Florenzi hits Bar Schick Denied late as Juventus Escape with win #153

A.S Roma 0 Juventus 1FT


Juventus Stadium, Turin


              Following Roma’s elimination from the Coppa Itaila against Torino Midweek the Giallorossi  returns to league action as they prepare for their 17th match day of this years campaign. Roma set out on the road to face to try and get back on track as Roma face their toughest opposition of the season. Roma set to take on defending champions Juventus in Turin at Juventus Stadium. One of the most competitive rivalries in Italy as I like to call it Italy’s El Classicio these two teams simply put don’t like each other it will be a very in sense match of football. Last season the two sides split the two meetings with both sides winning at home losing away. Juventus leads the head to head over the last 50 matches with 23 wins with Roma having 13 the Old Lady are the favorites in this match given how well they perform at home but Roma without out doubt have what it takes to take them down. A very competitive first half that saw Juventus with the advantage early they would take advantage from a corner former Roma boy Medhi Benatia gave Juve the 1-0 lead despite Alisson’s double save. Roma came close with EL Shaarawy’s chance on the break but after the first half Juventus had the lead. In the second half it would flip as Roma looked like the better team for a majority of it. Several chances coming close but it seemed like no one was scoring on Juventus today two late chances came for Roma as Florenzi hits cross bar and Schick denied in stoppage time as Juventus defend their fortress.      


               Eusebio Di Francesco made several chances to his Roma side in his 4-3-3 Formation as Roma attempt to put out their very best against the champions. In goal returning to his #1 spot would be Serie A’s clean sheet leader Alisson Becker who has been the best keeper in Italy this season as he only continues to perform at a high level. At left back would be Aleksandar Kolarov returning to the side as he was rested last week he has been a vocal leader for the defense this season the Serb has been excellent this season.  Beside him would be one of the best center back’s in the world this season Federico Fazio who was the hero last week against Cagliari. Next to him as his center back partner would be the Greek International Kostas Manolas. Then to cap off the defense at right back would be Alexandro Florenzi who will play a big part of pushing Roma forward from the back. In central midfield Roma would have arguably their strong trio; in center mid would be Roma captain Danielle De Rossi on the left would Kevin Strootman another very strong part of Roma’s midfield then finally on the right possibly Roma’s biggest part of there midfield one of the best midfielders in the world the world class Radja Nainggolan. A very strong unit that’s capable of causing Juventus problems. A very similar front three  on the left wing would be Stephen El Shaarawy one of Roma’s best players this season who remains in excellent form he had a field day against Juve in their last meeting. On the right wing would be the fast quick explosive Diego Perotti. Finally up front as the main striker is Edin Dzeko who has scored just once in his last 10 games he is hoping to improve on that today in the biggest match of the season. Roma also have Patrik Schick, Gerson and Lorenzo Pellegrini on the bench a very strong Roma side.


               After speculations and preparations for the game it was almost ready to kick off in Turin as Roma and Juventus were set to square off at Juventus stadium as the match got underway. Juventus started the game in what seemed to be very firm control Roma had the better possession but were finding it very difficult to create chances on their own. Juventus got a few chances quite early in this one on a counter attack fueled by Pjanic Sami Khedira took a shot from the side of the box but would miss. a Very early attack for Juventus as catching Roma on the counter seemed like it would be the most effective way of attacking them. A few minutes later Juve were at it again as Blaise Matuidi sent a cross into the big man Mario Mandzukic would get his head on it but again missed. Very strong start for the champions to say the least Roma however would get a rare chance as Edin Dzeko sent a beautiful cross to Florenzi who hit it on the first touch blasting it over perfect set up from Roma with Dzeko as the catalyst. It would be mostly Juve in control as they would only get more chances as the game developed. Minutes later Juan Cuadrado sent a cross into Gonzalo Higuaín but the Argentine’s shot coasted over a very poor touch of the ball. Juve had a great chance on the counter but Fazio stopped the counter attack he’s just been great this year for Roma. It would go out for a corner then in the 18th minute Juve would take advantage as there would be more misfortune for Roma. Off the corner Giorgio Chiellini connected on a header from Pjanic’s cross but was saved by Alisson then Medhi Benatia follow up shot was saved hitting the bar as the keeper saved it only to come back for Medhi Benatia to slot in home to give Juventus  the 1-0 lead. It cancel out Alisson’s terrific double save very unlucky for Roma. Juve would keep the pressure up as Higuain would get a pair of chances to extend their lead but failed to deliver on either shot. Roma would try to respond with what would turn out to be a terrific chance. Edin Dzeko set up Diego Perotti on a through ball and Perotti got in a dangerous position sending a pass to El Shaarawy in the box El Shaarawy’s shot was saved. In Fairness EL Shaarawy was being guarded tightly and wasn’t able to get his cleanest shot off but wonderful effort from Roma. Late in the first half Radja Nainggolan took a strike from deep but Roma’s superstar couldn’t deliver on his strike. Juve dominated the first half but Roma was showing some life as the first half came to a close.           


