Why I fell out of love with Luciano Spalletti #187

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When I first started supporting Roma I was about 5 years old I remember as a young kid being captivated by Fabio Capello one of the greatest managers in Italian football Roma we’re lucky enough to have him in charge four four seasons he led Roma to their first title since 1983 an absolutely amazing moment for the city and the club. He was just a different kind of manager he’s had numerous success throughout his career Rome being part of that despite the fact that he left for a rival I forgiven him because he has since apologized for making a mistake of doing that in that way. That first scudetto I could not explain to you the emotions I felt even as a 8 year old it was the happiest or one of the happiest moments of my life certainly as a football fan. He was the man and even though it was only for a short while I appreciated everything he’s done for the club despite that being the only league title of my lifetime I remember this like it was yesterday. After he left Roma started to decline Roma had reached their Peak at that time. It was clear the impact Fabio Capello had on this team we nearly won back-to-back titles no one wanted to play capello’s Roma it was A unsettling situation for opponents something that we have not seen in many years. But this is not about Capello although I could talk about him for days this is about someone else. After he left Roma went through some transitional changes managers we just seem to keep going through them in through them since the title winner 2001 it had looked like we didn’t have the capabilities to recreate that success trophies werent  being won League titles were miles away and a lot of the times we didn’t even put together a proper challenge finishing above our rivals just wasn’t good enough. Roma were crying out for a top manager to attempt to take them forward Francesco Totti Roma Legend at the time was one of the best players in the world he was simply a world-class often respected for his unwillingness to leave his Boyhood Club for brighter and bigger things for more trophies despite all of that he continue to stay. However he wanted to win as well and he needed a top manager to take him forward as well as the team. Behold Roma finally gotten a manager fully capable of doing that. And his name was Luciano spalletti most recently at the time was the manager of Udinesse He’d taken that team to the peak of greatness they were not a massive club and his coaching ability and his tactics help them into the Champions League as well as on the brink of a title challenge. This was fantastic news for Roma and Totti I was at the time very pleased with it and from the first day I fell in love with this man not the same kind of love that I feel about Capello but a very emotional admiration for what he could achieve with Roma. As I’m writing this I realized that the things that what I’m saying does not quite reflect the title of this article so you have to understand I didn’t always not like him in fact I eventually fell out of love with him but for many many years I was very fond of him.

He took us up a level finally we had a team that could have gone the distance at least that’s what was the thought at the time unfortunately Inter Milan had other ideas. However Roma finally had a team that could get the fans excited a team at the very least that could push for trophies. In his first season in charge of Roma he took them to 5th after finishing eighth the previous season. However because of the 2006 Italian football scandal involving AC Milan Juventus Lazio and Florentina Roma were given second due to the relegation punishments regarding several of the teams above them. Luciano spalletti was awarded Serie A coach of the season in addition to major improvements he got Roma to the Italian Cup final however they lost to inter as the Milan Giants would start they’re domination in Italian football losing to one of the greatest teams in Modern time Italy. Roma trusted and believed in this man the love was there at least at this stage. The Following season he won a manager of the season Once Again. Roma finish second earning it this time not only that but this was a team that was thriving in Europe. In a way we had not seen any years capello’s Roma didn’t get as far as this team got in Europe. Roma made it to the quarterfinals in the Champions League the farthest they had ever gone in this competition. Roma got a battered by Man United but it was still a sign of progress. Roma Got Back to the Coppa Italia final and once again they played Inter Milan. But this time Roma would finally get their hands on some silverware they battered what was at the time the strongest team in Europe at the time. Roma embarrassed them winning the final 6 to 2 Wrecking what would have been a league double for Inter Milan. The Following season Roma got second again made the champions league quarter- made the champions league quarter-final for made the champions league quarter-final for the second year in a row amazing progress under Luciano spalletti the fans fell in love with his it’s football and the man. Again Roma got knocked out by man united in those quarterfinals but it was an amazing Triumph to get to that stage in consecutive years. Roma also got back to the Coppa Italia final and again faced Inter Milan. And just like the year before Roma would win yet another trophy going back to back in Italy’s domestic cup Totti finally had a manager that he could win trophies with at least that’s what we all thought. The love affair between Luciano spalletti and his supporters didn’t die it was still as strong as ever but Roma’s success ended abruptly. Roma finished sixth That season and that would be the end of Luciano spalletti in Roma. At this time I really loved the guy I genuinely did and I really was broken when he left you will see how this all turns but I wanted to make it clear how much he meant to me in the older days. I witnessed him deliver more trophies To Roma then Capello did I never thought he was better but he made me look forward to every season so when he left it was a sad moment.


