Radja Nainggolan “Why I Stayed” #106


Radja Nainggolan had Several Offers and Opportunity  to leave Rome the Last Season the Midfielder  Reveled Why he constantly refuses to leave

Radja Nainggolan claims  “I had no reason” to head for the exist door  the Italian giants over the last two seasons and He believes that he can win with Roma as the midfielders insists he doesn’t have any desire to win trophies elsewhere Nainggolan has been linked to big time clubs such as Man United, Chelsea but the 29-Year Old pulls a Francesco Totti Stay loyal to the Club he loves as he Increases his  contract to 2021.

Quotes From his Latest Interview 

“Something special needed? The only difference comes from the different characteristics of the players,Take Defrel, he’s an attacker who’s adapting to playing out wide by sacrificing himself a lot, also defensively. Or there’s Alisson, who played every six games last season but is always playing now. It’s a settling-in period for us, but we’re all on the same boat.
“The Coach wants to play good football and we’re with him”
“My objective? I want to do better than last year, that’s clear. If I stayed at Roma, it’s because I want to win with this team, this shirt, this club.
“It’d be an indescribable emotion [to win something with Roma], and I hope sooner or later we can celebrate something. Why did I choose to stay at Roma? I had many important offers, but for me it’s important to have the right lifestyle with the people I love.
“I’m happy where I am and I had no reason to change teams. It’s not just a matter of feeling good at Roma, it’s also because of all the affection. There’s nothing more beautiful.”
“The other day, before the match against Atletico, Carrasco asked me why I stayed here.
“It’s because I have everything here, I told him. The club want to grow, I want to win and Roma are a club with great traditions.”
“We’re the capital of Italy, it can’t be that we’ve gone so long without winning something, but I’m sure it’ll happen soon.
“Tempted by Spalletti at Inter? He’s certainly a great Coach, I can’t deny it
“With him, I found myself in a good place, and having scored so much, it’s natural that my performances struck everyone, but I made my choice and I’m attached to this city now.
“Do I feel like an idol? No, I feel respected. When you give so much, you get so much back.”

My Thoughts On the Comments  

Over the years we have seen many of our better players leave for Different clubs such as Eric Lamla (Spurs),Marquinhos (PSG) Medhi Benatia (Bayern Munich now with Juve) Antione Rudiger (Chelsea), Mouhamed Salah (Liverpool), Leandro Paredes (Zenit) and Most notably Miralem Pjanić a player that Roma fans have a real displeasure for When he decided to join Juventus instead of Accepting the Contract offer that was given to him from Roma after his release clause was paid during the window two summers ago. Players have come and gone just like that. People like Totti is a rarity a player to spend their entire career for one club is almost never happens. Loyalty Totti has doesn’t exist in football but Roma have a few player that seem to like the club like that De Rossi has been here since the start of his career and loves the club more today than ever before as well as Alexandro Florezni who like De Rossi and TOtti was born and Raised in Rome. So for Radja Nainggolan to come out and say these things about the club is why we love him because he truly loves this club I know he is one of the best players in the world and lots of clubs would love to have him and in a era of the craziness of the transfer market and release clauses its rare to see a player stay in the same place. However Radja really does seem to adore this club and I could see him spending the rest of his career here these comments just remind us Roma fans how much we love this lad these comments almost brought me to tears. He is on record saying he rather win nothing than win with another club the day we win a trophy together will be one of the greatest days Radja likes the challenge because it all we want and all he wants. Weather he spends the rest of him career here or not I don’t know but every season with him is a blessing because he understands the fans his pain in our pain his success is our success his passion is our passion We hope to see him many years to come its rare to find player that love their club as much as Radja Nainggolan loves Roma.


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