Derby Day Blemishes as Nainggolan and Perotti Help Roma Leapfrog Lazio In Derby #132

Score: A.S Roma 2  S.S Lazio 1FT  


Stadio Olimpico, Rome


               Following four Straight wins in the league against Torino,Crotone,Bolonga and Fiorentina Roma return to Serie A play coming off the International break. They would kick of their 12th match of this season’s campaign. This isn’t just any other game it is Derby Day in Roma as one of the most hatred fueled violent rivalries in all of Europe returns. Its Roma Its Lazio its the Derby Della Capitale. For those of you that don’t understand this isn’t just a game this fixture is everything the hatred between these teams is unlike anything seen. The meaning of the derby means more in Rome than perhaps any other city in the world which is what makes this derby so special. Historically Lazio and Roma were winning very few Scudetto’s which makes this the most important game of the season winning the derby is the reason to be proud. There is no more important game supremacy in the city matters above all else. Roma lead this Derby with 69 wins as well as having won 6 out of the last 10 meetings between these two clubs. However this season Lazio and Roma are just separated my one points its not just about the derby its about the result as well. Roma’s League best defense will go up against Lazio’s League best striker Ciro Immobile with everything on the line between two locals that hate each other. The day had come as the match kicked off  as Roma and Lazio came together in their shared Stadio Olimpico for the first show down of the season. Last season They split the four games they played but this year the clubs are closer then ever. Former rivals Eusebio Di Francesco takes on Simone Inzaghi in his first derby as Roma made all the right moves for the game to go his way. It was a very evenly matched first half in Rome with both teams sharing chances but Roma did look to create a bit more going forward. It was 0-0 after the first half however that would change very quickly.  Just minutes into the second half Lazio foolishly brought down Kolarov as Roma were given a Penalty. Perotti stepped up and buried it as he seems to always do to give Roma the 1-0 lead. Roma would take the momentum as punish Lazio again as supposedly injured Radja Nainggolan put it past the keeper to make it 2-0 Roma. Roma would continue to control the game and were much better throughout the game but Lazio was given a bit of luck late. Lazio was given a penalty of their own on a hand ball by Manolas. Ciro Immobile put it past the keeper to get one back for Lazio as he takes his season total to 15. There was a strong surge from Lazio to try and get a point but Roma’s defensive pressure was just too different to break down as Roma beat out Lazio on Derby day. In Di Francesco’s first Derby he and his men are victorious leapfrogging Lazio now two points clear of their Local rivals. A massive win for Roma as they win the biggest match of any season.    

GREAT2                  Eusebio Di Francesco and Roma coming off break would put out a very similar team with just a few modifications. Coming out of their usual 4-3-3 formation would be Serie A’s Clean sheet leader Alisson Becker he continues to do exceptional this season. Roma’s #1 ranked defense would stick with the same four they used in their previous game. At left back would be Former Lazio player Aleksandar Kolarov who is looking for a win against his former team. Beside him at left center back would be one of the league’s best defenders Kostas Manolas. Next to him as the teams other center back would be the 6’5 Federico Fazio Roma will certainly use his height to their advantage in this game. Then finally at right back would be Alexandro Florenzi who we know can be a threat on both sides of the game. In the central midfield would be very similar with just two changes. In the center Midfield spot replacing Gonalons would be Roma captain Danielle De Rossi who just retired from Italy national team. On the left side would be Radja Nainggolan who got injured over the break it was unknown whether he would play but he refused to miss the derby. Then on the right to cap off the center midfield would be Kevin Strootman who would replace Pellegrini in that spot. There would be only one change to the front three on the left wing once again would be Stephen El Shaarawy who has been in terrific form so far this season. On the opposite side would be Diego Perotti coming in for Gerson who had a man of the match performance in his last game but Roma went with Perotti as a safer option. Then finally up front as the Main striker would be Edin Dzeko who is missing boots at the moment but has remained in very good  form. A very strong team there is no reason why Roma cant win the derby with the quality they have in this team.