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Luciano spalletti would leave for Zenit St Petersburg. This came at all the wrong time as Inter Milan we’re getting really good they would win the treble the next season under Jose Mounhino who created the beast. Roma did however make it back to an Italian Cup Final and finished second after a 6th Place finish in the Spalletti’s last term under Ranieri. Someone who I also felt very dearly for despite the lack of trophies. Once again Roma had to go through a transition. Where we went through a few managers. The lowest point was the 2011 season where Roma finished sixth under Luis Enrique I didn’t like him from day one I wanted to drive him out it wasn’t just not doing well enough it was the way we played in the way we would lose games . Rui Garcia took over Roma and lead the club to 2 straight second-place finishes at this time Juventus with starting to run Riot on the league proving their domination that still stands to this day. In his third season Roma struggled as they were falling out of the Champions League places he eventually was sacked and evidently we saw the return of Luciano spalletti. Remember still a big fan still love them at this point. He led a Roma from 5th to 3rd putting together some really good form as the year ended. However I will starting to take issue or some of the things he was doing I felt he was slightly disrespecting the legend that is Francesco Totti. He was not giving him enough game time in a way he fazed him out slightly and while I didn’t despise him I was getting frustrated and angry for the way he treated him. The last season he spent in Rome Roma broke barriers of Records unfortunately no trophy came with it but the 2017 season was the most exciting Roma team in years they were fun and exciting and on their day one of the best in Europe. However things were getting bad with Spaletti and what turned out to be Francesco Totti last season after 25 years of loyal service. He was hugely hugely disrespected by Spalletti. He played and good amount of games but it was the way it was handled he would leave totally on the bench and games he shouldn’t have no players bigger than the club and I get that but he was totally bypassing him like he was in a relevant player. Last time in the San Siro leaves him on the bench until the last minute of the game in a game Roma were convincingly winning. And the Derby against Lazio left on the bench far too long by the time he came on the game was over. The way he treated him was unacceptable this was one of the best players of his generation who was very efficient in his older years. I started getting angry with him I still loved him but it was infuriating me the way he treated our best ever player. Until these last game at home I’m the last match they of the season he was giving a good amount of time in a second half I appreciated him for allowing him to play that amount of time. Despite that things not all well between the supporters and the man especially for his unwillingness to return and Towing with the emotions of the fans on whether he would come back or not. Luciano spalletti ended up leaving Roma for Inter Milan a rival and a team Roma fans do not like. It pissed me off but I didn’t hate them I was angry at him for doing so but he had done so much for this club and in my life I could never hate him at least that’s how I felt the time. when Roma appointed former Roma player Eusebio Di Francesco the former Roma boss on the job and said that he thought he would do a brilliant job.


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all was well up to that point but the second he left Bad Blood was brewing. The controversial manager started taking shots at his former Club and the fans. It will slowly happening the more he spoke the more of my anger was building up and my love for him was fading. He was being blatantly disrespectful to a club who’s worshiped Him for the most part not counting the controversial decisions to leave Totti out of some games. Then this season he crossed the line that is Unforgivable he said something that potentially has ruined his legacy and everything he has done achieved at Roma. He took a shot at the fans and supporters of this club. Criticizing the fans dedication and loyalty to their Club the highest degree of utter disrespect. In Rome in this city the people who live here love their football it is not just a sport it’s so much more to the people their clubs are everything to them the importance of it is unlike many cities throughout Europe. Regardless what part of the city you live or are from what do you support Lazio or Roma the fans of this city cannot be understated the love these fans have for their Clubs is above and beyond anything you could imagine. these clubs are not the most successful in Italy in fact there has been two League titles won and the last 25 years btween them they arent  is the most successful in this country but the fans whether they’re there in the stadium or watching at home they are investing their time and money in their clubs now while I think the fans Lazio have questionable morals in this city football matters Above All Else. so for him to have the audacity to criticize the fans in the city is an utter disgrace to football not just him. The loyalty the fans have for their team in Rome is unlike any other. To be honest it went from he’s making me angry to I hate him. I appreciate what he has done for my club but I’ll never look at him or consider him an important figure in Roma’s history. He did win us 3 trophies and those moments are ones I cherish and will always cherish forever but he has Unleashed hatred to everyone here everyone who supports this club. He has a ruined new relationships from fans who used to adore him. if that wasn’t enough his Antics only continued to season as it went on. Even criticized Totti for things he has said about his last few seasons. And to to fire back was utter disrespect in football he knows what that man means to this club and the City Totti in Rome is God he is the most iconic figure in Rome’s history what he stood for for who we was as a person and as man and what he did as a player on and off he is respected by everyone around the world for his loyalty to his Boyhood Club despite the lack of success. so for him to take a dig that man considering what did for the city is just embarrassing. Totti just last week admitted that the relationship between him and Luciano Spalletti will probably never resolved. In which inter is boss not only did he disrespect him already but gave another dig at the Roma Legend. he’s also since taking a shot at Di Francesco a man he praised less than 6 months ago. it seems he is just sitting up there in Milan trying to cause noise and find anyway he can to betray people who believed in him and gave him support in Rome. His Inter Milan team have enough problems as it is he needs to worry about his own team and keep our club out of his mouth. Inter Milan Roma and Lazio are all fighting for the Champions League places not very much separating these teams at the moment in fact there’s only a two point difference. so if Roma were to finish ahead of them this season it will be so much sweeter because I want him to suffer for the things he has said about this club about these fans and about our Legend. that is why I fell out of love with Luciano spalletti


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