FIFA World Cup Preview Group E #173



1. Winners: Brazil
Brazil are not only coming to this world kop as one of the absolute favorites to win it but the group they have been put in is one they can walk through. This Brazil team has a quality to beat practically anyone on their day. Going up against the likes of Switzerland Costa Rica and Serbia they’re going to have no problem getting through. In qualifying they breezed the entire thing they walked through it like it wasn’t challenging at all. Their qualifying campaign included A 3-0 thrashing of Argentina. If you look at the squad there aren’t very many holes look at the attack Neymar one of the best players if not be best in the world you got Countinho to control that Midfield. Firminho another part of that Brazil attack not to mention a young Gabriel Jesus their team is full of goal scoring players. They also aren’t likely to concede many goals as well. Their defense from head to toe is incredibly tough to beat. With the likes of Marcelo who is arguably the best at his position in World football who can not only defend but can participate in the attack as well. Dani Alves proven winner Thiago Silva proven winner you go through that entire defense they are not   many holes. Not to mention the man in the net my club goalkeeper Alisson Becker who has proven this season with Roma that he is one of the best Keepers in the world nothing gets past him without instant and aggressive retaliation of the net. and for that to happen they would need to break through the defense which will not happen no one else in this group has Strikers capable of breaching a mentally strong defense like this one. Simply put from Striker to Defenders to goalie to Midfield they are very strong with options Off the Bench. Brazil will make easy work of this group and I don’t think they will even lose a game I  think it’s entirely possible they don’t even get scored on I am fully expecting Brazil to get all 9 points this is a team that can go all the way one of the favorites to lift the trophy.

Manager: Tite
Qualifying Place: 1st in CONMEBOL
Key Player: Neymar, PSG 
Last World Cup: 2014 Brazil, Semi Finals 


2.Runners Up: Serbia
Outside of Brazil I’m going to be honest there’s not too much quality in this group however given the teams I’m going to go with Serbia to finish second. I don’t believe they currently have a manager which is going to be an issue. They’re not going to be a goal scoring team in fact the reason I feel they’re going through is because their ability to defend I believe they won’t concede many goals and because of that they will grab points where Switzerland and Costa Rica might struggle to. Two players come to mind when I think of this team Nemanja Matic and Alex Kolarov. It will be their job to make sure they don’t give up many goals. Kolarov has been arguably the best at his position and Italian football this season with Roma he has the ability to defend and push forward through the attack while Matic will play the defensive Midfield controlling both the attacking and the defense adding quality to both systems. If they do not give up many goals they go through it’s that simple. On the attacking front they do have two decent options that can do the job. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic he has done an excellent job for Lazio this season he is probably their best chance at goals. another guy who may be able to do the job is Alexander mitrovic. This should be enough for them to get through but I don’t see them getting much further.

Manager: N/A
Qualifying Place: 1st in UEFA Group D 
Key Player: Alex Kolarov, Roma 
Last World Cup: 2010 South Africa , Group Stage  



3. Switzerland:
I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of the Switzerland team I don’t like the way they play football I don’t find them all that effective. I don’t think they really stand much chance to even come out as runners-up with their squad. I reckon it’s still a little better than Costa Rica’s. Switzerland have some good players with shaqiri and Granit xhaka but I find those players really inconsistent. In fairness to them they have a good defense with Steven Lichtenstein and Ricardo Rodriguez who are both quality players. but I don’t trust her Midfield I don’t think they have a great attack. Their keeper Sommer who’s done well with gladbach. But their attack is just something I don’t believe in as far as creation of goals and scoring them I believe in breel embolo their 20 year-old Striker from schalke more than their other attacking auctions this is just not a great team but the quality probably puts them third in the group which I think is fair. I apologize to any Switzerland fans who may have been offended by my Testament.

Manager: Vladimir Petković
Qualifying Place: UEFA Playoff winners 
Key Player: Stephan Lichtsteiner, Juventus 
Last World Cup: 2014 Brazil , Round Of 16



4. Costa Rica
While I do realize the Costa Rica made the quarterfinals in their last World Cup I do not believe they have the same team or a team that’s capable of making it anywhere near that far this time around. Costa Rica’s best player in there goal keeper. Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas is probably the best player they have. I don’t think they have a great defense which makes me think he will be under pressure a lot of the time and he will be forced to make save after save to even keep them in the tournament at all. They have no defense going forward which is going to be a massive issue. the only fortunate thing they have is Bryan Ruiz of sporting is a decent Striker but that’s the best they have going forward it will simply not be enough Costa Rica will finish bottom.

Manager: Óscar Ramírez
Qualifying Place: 2nd In CONCACAF
Key Player: Keylor Navas, Real Madrid  
Last World Cup: 2014 Brazil , Quarterfinals 



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