               A fairly full Stadio Olimpico was ready for this Derby with both fans making there way into the stadium as both teams had excellent support. Its been talked about to death enough of the preparations and predictions it was finally time to kick this off enough talk they were ready for action it was all set to kick off in Rome on this Saturday evening. Early in it had that derby atmosphere it turned out to be very physical football with cheap shots coming early and often. Just two minutes in it had looked like Immobile had put Lazio up but was called offside a good call to avoid an early scare from Lazio. Time continued with both teams coming out rather sharp excellent ball movement from both teams early. About 10 minutes into it Radja Nainggolan gave Roma their first chance of the game after receiving the ball from El Shaarawy Radja tried to hit it on the volley from outside but it was not the greatest shot as it went well over. Both teams continued to play well but early doors Roma were the slightly better side all there passes were perfect the ball moment was spot on. A few minutes before the twenty minute mark Roma had a wonderful chance from the right wing as Alexandro Florezni sent a well hit cross into the box to find Dzeko. Dzeko got a lot of power into but was saved. Dzeko has not scored in a while but he continues to play very well his chances will fall as the seasons continues. The feistiness began when Senad Lulic’s dirty tackle on Manolas got him booked as we saw the game’s first yellow card. Just a few minutes later near the 20th minute we would see Roma get another chance. Perotti would connect with Dzeko; he would connect on the header but just missed to the right side another well taken chance by Roma. Lazio would try to respond to Dzeko’s pair of chances with on of their own Marco Parolo fired an attempt to the right of the box but Alisson denied him as he made the save. The Dangerous Ciro Immobile got a chance not long after as Adam Marusic connected on a cross into to him but Immobile’s shot went over as Alisson wasn’t bothered. The game swayed back and forth despite Roma remaining the slight advantage it was a wide open game. The deeper it got into the game the more tense it became Roma did look like they were slightly pulling though they controlled the possession and it was near Lazio’s danger area quite a bit. Roma would get another chance Kevin Strootman dug in and took a shot from Kolarov’s cross but it was a little high from the Dutchmen. Dzeko got another chance as Kolarov yet again facilitated it with a cross from the wing to the big man but Dzeko’s shot was saved in the bottom corner. Dzeko continues to do well sooner or later those chances will fall late Roma had one last chance before the end of the half. late in the half it looked like Roma was pulling away as all the chances were coming from the Giallorossi. As Kolarov sent another cross to Strootman but this time he had a little more on it as Strootman got a really good look it was a well hit ball but he was denied by the keeper. That would end the first half with a scoreless Derby so far.    


Excellent Support By Roma in hope to Inspire a victory in the second half


               We saw a typical derby so far very aggressive play a bit nasty at times on the pitch and from the crowd. It ended up being a very competitive and evenly matched first half of football. We did however see Roma as the superior side start to pull away as Roma had the ball in dangerous areas the majority of the time especially in the last 25 minutes of the first half. So far Roma also did their job stopping Immobile other then the offside call Ciro Immpobile didn’t really make that much of an impact in the first half they some what took him out of the game. The match got back underway between the two rivial clubs fans almost waiting for a mistake to be made. The fans would get what they wanted Lazio would make their first mistake of the game involving one of their former players. In the 48th minute Lazio’s Bastos would bring down fomer Lazio now Roma Alexzandar Kolarov in the box. The penataly was given after a absolute foolish mistake by the defender. Coming up to take it would be Penalty Specialist Diego Perotti the man who never misses; from 12 yards out he is MONEY. Diego Perotti stepped up in his unorthodox walk up and shoot strategy . The Argentine would put it past the keeper no problem putting in the right corner to give Roma the 1-0 Derby lead. It would be Diego Perotti’s 4th goal of the season as he scores in his second derby two goals in four games not a bad not bad at all


Diego Perotti converts from the spot to give Roma the 1-0 lead In the Derby

(Cont) Roma would be spewing with confidence having taken the early second half lead over their hated rivals. It would only get better for Roma after Perotti goal Roma would go and get themselves another one. In the 53 minute a guy that isn’t even at 100% who was expected to play displayed a stroke of genius. Radja Nainggolan was drifting down the pitch as Roma were on the counter. Diego Perotti gave a pitch perfect pass to the wide open Belgium and the world class midfielder showed why he is world class. Radja Nainggolan took a few dribble before hitting a brace across the grass into the bottom corner from outside the box to double Roma’s lead within minutes of scoring all of sudden Roma are 2-0 up. It would be Nainggolan’s second goal of the season for someone who wasn’t even at 100% it was a stunning strike. When he gets to 100% who in this league will be able to stop him not a clue if you ask me. Perotti after the game spoke about Radja saying “I don’t know what Radja’s body is made of, but every time he gets injured, he just recovers so quickly. I think we need to have some scientific tests, because in my view he’s not human!” I concur to play like that and your not even at full fitness is incredible.


