Roma vs Crotone Talking Points #207

Roma created more separation from inter and Lazio for the third position in the league in their 2-0 win over crotone winning their third game in a row in the league and now are unbeaten in a 21 of their last 22 away matches. Roma’s patient approach broke down a strong crotone a defense with braces from El Shaarawy and Nainggolan as Roma stay hot. Causing Crotone to drop into the Relagation zone.

Roma’s Patient approach is very effective

Roma’s patient approach was very effective in last night’s game. They changed the tactics to deal with a very intelligent and strong defense. They didn’t go and an all-out attack trying to punish their opponents they waited for the game to open up and they took their advantage they stayed patient throughout making The crucial moments count it was a very intelligent way to play they could have easily gone all guns blazing with the attack but despite that they stay back they waited for something to develop and when it happened they took advantage. A very creative and incredibly smart way to attack. they were playing at relegation side and they knew this they knew what they like to do normally and they allowed their attacks to develop through efficient passing and tactics they sat back we’re patient and when the moments arrived they punished their opponents it was all about timing and it was an extremely efficient way to play the majority of their chances were on target this proved to be the right approach.

Crotone’s defensive set up could save them from Relagation

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Crotone didn’t do a lot of things great against Roma yesterday. In fact they were very poor in a lot of areas and there is currently some real issues with them trying to survive this season. With that being said there is something they did well and that is their defense and I believe this alone could help them survive the season. A return to the Top Flight and Italy for them would be a successful season but at the moment they are On The Fringe of going back down to the second division. This can be easily avoided their defensive setup against Roma was superb tactically going from the back they were strong Roma despite shooting exceptionally well on goal it took them awhile to break through. The defense gave them little room to operate they make it very hard score against them despite their position in the table. They need to use that continue to build on a strong defense because when it comes down to surviving the season the team with the best defense in the bottom usually survive. Crotone  have several tough games in the coming weeks results are essential for them to stay up this season but if they play strong defensively I believe they could fight to Live Another Day.

Roma’s Radja Naingglan could be the best player in Serie A

This is something that is not talked about enough Radja Nainggolan possibly the best player in Italian football it is something that is clear as day. He does not fill up the stat sheet with goals which is the beauty of it all he doesn’t need to. I believe he is on par with the Lorenzo Insigne as the best player in the league. He is without a doubt one of the best midfielders in the world and to be honest at some level he may be too good for Roma luckily for the Roma fans his loyalty to the Club is too strong as he loves the club and desires to finish his career here. He is a real Madrid or Barcelona level player. And it continues to show this season despite a lack of goals he has been nothing short of world-class quality. He is and aggressive midfielder with the ability to strike from distance to push the ball forward and to create an absolute nightmare for the opposition an excellent physical presence as he is a Sublime tackler and can intercept the ball with ease. I believe he is the best player on Roma and has been for quite some time the way he opens up the attack for Roma is really a large part of their success he’s a smart intelligent player and knows what to do with a ball in certain situations he is a crucial part to this team success. so I would say he is probably the best player in the league goals not mean everything he is the most complete midfielder in the league for sure and maybe the world he can break down defenses like it’s nothing and could prevent attackers from having a good day he is a matchup nightmare the Belgium is quite simply the complete package and in my opinion the League’s best player.

Going Back to the 4-3-3 Formation has fueled this run of form

In Romans return to the 4-3-3 formation a few weeks ago this has sparked an incredible run a form where they have been extremely effective and a much stronger team attacking with more Poise than before. Roma used the 4-3-3 formation for the very beginning of the season and it’s worked at first before they had a very cold streak in December where they temporarily switched to a 4-2-3-1 formation which work very well in its own right. But going back to the 433 I think was the right call given Romans attacking options especially in the Midfield with the likes of Radja Nainggolan Lorenzo Pellegrini Daniele De Rossi Kevin strootman and even Gerson. This team and certainly built For This formation given the roster they have. To get these wins they need to be attacking with great aggression especially in the Midfield because the stronger the Midfield is the more effective the front three will be. It has certainly been a large part and why Roma have played so well lately and I don’t see Di Francesco reverting back to anything else this is what works.

El Shaarawy return to the starting lineup made a big difference.


Stephan El Shaarawy hadn’t started a game for Roma in several weeks as in most of his appearances came off the bench. Eusebio di Francesco rotated several players during last night’s win giving rest to some that truly needed it. This allowed El Shaarawy to get back into the starting lineup. The Italian International  got his goal and he took advantage of his opportunity immediately scoring an excellent goal to open up the scoring. It was more or less about his positioning to get into the right path to put away a ball from a Kolarov cross. He was excellent throughout the game he adds a strong Dimension into the team. he brings something to the team that no one and World football does his exceptional play without the ball and his movement is next level in this game. I’m not saying he’s the best player in the world but in movement without the ball he is heads and tails above everyone if you look at the way he gets his opportunities to score and what he does with his body there’s nothing a goalkeeper can do or  defender can do with the way he moves. It was a superb performance from him not only with the goal but his overall performance. That opening goal May have been the difference allowing Roma to go into the half with confidence I believe he should get more starts Under and Diego Perotti are excellent but El Shaarawy can add that something else. I see him getting more involved with the scene going forward like he did for the first half of the season and excellent performance from an excellent player.

Roma will finish 3rd Book it

Related image

There is no doubt in my mind that Roma will grab that third position getting a back into the Champions League next season automatically. As the weeks continue Roma are starting to create more separation from Inter Milan and Lazio two teams also going for third. With lazio’s poor form dropping points in two consecutive weeks and Inter despite winning this week still find themselves having points to make up to catch Roma. Roma currently hold 4 point lead over fourth-place Inter Milan and a five point lead in front of their noisy neighbors Lazio. With a Roma’s remaining schedule there might be only 2 games in which they could drop points. Juventus at home and the Derby against Lazio the remainder of the fixtures are very winnable games and it’s possible they could win every single one of them whether they do that or not is unclear but they won’t be dropping points to very many teams the season. Meanwhile Inter Milan and Lazio still have several tough games to deal with making it unlikely to conquer third place. Roma are in excellent form Inter Milan and Lazio have lacked the consistency needed this puts Roma in a great position I believe the race for third is over Roma will finished third this season book it.

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