another inspiring performance. Edin Dzeko gets his second Match of the match award this season he was dangerous through out the game scoring two goals and could of added two more if it wasn’t for the bad luck with the post not only did he score but he did well leading the line passed at a high level in this game had an all around great performance. Following this match up returning home to face off with bottom half Udinese side in Rome on Saturday. Before Roma hit the most difficult part of this schedule so far as they play AC Milan, Napoli and Chelsea in a row. So at this point Roma need to be winning all the games against these bottom sides. Another inspired victory for Roma as they move into the top 5 still being a game back once again Eusebio Di Francesco tactics made the difference.      




Next Match In Serie A: vs Udinese, Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Next Match in Champions League: @Qarabağ, September 27th, 2017 


A.S Roma
Shots: 21
On Target: 7
Possession: 63%
Passes: 548
Pass Accuracy:90%
Corners: 9

Shots: 16
On Target: 5
Possession: 37%
Passes: 310
Pass Accuracy: 80%
Corner: 2








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