World Cup Preview Round Of 16 PART 2 #178



Argentina vs Peru.
Argentina end up with a very favorable match up in their first game of the knockout rounds. As they will take on an inexperienced Peruvian side who hasn’t been a part of this tournament for quite a while. Messi and the World  Cup runners-up from 4 years ago will be looking to get the business portion of the tournament off to a great start. After having difficulty qualifying for This World Cup. I think Argentina will come out firing especially given the difference in quality. Argentina’s ability is at a much higher level then Peru I think they will carve them open quite easily. In what I believe will be another great Messi performance as I am backing him for a hat trick in this matchup. Peru do not have a whole lot going for them forward and that is going to be a problem because they will not be able to keep up with what Argentina can attack with Messi is not the only threat they have with potentially Aguero and Dybala and Higuain they’re just going to be phased with a Relentless attack all game I expect Messi and Argentina to get a shutout in a big win for Argentina as they take care of business.
Score: Argentina 4 Peru 0 FT



Germany vs Serbia
The defending Champions Germany taking on Serbia in what on paper is going to be a lopsided affair. Germany has been here before they have been in tough situations many times even in the world cup from four summers ago they have been faced with tough times. Their manager and their coaches know how to deal with those situations. The German midfield alone will rip this Serbian defense from head to toe and it will be non-stop pressure. With Mesut Ozil in the Midfield firing balls up front for Thomas Muller and the German Striker’s going forward we will see a German team that plays Total foot ball their Fast Pace quit passing approach will be incredibly difficult to stop. Despite the fact that Serbia’s best asset is their defense there will be just too much intelligent play for them to stand a chance. I think the Serbia Duo of Alex Kolarov and Matic will do everything they can to limit the amount of chances  that the Germans get but the Germans are World Cup champions for a reason they know how to overcome adversity and they know how to play to their strengths. I see a German shutout as the defending champions make the last 8
Score: Germany 3 Serbia 0


Belgium vs. Colombia

Another match that could be an instant classic. Last World Cups Cinderella Story with Columbia Against The Talented Belgium side that individually are next level. You go through the list of Belgium talented players in this team but it takes more than Talent to win important matches in the World Cup. The Belgium team talent-wise we know how good they are but they’ve never really put it to the test we’ve never really seen this Belgium team reach their potential or even half of it. The last two tournaments they have advanced through they beat the United States and Hungary neither one of those teams is all that amazing. In fact neither of them are in the World Cup this time around. The Colombian team is nowhere near the level of talent but if they want to come through in the World Cup it’s going to again beyond the back of James Rodriguez and the thing is they got Falcao as well then good players in their squad can they recreate the magic they had last time around. I don’t know if they can this is why this one is going to be very difficult I think both teams score in this match. The Belgium Midfield will be really important everything will go through them this is how they will get their goals I understand  I understand the world quality they have which is why I will be criticized probably for what I am considering here because the talent of the Belgium team is beyond. However this will be a close match I think it will be a even through 90 minutes and I think this will be decided in the penalty shootout. I don’t trust the Belgium chemistry and team morale I trust the Columbian team chemistry more so than I trust Belgium so I’m picking Columbia to beat Belgium in a penalty shootout to Advanced to another quarter finals.
Score: Columbia 2 Belgium 2
(Columbia 5-3 Pens)

Poland vs England


In the final round of 16 match between two teams I can’t really separate in my mind as England take on Poland. As I mentioned Poland have the best striker in the world  in Robert lewandowski who will score goals in this tournament but the English team is probably better overall rather team however we’ve seen some of the embarrassing things England has done at World Cups. This will come down to the strike force of Harry Kane and Jamie vardy I think Raheem Sterling will be important but the two Strikers are going to be the ones who make a difference in this game. we’ve seen England collapse over and over and over again and I do not think they’re going to win the World Cup but despite the fact that Poland has the best striker in the world could be a difference but if he does not score England immediately have the advantage this going to be a good game I think England will get back to a quarter finals. They will do it by the skin of their teeth as I think England will win an extra time.
Score: England 3 Poland 2AET

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