FIFA World Cup Preview Group G #175

1.Belgium: Winners  

Coming out of this group I rather easy group for two of these teams as Belgium and England to tap this one out quite easily. This one is a little difficult for me to to do because I personally think Belgium and England are two of the most underperforming teams. I’m going to give Belgium the edge in this one. Both teams have something to offer attacking wise. Belgium are of also a very talented team that has let me down Time After Time After Time. However at this point I believe that Belgium are slightly better than England based on what they have. If a very balanced attack with their Strikers and their Midfield. I’m not the Belgian coach but if they are to line up with romelu Lukaku and dries Mertens that could be very deadly however Lukaku can be hit-or-miss but if both of these guys are at their best it could be a very fearful attack. Belgium’s best component is there Midfield with the likes of Eden Hazard Kevin De bruyne Yannick ferreira-carrasco and the one and only Radja Nainggolan. This season Kevin De bruyne has been the best midfielder in the world what he can do with the ball and give service to the attack and even score himself is second to none he will be the key to weather the Belgium team are unbelievable or Flop. There’s a lot of talent in the squad but we’ve seen with this team before is just because the talent is there that does not necessarily mean that they will do well together that is the issue I have a Belgium. They’re strong in the back relatively and their goalie Courtois is one of my favorites and just happens to be 6 foot 7 which is going to benefit them in many ways they have more Talent than England they’re the most talented team in this group and one of the most talented teams in this tournament but it’s going to come down to whether they can play together so I’m unsure whether they’ll make a Deep Run or Flop they’re so unpredictable. But based on what I know at the current time I would say they’re the best. But based on what I know at the current time I would say they are better than England on paper so I fancy Belgium to finish top of this group


Manager: Roberto Martínez
Qualifying Place: UEFA Group H winners
Key Player: Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City 
Last World Cup: 2014 Brazil, quarterfinals 


2.England Runners up 
England will be in utter embarrassment if they do not get out of this group I don’t think anyone is expecting them to win it. However if they cannot even get out of it this will cause the whole country to be embarrassed. Iceland beat England in the Euros it was one of the lowest moments for that country are they all that much better since then if I’m being honest I’m going to say no I’m say they’re similar. The problem is they need their stars to deliver if they do not deliver there will be issues with England going deep in this tournament. Harry Kane needs to be at his very best for England to stand a chance in this tournament but to get out the group is something they certainly can do. The strike force of Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy should work wonders with a Marcus Rashford possibly as another option. I like the attack some of their Midfield we’ve seen the Resurgence of Raheem Sterling who is proving to be one of the best players in the Premier League this season under Pep Guardiola Dele Alli as another person in the Midfield that can do a good job I would say as well as Jack wilshere. Outside of those three I don’t really believe they were that strong in the middle I also don’t think they’re strong in the back or in goal this is the problem. If Jamie vardy and Harry Kane are at their best they should be fine if that is not the case I think we’ll have a problem getting deep into the tournament. One thing I want to stress Joe Hart cannot be the keeper in this tournament or at already has failure written all over it please pick butland or Pickford because they cannot have mistakes and mistakes in this tournament or it could be over before it starts. I know I’ve criticized them in this one I think it’s fair but with that being said they have a team good enough to get second in this group and they could even surprise them if they play well enough.

Manager: Garath Southgate 
Qualifying Place: UEFA Group F winners
Key Player: Harry Kane, Spurs 
Last World Cup: 2014 Brazil, Group Stage


3. Tunisia

I got to be honest neither of these two teams left I think of have any chance of doing anything in this tournament. I think one team between Panama and Tunisia is getting 0 points. This isn’t easy group for the top two will freeze bottom two it’s going to be really hard to even get a win the only one that can possibly get its against each other. Tunisia is who I’m going with and the only reason why I’m doing so is because they have kazari he is capable of scoring goals that is practically the only reason there’s not a lot quality here that I’ve seen as possible I can play well as a team together but the quality is just not up to standard I think they’ll struggle I think he’s our only hope of anything his goals will be the difference between 0. And 3 points they’re just simply not good enough to compete in this group.

Manager: Nabil Maâloul
Qualifying Place: CAF Third Round Group A winners
Key Player: Kazari,Sunderland  
Last World Cup: 2014 Brazil, Group Stag



4. Panama
Panama do not have a lot to offer in this group they don’t have a star that they can rely on if they’re going to do anything they need to do it together. I’m not saying it’s not capable of them to do that but it’s going to be very difficult to even get anything from this I don’t even think they even  get a point. They played well together in their qualifying campaign in concacaf but despite the United States not making it that is a very very pedestrian qualifying group. The likes of Trinidad and Tobago and Honduras and all those teams they’re not very skilled. So because of that I wouldn’t say they don’t belong here but I’d say it’s very unlikely they will contribute anything in a positive way in this world cup in my opinion they’re just happy to be back in the World Cup because they have never been. 

Manager: Hernán Darío Gómez
Qualifying Place: CONCACAF Fifth Round third place
Key Player: Luis Tejada
Last World Cup: N/A



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