Roma vs Shakhtar Donetsk 5 Talking Points #204

Edin Dzeko fires Roma to advance to the Champions League quarter-finals in what will be Roma’s 4th appearance at this stage. A typical Roma performance a tale of two halves that had such an importantance on the result of this cup tie. Roma finally get revenge on shakhtar Donetsk who knocked Roma out of the 2011 Champions League round of 16. A very competitive and even Cup tie as it turned out to be. Roma’s Turkish youngster Under scored a very important away goal in the first leg in Kiev that goal has proven to be decisive.As Roma win on away goals to knock out the Ukrainian champions. 5 Talking Points Roma make champions league Quarterfinals for the first time in 10 years It had been 10 years since Roma’s last trip to the quarterfinals. A decade of European disappointments before last night before Roma defied the odds once again to turn around the deficit to advance to the fourth quarter finals in club history. Edin Dzeko’s strike last night gave fans something they have been waiting for for a long time. Roma have then defying the odds during this entire campaign in Europe. When Roma were drawn into group C with Atletico Madrid and Chelsea most people counted them out including myself. Chelsea were reining Premier League champions and Athletico Madrid is the team that always thrives in Europe. Against a Roma team that had just lost Mohamed Salah Antonio rudiger and Leonardo Parades in the transfer market. Despite that they got a thrilling 3-3 draw and a 3-0 win against Chelsea. They finish top of the group without conceding a goal at home. Regardless who Roma are drawn with in the quarterfinals they will be underestimated much like they have been throughout this competition but that’s the way Roma like it they will be ready to fight whoever comes in their way. The Stadio Olompico is a Fortress in the champions league The stadio olimpico has not been The Fortress or a place to be feared in the League this season in fact if I’m not mistaken all six losses in the League this season have come at home. However with that being said in the Champions League it has just been a different story. They have arguably the best home form in the Champions League. At home Roma have not lost some single game and in addition to that have not conceded a single goal. Obviously the competition will get harder as we progress but Roma’s home form has it been exceptional if we see that continue Roma at least have a shot at going even further in this competition. In the league it may not be a place to be feared but in the Champions League it certainly is no team going to look forward to a trip to Rome. the home support they have received makes it a very difficult place to play especially in Europe. Shakatar mistake cost them everything Shakhtar Donetsk came into the second leg with a 2-1 lead basically just needing a clean sheet or another goal to put it to bed. In the first leg shakhtar were aggressive explosive and ruthless in their attack. Last night it just wasn’t the case in fact it was the polar opposite Roma goalkeeper Alison Becker was forced to make save after save in the first leg in Ukraine. In Rome I genuinely think he was bored. Shakhtar shotting display was just pathetic no shot was on target not one Allison didn’t have to save one shot. Besides that they didn’t have the Cutting Edge to advance and thoroughly deserved to go out. Roma manager Di Francesco admitted that he knew a mistake would come and he was right for thinking that. Shakhtar’s finishing in front of goal was atrocious and made a few mistakes when the mistake came Dzeko made them pay for it. Their mistakes cost them everything. Cengiz Under’s Goal in the Ukraine made all the differnce Cengiz Under scored a very important goal during that first leg in the Ukraine. That goal ended up defining this matchup that goal allowed Roma to only need a1-0 win to advance. So when Dzeko came through with the second-half goal last night it was vitally important given Roma got the important away goal. Under is 20 years old since 2018 started he has six goals and his first Champion League goal made all the difference without that goal Roma aren’t in his position without that goal Roma may not be in a quarter-final. Away goals are extremely important that goal in itself made all the difference the young Turkish star came through in one of the most defining moments of the season as he continues to prove his quality. Eusebio Di Francesco DiFrancesco has had a lot asked of him this season. He has had the pressure of the Roma job on him all season. Expecting to achieve greatness at the club out of the gate. Despite the fact he has been given light rebuilding job with the losses of Muhammad Salah and Antonio rudiger. Which in some ways caused Roma to step back with Mohamed Salah having played such a big role in the team over the last two seasons it was a big loss. Despite that he is proven that he’s an upgrade from Luciano Spalletti. He won his Champions League group featuring two European Giants despite being underestimated throughout the entire thing. Roma’s title Chase did not go particularly well this season but they hung on for a little bit. However Roma find themselves in third above Spalletti’s Inter Milan. Di Francesco’s Roma currently has a three point lead on a noisy neighbors Lazio and a four-point lead on Inter Milan for that third spot. The third spot Is very important because it is automatic entrance to the Champions League once again. There had been low moments in rough patches but this season Roma have beaten Lazio Chelsea AC Milan Napoli as well as earning a draw against a very good Athleticio Madrid team. And that’s just to name a few of the big results he has with this team in his first season. He has just guided them to the Champions League quarter-finals this is his first season you know how crazy that is for a team like Roma to get a Champions League quarter-final appearance in your first season. That is incredibly difficult to do. It took Luciano Spalletti three seasons to achieve that just to put that in perspective. he is without a doubt the right man for this job and the results yesterday has even more insured what he is capable of doing with this Football Club.

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