FIFA World Cup Preview Semi Finals #180


Germany vs Spain


With the winner going to the World Cup final would it be the defending champions to get back there in Germany or would it be the Spanish Reviving their heights to get back to the big game. This is a very difficult one to call to be honest there’s also some rivalry here and I would expect it to be a very physical game as these teams are very familiar playing each other on the big stage. Germany and Spain face each other in the 2010 World Cup semi-final in which Spain went on to win the final against the Netherlands. Two years earlier in the 2008 euros they faced in the final with Spain winning that one as well. However it must be said this is a different Spain and this is a different Germany so I’m not sure the same result will be the case. But with that being said this game is really too close to call. The Spanish Midfield and the German midfielder on par with each other David De Gea Manuel Neuer are the two best goalkeepers in the world which is why this semi-final in particular will be too close to call. It may come down to the striker position Thomas Muller of Germany has an impeccable goal scoring record but he’s no longer as a scoring threat in the same way he’s still capable goal scorer but can he deliver on the stage I would say yes but there’s no guarantee that I will beat the case. As for Spain they have Diego Costa the bad boy but if you can stay out of trouble he will be a massive part of this game. We already know that Germany have an excellent Midfield led by Ozil Toni Kroos. But In fairness Spain has Cesc Fabregas David Silva Isco and Thiago who may be the best in position at the current moment. This is so difficult I sort of just penciled in Germany to make the final in fact if you asked me yesterday I probably would have said Germany. Both teams play amazing and brilliant but the fast efficient passing of the Spanish national team who look new and improved under their new manager I think they have the ability to rewrite their disappointing embarrassment going out in the Euro 2016 quarter-final to Italy. Wild Germany made a semi-final. These teams are so close in comparison but it must be said that World Cup champion rarely repeats and rarely makes the World Cup final the next year I’m not saying that wont happen with Germany but Spain has done well against Germany in the past. I think this will be a vastly entertaining game with a brilliant display from both teams I think it will be close but in the end I think Spain will beat Germany to return to the World Cup final.

Score Spain 1 Germany 0

Brazil vs. France


In our second semi-final we have two teams who are very similar inability a game that could come down to the small things. A Brazil team that got eliminated in embarrassing fashion at the last World Cup semi-final to be humiliated by Germany on home soil. But did win the Summer Olympics gold medal against that very team. Meanwhile France is coming off a euros where they made the the final and arguably outplayed Portugal despite their late winner to beat France in the final. Both teams are very strong both teams don’t have very many flaws both teams have world-class players. at the end of the day I believe it’s going to come down to Squad depth and there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s more depth in the French team then Brazil. Brazil has Neymar who was one of the greatest players in the world who can change the game and any moment. They might have the better individual players but I just believe that France will play better collectively as a team. They are better coached in my opinion the France coach has been with them since 2012 he has felt bitter defeat and he will know the adjustments to make with his team. Brazil is a more talented team but it takes a lot more to that to make a World Cup final and I believe that France will have just enough to beat Brazil. I expect a very exciting high scoring game but I think the depth of the French team will hunt Brazil late. As France goes through to the World Cup final. But make no mistake Brazil is coming they just need some more time to be the world’s best their time will come but not now as France head to the final.

Score:France 3 Brazil 2

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