Radja Nainggolan makes it 2-0 Minutes after Perotti’s opening goal 

The Lazio manager at this point had seen enough as he went to his bench to make two changes. Nani replaces Lucas Leiva and Jordan Lukaku coming in for Senad Lulic. It would make a big diffence but Roma remained in control as they were just playing with confidence Lazio were still in it but it swayed into Roma’s favor. They wouldn’t be a another scoring chance until the 64th minute but Roma wasn’t allowing Immobile to operate and continued to create as much as they could. Radja Nainggolan had another great chance as he was set up  in good space by El Shaarawy however Radja’s shot didn’t have enough power on it so the keeper saved it easily its a shame because he was in excellent space. Roma would get another chance with nearly 30 minutes to go. Nainggolan set it up for Kolarov the Serb to a shot from deep but it was saved. In the 71st minute Lazio go some luck Manolas who had miscommunication from Alisson hit it out with his shoulder. However it was claimed that it hit is arm in the penalty area. There would be a video review and the Penalty was given. I’ve seen the replay several times and I’m still not sure it was. Ciro Immobile would step up and he put it past Alisson to get one back to make it 2-1. That goal would take him to 15 Goals in Serie A the league best. EDF brought in Gerson for EL Shaarawy to give the youngster some derby experience. Then in the last ten minutes EDF made a pair for crucial changes as brining in Bruno Peres and Juan Jesus with 10 minutes remaining. This allowed to set up a defensive trap for Lazio as they were unable to really get through the stone wall defense. Roma’s defense play late denied the chance for a comeback for Lazio. In the Derby Della Capitale Eusebio Di Francesco and Roma get the bragging rights in a very important win as Roma leapfrog Lazio in the table as Lazio’s short lived time ahead of Roma in the table came to an end. After the game Roma’s players went over the Roma section of the pitch as they gave a round of applause to their loyal support thanking them for coming out. Another job well done for Roma as they take their win streak to five.


              All the year we wait for this kind of rivalry it means everything to these fans its the biggest its the biggest match day of the season there is no day more important then derby day there not anything like it. Unlike previous years this was a massive fixture for the status of the league going into this game. We saw an instant classic an emotional physical match at times dirty through out the 90 minute not to mention it was a vastly entertaining match between two city rivals that hate each other. Eusebio Di Francesco in his first derby collected all thee points in a constantly battle between two quality sides. Going into the game Roma’s one job was to eliminated the scoring threat of Ciro Immobile Roma were able to neutralize that for the most part despite his Penalty goal the threat was eliminated. Roma was sharper in front of goal was excellent with there ball movement and was the better team throughout even though Lazio played very well. Roma’s two second half goals as Perotti penalty and Nainggolan’s brace minutes of each other was the difference Lazio got a goal back late with a Penalty of their own. Once that happen EDF put on Juan Jesus to hold off and put on defensive pressure throughout the game. Lazio mistakes cost them bragging rights as Roma got their revenge and EDF won his first derby as manager in charge. Today’s man of the match going to Radja Nainggolan he was brilliant in the attacking and defensive sense a near perfect performance in the seasons biggest game. This wasn’t even him at 100% which is truly scary for how good he can be this season. Roma’s entire front line and back line played exceptionally well Roma controlled the game and came through in the games biggest moments. A Suburb game from the wings with Roman speedsters (EL Shaarawy, Perotti); and despite not scoring Edin Dzeko continues to play well. Also it must be said Former Lazio Kolarov had a terrific game Roma did the job slowed down Immobile allowing Roma to take advantage. Roma showed that they are still KING’s of the City winning their 70th derby The violence never metallized but Roma sent pain and devastation to their city Rivals. 



MAN OF THE MATCH: Radja Nainggolan

Roma - Lazio 

Next Match: @Atletico Madrid, Wednesday November 22nd 


A.S Roma
Shots: 16
On Target: 7
Possession: 54%
Passes: 431
Pass Accuracy: 82%
Shots: 12
On Target:2
Possession: 46%
Passes: 365
Pass Accuracy: 78%

Top Of the Table
1.S.S Napoli 11-2-0 35Points
2. Juventus 10-1-1 31Points
3. A.S Roma 11-0-2 30Points
4. Inter Milan 9-3-0 30Points
5. S.S Lazio 9-1-2 28Points
Bottom Of the Table
16. SPAL 2-3-7 9Points
17. Sassuolo 2-2-8 8Points
18. Verona 1-3-8 5Points
19. Genoa 1-3-8 6Points
20. Benevento 0-0-12 0Points    

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