FIFA Preview World Cup Final #181

World Cup Final France vs Spain


We have arrived on the biggest day in sports in the biggest event and all sports from the United States to Timbuktu to Russia All eyes will be all over this one as we are in for a tremendous game in the 2018 World Cup FInal in Russia. In 2014 we saw the end of the Spanish dominance something we never thought we’d see for quite a while. They are back in my hypothetical World Cup final. Has Spain get another crack as a massive trophy to add to their trophy case. On their way to the final they beat Uruguay in the round of 16 they beat Messi and Argentina in the quarter-final and beat defending Champions Germany in the semifinal as they arrive on the stage. France beat Croatia in the round of 16 Columbia in the quarter-final and even knocked out Neymar and Brazil in the semifinal. Now these two countries meet for an ultimate battle of Glory. Going into this one the teams are very similar they’re very complete there aren’t many holes and either one. Both teams feature a top Striker with Griezmann and Costa a strong Midfield. With the likes of David Silva Isco and Fabregas of Spain. With Paul Pogba ngolo kante and Dimitri payet of France. Along with two world-class goalkeepers with Hugo Loris and David De Gea. Not to mention they both feature a young stars in Marco asensio and Kilian mbappe. The question remains with a set a teams so similar where is the advantage. The one thing I’ve been saying throughout this of France depth. The France have more options to assess the situation. There are options they have Off the Bench are tremendous the French bench can make the a massive difference in bad moments.Where the Spain bench isn’t as strong and Futures some aging players. This will be a intense World Cup final but in the end I feel the strong Midfield of the French team can control the game allowing them to facilitate their attacking players up front will be the big difference in this game. It will be a tough hard-fought match for both footballing Nations. I believe it will be close throughout the last 3 World Cup finals have been decided by extra time or a shootout. I believe this world cup will be no difference as I expect a extra time winner with everything is on the line by Antoine Griezmann he may not be doing that well this season but in crucial moments for his country at least at the Euros he has delivered I believe he will deliver the greatest gift to the French people a World Cup trophy. As France overcome that dreadful night two years ago in France. Just so everyone knows throughout this this is all hypothetical based on my predictions I could be really right and I could be so wrong this is just my opinion throughout it so don’t take it too personally.

Score: France 2 Spain 1 AET


Player of the tournament: Mesut Ozil, Arsenal ##

Golden boot: Leo Messi, Barcelona 


Young player the tournament: Marco Asensio, Real Madrid12

Goalkeeper of the tournament: David De Gea, Man United 



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