Roma vs Udinese 5 Talking Points Player Ratings #189

Radja Nainggolan & Cengiz Under led Roma to their third successive Victory on Saturday night. As they got past an uninspired Udinese side That really looked like they were playing for the draw. After a scoreless first half second-half goals from Turkish youngster Cengiz Under and Diego Perotti lead Eusebio D Francesco’s Roma side past Massimo Oddo’s Udinesse in a 2-0 Victory on Saturday night An important win as they head into the Champions League knockout round on Wednesday.

Here are five talking points from the match.

The Emergence Of Turkish Youngster Cengiz Under:

the 20 year-old midfielder arrived in Rome this summer after is 13 million move from Istanbul. In his early days with Roma he struggled despite that he continued to get game time from Di Francesco. Things really turned around in the start of 2018 he has put in performance after performance after performance he has been one of the best players for Roma since the turn of the new year. Last night’s game was no different he scored his fourth goal in the last three games. At the moment he is just hot right now three of those goals were Screamer’s from outside the box. That was no different in this match in a scoreless draw late in the second half he took the strike of the game blasting it into the top corner to ensure a victory. You could argue he’s been the best player in the year of 2018 so far in Italian football he continues to get better and better and he will be crucial for that game and Ukraine on Wednesday.

The Changing to the 4-2-3-1

Coming off Roma’s worst form in years Roma’s manager Eusebio Di Francesco decided to make a change. The Italian boss has heavily relied on the 4-3-3 formation one that put him on the map at sassuolo. It is a formation he has stuck with despite the bad times. 3 weeks ago he’s changed is formation which came as a surprise to many. Since he is moved to the 4-2-3-1 formation Roma have not lost a game. Several players have benefited from the switch especially Under. Roma have hit a hot streak at exactly the right time and a lot of that I believe is due to the formation. I believe that dzeko prefers being the lone Striker much like he was last year when he won the Golden Boot. This formation will help and benefit Roma as they face some of the tougher matches over the next few weeks. Roma are a different team with this formation.

Udinese Lack of Attack

Udinesse I believe have a lot of good attacking players in their squad which is why I was so surprised by their approach last night. It seemed that they were just playing for the draw because are there inability to attack. It was the way they went about doing it they didn’t look interested in attacking they were bent out of shape about conceding a goal they wanted a point that was their goal coming into the game. They barely attacked over the entire 90 minutes and when they did they’re finishing was poor. Allison barely had anything to do all game in fact only once did Alison have to make a diving save their lack of attacking style football gave him the day off.

The Return of Radja Nainggolan

Radja Nainggolan missed last week’s game against benevento. Despite Roma winning that game quite easily the team lacked that polarizing figure in the Midfield which is why it took them awhile to get things going in that game. In fairness it took Roma a while to open up in this game as well. However he controlled that Midfield throughout the entire game. Roma did not score until the second half but despite that Radja was putting Roma in a position to score on a consistent basis if his teammates we’re a little more clinical early in the game they would have scored more goals. He was absolutely superb every time he touched the ball it turned to gold he was giving so much service to his teammates. He set up Roma’s 2nd goal through ball did most of the work as Perotti only needed to get a touch to the ball to put it in the back of the net. When he is in the team Roma are just a different Beast as long as it’s in that Midfield you know in your heart to heart that Roma have a chance to win last night was no different it was evident.

Udinese Keeper Albano Bizzarri

Udinese let themselves down and a lot of ways last night as I mentioned their attack was non-existent they struggled throughout the game. There was one positive take from last night’s loss. Their goalkeeper Albano Bizzarri despite leaking two goals he did everything he could to keep them out he took and attack oriented team to the second half and deep in the second half without scoring. Eventually he was beat twice in the second half but both goes You could argue we’re close to Unstoppable. Roma were ruthless in their attack they attacked early and often. he stood there dealt with everything that was thrown his way a good portion of the match. Eventually he was beaten but he made some really good saves in important moments to keep it close his team did lose but he was arguably the best player on the pitch last night he was absolutely superb.


