World Cup Preview Round Of 16 PART 1 #177

Egypt vs Portugal

A match between the European Champions and a team that are participating in their first World Cup in many years. It will come down to which star delivers on the biggest stage. This Portugal team is led by Cristiano Ronaldo. While the Egyptians are led by Mohamed Salah. Two superstars on their day however Mohamed Salah has been nothing short of world-class this season for Liverpool he is a player that can be depended on for goals and assists this makes him extremely dangerous especially on this stage. Known as king of Egypt from his country. This is going to make it really difficult on the Portuguese team that just doesn’t seem to have the quality to make a Deep Run in this tournament the reassurance is Cristiano Ronaldo but this isn’t the same Cristiano Ronaldo that we have seen for the past decade I think Portugal will struggle in this game because their overall team isn’t that strong despite being the reigning European Champions. I am going with an upset here with Egypt sending Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal home for possibly the very last time. I just don’t think Portugal have enough quality back to front to deal with Mohamed Salah and how he can affect the game especially when his team will need it most. I think Portugal score but I feel like Egypt will just Edge them in a close battle between two of football’s biggest stars.
Score: Egypt 2 Portugal 1 FT


Spain vs Uruguay

Waving flag of Uruguay and Spain
In what is sure to be one of the most exciting matches of The Knockout stages. A Spain team who finally looks like they have what it takes to take the World by storm again after a couple failures in the last two tournaments against. A Uruguay team fueled by their terrifying strike force of Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez perhaps the best strike partnership in the World Cup this summer. A Uruguayan attack against a complete fluidity of the Spain Midfield will be the biggest battle in this matchup I think we will see a lot of goals. Uruguay has a decent defense and not a bad midfield but the question will be can they stop Spain. Spain is one of the most complete teams put together from back to front I think Uruguay will get goals but I think Spain’s Midfield Firepower of experience young Talent will be just too much for Uruguay to handle as I expect Spain to win the Thriller and a game I expect going to extra time but this will be end World Cup hopes for Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani perhaps playing in their final tournament.
Score: Spain 3 Uruguay 2 AET

Brazil vs Mexico

A battle between two of the best teams in South America as favorites Brazil against a very young and spirited Mexico team. Mexico has been knocked out in the round of 16 in nearly every world cup for been a part of lately I’m afraid for them it’s just going to happen again isn’t it. Mexico have a good team that in a few years could go even further but at the time I just don’t think they’re ready for the challenge. They lack the quality to take down a team like Brazil. As I mentioned before Brazil’s team has very few holes in it they can attack like nobody’s business and their defense and goalkeeper are truly incredible however I do not think Brazil will blow by them. I think Mexico will give everything it has to take down Brazil it will take a lone goal from Neymar to get past a very strong Mexico team as they go out of in the round of 16 once again. As Brazil will put on a championship performance showing they Can Go the Distance grinding out a tough Victory against Mexico to go to the quarterfinals.

Score: Brazil 1 Mexico 0FT


France vs. Croatia


Croatia vs. France flags on green soccer field
Arguably the most depth team in the entire tournament against Luka Modric. As France take on Croatia in what will be a very interesting matchup. Croatia is a team that I feel could have gone a lot further under any other circumstances but because France that’s who they are playing they go home here. The amount of depth that France have to their disposal is massive they have options at every position that they can rotate this whole thing around what Croatia aren’t good at. The Croatian defense is going to be Under Pressure throughout the entire game from multitude of sources. Mbappe Lacazette and Griezmann are going to be in that area all game along with the defensive Menace of Paul Pogba & ngolo Kante to control the Midfield to help the French attack get up even further. Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic we’ll have a massive job to do trying to get the Croatians to try to respond with an attack of Their Own. Mario Mandzukic will have to play a nearly perfect game for Croatia to come out on top I think he will score but I think the depth of the French team will haunt them. Croatia will make it tough on France but France will Cruise to what I think will be a routine victory for one of the world cups favorites.

Score: France 3 Croatia 1

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