Turkish Delight Cengiz Under stars again as Roma put 5 past Benevento #184


Score: A.S Roma 5 Benevento 2FT


Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Following Roma’s first win in the last seven last weekend against Verona. Roma would return to action this weekend as they travel home to prepare for their 23rd match of this Seasons campaign in Italian football. Roma return home as they welcome bottom benevento to the stadio olimpico. These two teams faced off at the very beginning of the season with Roma ripping through benevento quite easily and a 4 – 0 win away from home. Despite last week’s when Roma still have only won one game in the last eight matches they still need to get their stride back and show the Forum they displayed early in the season. Roma have a momentous opportunity and this match with Lazio losing to Napoli Roma can crawl back into the Champions League spots with a win with inter winning as well they can make that a tighter Gap in addition. Roma are definite favorites and this match despite Roma having lost the last two matches at home this one would be an utter embarrassment if they were not to get a win. Back-to-back wins could it do absolute wonders for their season the titles over but they can still get in the top three. the question is can they get back to back wins to start to get into good form. It wouldn’t start the way Roma would have liked despite dominating the game it would be benevento that would strike first on their first shot of the game to give benevento the 1-0 lead. Inevitably Roma were coming as they put in a very offencive performance benevento held off as much as they could Roma would equalize about a half hour into it when Fazzio found the back of the net to even things up at 1-1. Roma knocked on the door a few more times but after the first 45 minutes it would be even at one apiece. A less-than-stellar performance so far against the worst team in the league. In the second half things got a little better for them as they dominated the majority of it. Edin dzeko found the back of the net to give Roma the to 2-1 lead. This would only be the beginning of it. The man of the match last week rose again as Cengiz Under the Turkish youngster scored two goals in 15 minutes to give the 4-1 lead. Benevento hit right back with a goal to make it 4 to 2. then late in the match into the death Roma was given a penalty Gregiore Defrel stepped up to score his first goal in the Roma colors to make it 5 to 2 to put benevento out of the misery Roma jump Lazio to get back into fourth into tats very important Champions League spot.




There would be three changes for Roma in today’s match. Vesuvio DiFrancesco stuck with his formation from last week rather than going back to his custom formation. Roma would line up in the 4-2-3-1 once again I’m not sure what D Francesco’s plans are with this formation but I think it’s possible if Roma continue to win we could see this more often. And goal Serie A clean sheet leader with 10 would be the big Brazilian Alison Becker he has been one of the best goalkeepers in the world this season so no surprise here. Roma would then go with their usual back 4. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov the League’s best at his position. Beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Kostas manolas and Federico Fazio. They’ve done quite well playing beside each other this season. Then beside them to make up the defense would be Alexandra florenzi recently been offered a lifetime contract at Roma. So as usual I very strong defense both in the attacking and defensive sense. In front of the defense in the defensive Midfield would be Kevin strootman maintaining his spot in the starting line up and coming in for the suspended Lorenzo Pellegrini would be Gerson as he returns to the Roma starting 11. In the attacking Midfield they were just be one change. Inn at Center mid making his first start in a while would be Diego perotti coming in for radja nainggolan. On the left wing would be once again Stephan El Shaarawy and on the opposite side on the right one would be Roma’s hero from last week Cengiz Under. Finally upfront as the lone Striker would be edin dzeko Who currently is Roma’s leading scorer with 13 goals in all competitions. As usual this team includes a strong bench



