Roma vs Barcelona 5 Talking Points #213

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In a Champions League match between Barcelona and Roma at the Camp Nou saw Barcelona take the 4-1 advantage into the second leg. However the score did not reflect the game as Roma saw two penalties denied and scored two own goals In a night of rotten luck and controversy. As Roma fell victim to the stigma of favoritism at the Camp Nou to take a three-goal advantage into the second leg as Roma left and outrage and frustration.
5 Talking Points
Penalties on Edin Dzeko and Lorenzo Pellegrini Not Called


The score line of this contest didn’t reflect the performance by the Italians. In fact two controversial decisions largely impacted the end result of this important match. Two instances that created incredible outrage from everyone not wearing the Barcelona shirt. Roma came into this game as heavy underdogs as they should given the tradition and greatness of Barcelona. Despite that Roma could have scored in the opening 10 minutes. When Nelson Semendo brought down Edin Dzeko in the box and what was as clear of a penalty as you can get. The call was completely ignored which infuriated Dzeko & Roma. If Roma scores a penalty in the opening moments of the game it could have completely changed the outcome the momentum would have completely shifted and Barcelona would have had to adjust to it which would have been difficult given the fact that they hadn’t played all that well up to that point. The game continued but the officiating still heavily favored Barcelona I understand why but you still have to call a relatively even game which was not happening. Almost immediately after Barcelona took the lead Roma were denied another goal-scoring opportunity along with a controversial refereeing decision. Lorenzo Pellegrini was brought down into the box it was very close but it was on the line and his body landed in the Box which is another penalty that should have been given to Roma. Instead it was given as a free kick 2 calls could have completely changed the game. This furthermore proves that VAR needs to be introduced into the Champions League if you go back and look at those decisions there’s no way you can review both penalty calls without giving the obvious clear penalty. Edin Dzeko made some comments about the call and criticized the referee for not having the courage to give a penalty against Barcelona. Eusebio di Francesco was also Furious as well as many others would Roma won the game maybe not but they wouldn’t have lost by the margin a margin that was not deserved.


Own Goals and Roma mistakes

As much as it’s quite easy to blame the results of this match on the controversial decisions going against them they did have rotten luck in this game. Roma scored not one but two own goals to help Barcelona get off to a 2-0 lead. It wasn’t necessarily A Fault of Their Own but nonetheless they could have done better with some of the dangerous balls that came into the box. Roma also made a massive error down the stretch gifting Barcelona’s fourth goal as Maxime Gonalons tripped in the Box allowing Luis Suarez to put it away. Roma must limit the errors if they’re going to have any chance of trying to turn it around. Roma need to limit mistakes two own goals just isn’t what they need they must eliminate the mistakes or they can just go home now. 


The Brilliance of Ivan Rakitic


Roma seemingly used all their energy slowing down the magical Leo Messi
which is a hard feat in its own right but this allowed Ivan Rakitic to Star in their victory. The Croatian midfielder caused incredible Havoc on Roma despite their defensive Master Class. The two own goals that Roma scored became forced mistakes due to Ivan Rakitic. the way in which he played caused mistakes to occur to Roma he was the most dangerous player for Barcelona through the entire game Roma mutually shut down all of Barcelona’s usual weapons but as much as they tried they were unable to control and slow down the Croatian. On multiple occasions he ignited many ruthless counter-attacks they didn’t all end goals but he facilitated everything that was going on around him he had incredibly spatial awareness and he pulled the strings in the Barcelona Midfield There was nothing that really could have been done to slow him down he was just having one of those games where everything he touched turned to gold. I also believe he was one of the only players on Barcelona to show Roma the respect he understood that Barcelona underperformed. In the second leg Roma’s defense will once again have to concentrate on slowing down Messi and Suarez but after that first game they understand the importance of Ivan Rakitic in the Barcelona team he was instrumental throughout it even if the calls had gone Roma’s way they still would have lost because of the incredible Croatian midfielder.

Roma’s Strong Defense on Leo Messi


When you looked at this game the one thing you could probably say with pretty much certainty was that Leo Messi will give Roma serious problems. Being the world’s best player and the most talented footballer of this generation you would have thought the best was too big of a task for the Roma Defenders. To the surprise of many the Roma defense kept him rather quiet it seemed every time he’s ever had that movement Roma put a stop to it. He didn’t have any real clear-cut chances as the Roma defense did a pretty good job eliminating opportunities from Messi. Despite the score line their defense should be extremely proud on the how they fared against the world best player I have not seen very many defenses shut down Messi the way Roma did last night.

Barcelona are Half way to the Semis


Whether you think the deficit in which they one is fair or not is only Up For Debate but it is a sobering fact that Barcelona have half their foot into the door of the Champions League semi-final. A stage in which they have struggled to get to in the last few years. As they’ve been eliminated in the quarterfinals the last 2 years. Last time Barcelona made the semi-finals they won the Champions League. From the Barcelona perspective as unfair the result that might seem they are halfway to Kiev. They have this Champions League tie all but wrapped up as they take a 4-1 lead Into Rome in a week’s time meaning Roma would have to beat them 3-0 to advance Barcelona as poor as they were have done all the heavy lifting needed to advance through the competition.

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