Roma Player Ratings

GK:Alison Becker: 7.8 , the Roma goalkeeper did not have much to deal with but when he did he made important saves.

LB:Juan Jusus: 7.2, Jesus came into the side to cover for Alex Kolarov. he did pretty well wasn’t great wasn’t bad a very solid performance for someone who doesn’t usually start.

CB:Federico Fazio:8.5, Roma’s most defensive Defender put in his typical performance. Excellent defending did a great job of clearing out chances just another day at the office for Fazio

CB:Kostas Manolas:7.5, he did pretty well throughout good on man-to-man defense wasn’t spectacular but did the job that was necessary.

RB:Alexandro Florenzi: 7.4, a quiet night for florenzi he didn’t really get forward the way he usually does on that right side but he alright considering he didn’t have much to do.

LDM:Lorenzo Pellegrini: 6.5, Pellegrini didn’t have a great game as return overall didn’t contribute that much did good job passing the ball but are the was very quiet.

RDM:Danielle De Rossi: 7.0, Roma’s captain had an equally quiet game didn’t do all that much but did get an assist on the first goal but a quiet evening for his return

LW:Stephan El Shaarawy: 7.5, did a great job of getting into attacking positions but in front of goal struggled in front of goal if he had done a better finishing he would higher.

RW:Cengiz Under: 8.8, excellent performance from the Turkish youngster did really well scored a goal for the third game in a row and did really well attacking as well.

CM:Radja Nainggolan: 9.0, best player on the pitch for Roma you could tell that they missed his absence he created so much for his teammates he was key in that Midfield a superb performance

ST:Edin Dzeko: 7.4, was a leader on the pitch but a quiet night for the striker there was a few chances that I thought he did well with but overall wasn’t his best performance.


RW:Greiore Defrel: 6.0,came on really late one shot on goal didn’t really do much because the lack of time.

LW:Diego Perotti: 8.0, came off the bench and scored a goal can’t ask any more than that as he finally scores again.

LDM:Kevin Strootmon: 6.5, came on as a sub didn’t do all that much wasn’t great wasn’t bad but solid

Eusebio Di Francesco: 9.0, strong lineup win the game and his sub to score for him made All the Right Moves to get the three points.


Udinese Player Ratings

Rodrigo De Paul: 6.4, he wasn’t at fault first performance he just had one of those days where things that weren’t clicking for him unfortunately his off day was costly.

Stipe Perica:6.2, wasted every chance he had to score other than he made no contribution

Ali Adnan: 7.9 was their best player other than goalkeeper his service was good he attacked as much as he could he wasn’t at fault for his teammates not showing up.

Seko Fofana: Passed at a reasonable 83% but didn’t attack very well and his one shot he took was off target didn’t do enough.

Valon Behrami: Didn’t register a shot all game only passed at 76% less then 20 passes all game for a CM that is embarrassing

Antonín Barák:5.8 Didn’t create was passing was poor coudnt help his team.

Silvan Widmer: 5.8, Struggled to do much his servie to the strikers was poor a day to forget.

Samir: 7.1, did the best of the Udin defence make some good tackles and played smart.

Danilo: 6.1, Not a great game from the Udin captain he also struggled to deal with the Roma firepower but wasnt terrible either very average.

Jens Stryger Larsen: 5.0, The worst player on the pitch for Udin he was constantly getting bullied by the Roma attackers all game.

GK:Albano Bizzarri: 8.5, Was the bright star in a dull performance made some great saves to hold off the inevitable Roma victory.


Jakub Janko: 5.5, Thought the would changed the game when he came on it wasn’t the case he offered nothing and got a yellow card.

Andrija Balic: 5.5, The youngster came on and really struggled passed under 70% and wasn’t impactful. 

Maxi Lopez: 5.8, Wasn’t on the pitch long enough to make a difference.


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