After predictions and expectations the match would get underway in Rome the stadio olimpico has not been kind to Roma over the last few games they are hoping to turn that around here tonight. the match started how you would expect for Roma control The Possession and attack but they didn’t really dominate in the early parts of the game. In fact quite the opposite would unfold as benevento broke the deadlock in the 7th minute to give the Bottom Feeders a shock lead when Guliherme took a shot on goal while being pressured by the Roma defense the ball would take a deflection as it hit the back of the net despite a heroic attempt to save it from Allison. Already this was trouble well I’m aware now losing to the worst team in Italian football this season as benevento scored on their first shot of the game. Roma tried to quickly bounce back when Cengiz Under attempted to set up Stephan El Shaarawy in the Box but Elser always shots quite easily dealt with by the keeper. Roma had the majority of the possession and was using it to their advantage or at least trying to. A short while after Diego perotti had his shot saved as the Argentina tried to strike it from a difficult angle. Roma continue to push forward using Kolarov and florenzi as the anchors they played a big part in pulling the strings all of their attack going forward. Just a few minutes later Roma had their first genuine chance when Cengiz Under delivered a near-perfect cross to edin dzeko who connected with his head Roma nearly scored but the benevento goalkeeper made a a goal line save to keep it out. Benevento try to respond to all the Roma attack as Marco D’Alexandro missed from the side of the box I thought it would be unlikely they would score again but it was a nerve-wracking situation. Roma continue to push forward and continue to attack the benevento goal just past the 20 minute mark Roma came close again. Coming from a corner taken by Alex Kolarov Stephan El Shaarawy took a strike from the center of the box it came very close but he just missed as his shot was just a little too high. Roma had not play particularly well at this point in the match but that was a very close attempt. Finally in the 26th minute the moment would come for Roma. Roma were given a free-kick right outside of the box in a great Striking Distance of one Alex Kolarov. Diego perotti laid it off to Kolarov who sent an A near perfect cross that was met by the head of 6ft 5 Defender Federico Fazio into the back of the neck to equalize. Roma still weren’t playing all that well but now the playing level is even and roma essentially could now play for a second goal without having to worry about catching up. It would be Federico Fazio’s second goal of the season. This only gave Roma more confidence in their ability to score. Late in the first half Roma had a few more chances to score. El Shaarawy’s header from Under’s cross nest and his his shot from the side of the box connecting with strootman through ball was saved in the corner. Then finally Kostas manolas header from Kolarov was very close but missed as the first half came to a close. A 1-1 score line has Romo had some work to do in the second half


Fazio Brings Roma back with an timely  Equalizer


Not Romans best half by any stretch of the imagination but they were positive things to take in their final 15 minutes of play attacked really well got to go could have got maybe one more this team can very much turn this around. Just two minutes into the second half Roma got another chance off a corner Kolarov sent his ball in and it met the head of edin dzeko but the Bosnian just missed as it went wide. Benevento really didn’t challenge Roma much in beginning of the second half Roma dominated possession and the run a play as benevento was having a hard time dealing with the Roma stars. Roma would make their first change as Stephan El Shaarawy made the way for Gregiore Defrel. El Shaarawy did not have a good game he got a few chances but he was far too wasteful I’m not a big fan of the defrel I’m not sure he fits Roma but it was a good substitution the by Di Francesco. Shortly after the change benevento finally got another crack on goal when and Nicholas viola took and audacious attempt as he hit a ball from 35 yards out but missed to the left. Then in the 59th minute Roma finally took advantage. Cengiz Under had the ball on the wing and was surrounded by benevento defender’s. The Young Turk who was nearing benevento’s danger area ran so fast with that ball he was quicker than quick it was as if he was being chased by a group of rabid dogs. He ran with the ball at such a quick pace he nearly ran out of bounds with it but at the last second he crossed the ball into the middle as he ran into the wall. Edin dzeko would receive his cross connecting with his head blasting it into the back of the net to give Roma the to 2-1 lead. It would be edin dzeko’s 13th and goal in all competitions this season.