Dzeko’s creates some magic in the first half as he tries to get Roma back in it

            After a pretty Juventus dominated first half we would see a different Roma side in the second half a point was still very much in the air for the Giallorossi a point here would be a great result given the fact that Roma has never won a game at Juventus Stadium. Juventus would get the first chance of the second half and what a chance it would be as Sami Khardia sent a terrific through ball to Higuain who was in the danger position but another poor shot from the Argentine kept it 1-0. A few minutes later Edin Dzeko got a chance for Roma when he got his head to Florenzi’s cross very close but slightly missed. Despite Juve still have more chances Roma just looked a lot better as they threatened Juve constantly. Later in the game Blaise Matuidi had a shot on goal that was brilliantly saved by Alisson following the shot Roma would bring in Patrik Schick in for El Shaarawy Schick nearly signed for Juventus last summer. Few moments later Gonzalo Higuaín tried to connected on a cross from Mario Mandzukic but is shot once again missing a very poor game from Higuain following that Pjanic saw his shot denied by Allison. The Roma goal keeper was in top form really unlucky to conceded his goal. Roma brought in Pellegrini for Strootman has it got later into the match. Edin Dzeko had a chance to score after receiving the ball from Nainggolan but Dzeko misfired missing the target. Juve got another chance as  Chiellini tried to beat Alisson he was unsuccessful if u beat him one your probably not going to beat him again. Juve just kept coming but was being very wasteful despite the lack of chances Roma were pressuring Juve and were clearly being out played by Roma. With about ten minutes to go and everything on the line Florenzi gave the chance Roma were looking for from a through ball from De Rossi Florenzi had the ball in the box he put his lace through it out of Szczęsny’s reach but of course there would be more misfortune from Roma he would hit the bar denying a would be goal. The football gods are not on Roma’s side this season Roma leads the league for the wrong reason Roma have hit the bar 17 times this season its been annoying a cruel to them. Roma would make their final change as Cengiz Under came on for De Rossi with only minutes to go. Under got involved quite quickly as he connected on Dzeko’s headed pass but the youngsters header just missed a great chance for Roma Under comes on and does exactly what was asked. They were playing against time Diego Perotti had a chance as he hit it from deep coming off a corner but put to much power in it. Juventus tried to add to there lead but Alisson again denied another shot from Juve Pjanic this time. In stoppage time Patrick Schick who showed some real promise of what he could be in this game had a moment of horror in stoppage time Schick got a one on one with the keeper and missed in a shot he should of scored. He was rinsed for not scoring but I’m going to defend him here Schick just 21 years old he had just come off injury he has only played in 244 minutes this season he was harshly criticized for it. He is on a new team in a new city and coming off an injury a should of scored but it happens in football sometimes. Patrik Schick is the most talented youngster in Serie A he will be one of the best players in this league before you know it if you think out wise you just don’t know football. We see players like Jesse Lingard who have played all season missing open goals against average Leicester City. Schick is the future of this club and will without a doubt become a star in the coming years he will learn from this and improve. Roma would had one last chance but it was just not their day Roma went at them despite the loss so I believe they should be proud of their performance. 


Alexandro Florenzi hits the bar in a would be goal with 10 minutes to go 


              In one of the biggest games of the season for two of Italy’s best clubs it was what we expected a low scoring tense affair between Roma and Juventus it lived up to the billing in a very exiting match of football Roma were unable to pull an upset in a place where they have never won it wasn’t a surprising result none the less it was very competitive in tale of two half’s. As we saw former Roma stars shine for Juventus Medhi Benatia off a corner gave Juventus a lead about 20 minutes in to the match it what was a moment of misfortune  for Roma as Allison made a double save before the shot hit the bar this with the rebound going in. Juventus controlled the first half other then a few chances from Dzeko and El Shaarawy Juventus had the game in slight control. Roma made a few mistakes in that first half but in the second half they were able to correct them for the most part. In the second half it filliped as Roma came out with that aggressive mentality as they played very well as chances came for Roma. the Romans dominated the second half with Juventus get a chance every once in a while the Juventus attack wasn’t at their best as Higuaín missed several good chances. Roma played very well in the second half and deserved something from the game late in the game Roma suffered misfortune once again with Florenzi hit the ball in a would be goal the 17th time this team has hit the bar this season annoyingly bad luck. Schick also had a late chance but was denied by the keeper. Despite that he did very well he just hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it is his injury slightly delayed his progression but watching him play tonight you can just the talent and potential  Schick has he is the future of this team and he will come good into he coming seasons I have no doubt. Pellegrini and Under did well when they come on and some other late chances in the last few minutes but it just wasn’t there day. Roma I thought made some key mistakes but played very well throughout the 90 minutes. My man of the match for Tonight goes to Edin Dzeko he still hasn’t found his consistency of finding the back of the net but he played extremely well held the forward line made several key passes and a few good chances he remains to play well despite not scoring on regular basis. This loss isn’t a tragedy because Roma still have a game in hand so if they win that game when its played they are only three points from the top winning at Juventus is beyond difficult I’m proud of how they played they really went after it and challenged them it was a proper performance despite the loss.



MAN OF THE MATCH: Edin Dzeko (6)

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Next Match: vs Sassuolo, Saturday December, 30th, 2017     

A.S Roma
Shots: 14
On Target: 2
Possession: 57%
Passes: 538
Pass Accuracy: 80%
Shots: 22
On Target: 7
Possession: 43%
Passes: 403
Pass Accuracy: 83%

Top Of the Table

1. S.S Napoli 14-3-1 44Points
2.Juvnetus 14-2-2 43Points 
3. Inter Milan 12-4-2 40Points
4. A.S Roma 12-2-3 38Points(Game In Hand)
5. S.S Lazio 11-2-2 36Points (Game In Hand)
Bottom Of the Table
16. Cagliari 5-2-11 17Points
17. FC Crotone 4-3-11 15Points
18. SPAL 3-6-9 15 Points
19. Verona 3-4-11 13Points
20. Benevento 0-1-17 1Points

                                 Match Highlights

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