Roma vs Torino 5 Talking Points #201


Roma welcomed Torino to the Stadio Olimpico  as they matched up for the second time this season. Thanks to a dominant second half Roma pick up a 3-0 win against Torino at home to stay hot as they complete the season sweep of Torino. Roma pick up their 5th win in the last 6. Roma are starting to create separation from Lazio and inter for that third spot. This win gives Roma great confidence going into the champions league on Tuesday. As the Giallorossi keeps on rolling.


Roma are a second half team

Roma in the second-half are just a different team than in the first 45 minutes. If you look at their last two games against Napoli and last night against Torino. Roma were a much stronger team in the second half of both of those games in the second half Roma opens up a little more and starts playing more attacking Style which in most cases attributes to success. Last night against Torino Roma were flat in the first half they didn’t challenge the goal at all in fact Torino was probably better and in the opening half then Roma was. In that the second half Roma were just a different team they opened up and got forward a lot easier and quicker. In fact in the second half last night Torino barely touch the ball it was Non-Stop Roma domination as they could have put several more goals in the back of the net They were more explosive it passed with a higher Precision they move the ball quicker the fluidity between the players was a lot higher. In Roma’s last five games in the league they have 12 second-half goals. Their ability to play well in the second half will really help them on Tuesday night in the Champions League if the defense does the job and roma are allowed to open up and attack in a second half they will surely go through. Last night was an incredible second-half performance from Back to Front they got it together and made the necessary adjustments that led to a very important win. The biggest thing about Roma second-half especially last night was Di Francesco’s decision to push Radja Nainggolan further up the pitch which allowed their attack to open up and take advantage of several opportunities the adjustments really made a big difference.


Andrea Belotti isn’t worth his price tag

All the hype was surrounding Andrea Belotti before the season in fact after his superb season last year where he scored 26 goals. Torino put in a hundred million release clause on his contract to force teams to withdraw interest. This season despite some injury issues which is a fair point but despite that he has been very disappointing. He has eight goals this entire season and  has been very underwhelming as we saw last night the one opportunity to score he had he missed and other than that he was completely neutralized by the Roma defense he brought nothing to the table especially in the second half he had a fair few chances but was very wasteful in front of goal and didn’t really contribute all that well to his team. There is a reason Torino is a mid-table team not a top team if Bellotti was a world-class player he could get Torino higher up in the table. He’s inconsistent and Lacks ability in certain situations. He is excellent in the one-on-ones but when he doesn’t get one-on-ones he struggles in front of goal. He’s a very good player but in the big games like last night against a big club like Roma he had an off game he has is far too many of those against the bigger teams he’s still worth probably 40 million in the open market but the hundred million price tag that he has is utterly ridiculous no team will pay that and his performance last night warranted it. With that being said I hope he can turn in around and show the quality he displayed last season.



Roma finally win at home

Over the last two seasons Roma has made the Stadio Olimpico and absolute Fortress. They were a nearly unbeatable team at home and went on a pretty historical run last year with a 20-game unbeaten run which was eventually ended by Napoli. Despite that going into this season it was viewed by many as a tough place to play. However this season up to this point it has not gone away they would have wanted for the most of the Season  the Stadio Olimpico has not been The fortress that it usually is. They did win the Roman Derby at home and had some good results but they have struggled at home as well. We have seen Roma lose to Atalanta,Napoli,Inter Milan and AC Milan. Five of Roma six losses this season have come at home it has been a real struggle for this Roma team. Away from home they probably been the best team in the league but at home for whatever reason it’s been difficult. Last night against Torino they finally win at home which is a big deal considering their massive match on Tuesday in the Champions League which will be played at the Stadio Olimpico. If they can use this home win for confidence it will be good to further their chances in the Champions League.




Roma can overturn Shakhtar in Champions league

Roma’s performance last night has proven that they are capable of overturning the 2-1 deficit they currently face against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League. Roma currently have an away goal which will be very crucial going into this match. The Roman need just one goal at home to advance. Roma probably would like two in this game for reassurance but if Roma managed to keep a clean sheet and score one goal they will get through to the quarter-finals. Shakhtar Donetsk is a strong team so they will not make it easy on Roma. Despite the fact that they reside in the Ukraine they do not play Ukraine football they play more like a Brazilian team. It will be incredibly difficult but Roma Play Strong defensively and if they can  manage a goal or two they can surely get to the quarterfinals which would be an excellent achievement for the club given the fact it has only been achieved twice since the 80s. if you looked at all the teams that are still in this competition Roma are probably the least likely to win it I’m not saying it will happen or it won’t happen but what I’m saying is this team is motivated. People said Roma didn’t have a chance to go through the group with Chelsea and Atletico Madrid but they won it. This proves the point that they can achieve anything in this competition on paper the likelihood is small but if they can play at their potential they can surely go through and challenge whoever they may face going forward. Roma can learn from Juventus who cancelled out a 3-2 lead away in London with two goals in the second half from Gonzalo Higuain and Pablo Dybala to get past Spurs it was also an excellent defensive performance something Roma are also capable of. With Edin Dzeko and Federico Fazio back in the squad Roma have added depth and will surely be ready to take on the challenge.




Roma’s are now in the driver seat to finish third.

Third place the Italian top-flight is important this season. Italy was given an extra Champions League place this season. The top three going to the Champions League automatically while the team in fourth must go through a playoff run to qualify. Roma are currently in a dogfight for this third spot with inter and noisy neighbors Lazio all fighting for it. Last night’s win was really important for their bid to get that spot. with this recent victory Roma they created separation from the teams chasing their spot. Roma currently standing third and have a five-point lead on Inter Milan and a four-point lead on Lazio. in my opinion Lazio is still very much in this but they’ve had games where they’ve lost and they shouldn’t have. with the way Roma are playing Lazio cannot afford to drop points Lazio plays Cagliari on Sunday it will be a massive game either way. A loss or Draw for Lazio will damage their chances of finishing third and allow Roma to create more separation. As for Inter Milan they play league leaders Napoli on Sunday and remember Napoli are coming off a big loss to Roma at the San Paulo. Napoli will not allow themselves to lose that game because they understand a loss will throw away the league. Inter do have a game in hand against AC Milan which also could end in a loss. Inter could fall out of this race for the top three if they lose to Napoli. Not to mention they have a game with Lazio upcoming shortly after. Because of all these events Roma are in the driver seat to finish in that spot they play Crotone and Bolonga over the next two weeks both quite easy and very winnable games. If Roma sustain their good form they will surely get that third spot They’re in great position to do so.

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