Dzeko scores an early goal in the second half to give Roma the lead


It must be said what a run and Cross by the Young Turk under was absolutely brilliant on that play to deliver a ball like that given the situation. 3 minutes later in the 62nd minute Roma were about to break through again. Edin dzeko just a few meters in front of the halfway line sent a Sublime past deep into benevento territory to find Diego perotti. Perotti gave a beautiful touch in the Box as he back past it to Cengiz Under the Young Turk headed on his first touch putting it in the bottom left corner just out of the keepers reached to make it 3-1 Roma. It would beCengiz Under’s second goal of the season . Excellent team play from the pass from dzeko to Perotti’s pass to under finish perfecting team play in an artistic way. Roma continue to dominate this game they came out very strong in the second half. Edin dzeko got a chance minutes later when a florenzi set up the Bosnian for another goal this time he missed. This would be followed by another gracious scoring chance for Roma Kolarov off from a corner connected with dzeko on the cross but dzeko header just missed. Roma were just coming and coming. Once again the hosts we’re on the verge a breaking through. In the 75th minute Gerson right outside the box laid off of pass into Cengiz Under Roma’s youngster took one touch before scoring an absolute screamer. Under connected with the ball curling it into the left corner again to give Roma a 4-1 lead they were just rolling. it would be Under’s second of The Game and his third of the season. What a player this young kid is he has really shown his quality over the last few weeks I think he should be starting every week. Roma with the three goal cushion showed absolute misery following the goal. In the 76th minute Benevento simply put caught them sleeping they took the ball from the kick-off all the way to the other side and scored quite easily to get one goal back with Eneico Brignola scoring. it was poor from Allison and for Roma as they allowed benevento to go from one end to the other end and score without any difficulty. Roma was absolutely excellent in the second half but that was just pathetic. Roma continue to look sharp late in the game but there weren’t a lot of shots on goal at least for the next. Of the game. Roma would make two changes and they last 10 minutes with daniele de Rossi returning from injury as the fans were very happy to see him return. He would come in for cengiz Under who got a round of applause from his home fans he has found a way into our hearts after his recent performances. also Patrik Schick would return after being injured. He has magic in him it’s so unfortunate he’s faced injury after injury since last season a full fit informed chick is a dangerous thing perotti will come out for him after a great display. In the death of the match in the 92nd minute Roma were given a penalty as benevento was called for a handball in the Box. Edin dzeko picked up the ball and handed it to Gregiore Defrel. giving him a chance to score his first goal for the club the defrel stepped up kissed it off the post as it went into the back of the net forcing the keeper to pick the wrong direction this would give Roma the 5 to 2 lead. Roma, big in a very important game as eusebio di Francesco and his men get back into the Champions League spots to win their second in a row jumping Lazio in the process.

Roma - Benevento


Under and Dzeko celebrate as they ignite a 4 goal second half


Roma get a much-needed win once again in a vastly important game seeing an opportunity to get back into the Champions League places Roma deliver. However this wasn’t a game without difficulties the pressure of winning this game was immense and important. I believe Roma slightly underestimated benevento despite being bottom of the league they saw this is an opportunity to get some points against one of the biggest clubs in the country. Benevento took a lead on their first shot forcing Roma to play from behind. Something that’s Roma clearly dealt with but their first half wasn’t great despite Fazio’s equalizer. I thought Roma played quite poorly considering the opposition. Allison just wasn’t himself this evening and made a few costly mistakes. But just generally speaking they weren’t very strong coming out it took them awhile to build up their confidence and truly dominate this match. In the second half Roma looked a lot better as they really started to display the quality needed. Clinical finishing was an issue at times throughout this game but I thought they did well dealing with it much improving their ability in front of goal. In the second half we had to go Fest from Roma. Despite dzeko scoring his 13th of the season. Under stole the show Once Again as we really saw what a talent the Turkish youngster is. He assisted dzeko goal and scored two goals in 15 minutes to ultimately end any come back benevento had in mind. However there were low moments after Roma had gone for one up benevento got one back within a minute as they caught the defense slipping a very poor display during that sequence something that they should surely learn from. Also a quick shout-out to defrel who scored his first goal for Roma and they’re 5-2 win tonight. Today’s man of the match is no surprise Cengiz Under grabbing his second man of the match award this season. He is really proving to be some star once he learn the language a little better his quality has just been through the roof one of the best players on Roma over the last few games. Everyone has been crying for a player to replace Mohamed Salah taking some time but under looks like he can fill that void maybe not to the same extent but he has all the tools to play that role for Roma. A massive win for Roma this was the first game since December 1st in which they scored over two goals. The last two matches were against to bottom teams but a win is a win at the end of the day . This goal scoring improvements will surely help their case when they go to the Ukraine to face shatar in 2 weeks time in the Champions League round of 16. With the icing on the cake Roman Now find themselves in fourth just a point behind inter for 3rd leapfrogging their Crosstown rivals in the process.


Man Of The Match: Cengiz Under (2)


Next Match: @ Udinese, Saturday February 11th, 2018
A.S Roma
Shots: 20
On Target: 8
Possession: 56%
Passes: 572
Pass Accuracy: 86%
Shots: 6
On Target: 3
Possession: 44%
Passes: 439
Pass Accuracy: 77%

Top Of the Table
1. S.S Napoli 20-3-1 63Points
2.Juvnetus 20-2-2 62Points
3. Inter Milan 13-9-2 48Points
4. A.S Roma 13-5-5 47Points
5. SS Lazio 14-4-6 46Points
Bottom Of the Table
16. Cheivo 5-7-12 22Points
17. FC Crotone 5-6-13 21Points
18. SPAL 3-8-13 17 Points
19. Verona 4-4-16 16Points
20. Benevento 2-1-23 7Points


Match Highlights

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