Roma vs Lazio 5 Talking Points #222

Roma faced off against Lazio in 185th installment of the Roman Derby or The Derby Della Capitalie. There was a lot at stake as we waited for the much-anticipated game that could all of but determined the Champions League places in Italy. Unfortunately the fans got the short end of the stick as it was one of the stale and unentertaining derbies I have seen in recent time a 0-0 draw was the final results with edin dzeko being denied by the crossbar in the closing moments. It turned out to be a disappointing night for both teams as no ground was made up in the Champions League race.

Worst Derby ever?

I have been supporting Roma for about 20 years and have covered them for 3 years so I have a lot of exposure to this Derby. It is the single most important day of the season Roma and Lazio aren’t fighting for titles or in a competitive position to win one. This match comes more than a match this is an important day because Supremacy in this city is above everything else it’s not about we are the champions of Italy it’s we have finished ahead of them. It’s about proving who is the best team in Rome because of that regardless of league position and we have seen some great Derby’s over the years  there have been very few derbies that have been poor or unentertaining because there is always an entertainment value in it because the hate of these two teams have for each other. This is genuine there’s nothing fake about this the hate is very real this makes the matches so much fun and intense. The intensity was there for the quality it didn’t show up for more than 10 minutes. This was possibly be single most  unentertaining boring Derby in the Years in my lifetime there certainly hasn’t been a Derby with so much lacking. There was a brief moment for the last 10 minutes of the game where I had that excitement Factor but overall it didn’t live up to the hype and throughout the match was hard to watch. While I understand why this was the case it was anything but fun and exciting I genuinely feel bad for people who paid their hard-earned money to watch that display.

Roma and the crossbar

A crossbar in football can be a gift and a curse some are lucky some are unlucky and some are very unlucky. Roma’s luck with the crossbar has been absolutely rotten throughout the season. Roma have hit the crossbar at league-high 23 times including twice during the derby. Had Roma had better luck with the crossbar I think it could be responsible for over 12 points that Roma have not gained I’m not saying if it wasn’t for crossbar they would be top of the league but it’s been a big factor in some pretty big games Napoli at home Inter Milan at home and Juventus away just to name a few. Romans luck with this cross bar has been very frustrating and yesterday was one of those nights scoring a goal instead of hitting the crossbar would have made a world of difference. Other teams don’t seem to face issues with it in the same respect its on of the unfortunate parts a football hopefully next season this will be less of an issue.

Roma and Lazio were burnt out

I don’t want to give excuses to either team for not showing up because I found that unacceptable. However I do understand why the game didn’t have that much life. Both teams were completely burnt out from playing midweek games. Roma beat Barcelona in the Champions League on on Tuesday after they overturned a 4-1 deficit not only was Roma excited and enthusiastic about the historical results. But were all so tired because of that game took everything out of them. Meanwhile Lazio  just played in the Europa League quarter-finals against RB Salzburg a few days before the derby they blew a 4-2 lead as they were knocked out in the quarter-finals. They were distraught  tired and worn out. Both teams we’re coming off games and were completely burnt out lacking energy so it’s somewhat explained the lack of quality shown yesterday. They weren’t fit enough energized enough to put in and great performance yesterday so the lack of rest may have played a factor in the game.

Missed opportunities 

Roma Lazio and Inter Milan had the opportunity to take control of this race for the Champions League’s final automatic spot. All three of then left disappointed as the status quo in the table stayed exactly the same. Inter Milan was dominated By Atalanta dropping points in a 0-0 draw. Then yesterday Roma and Lazio didn’t turn up and another scoreless draw. The status quo in the table could have completely changed if one of those teams had won the game. In doing so there was no ground made up from anyone and everyone kind of stayed in the same place in the league table. It was a massive missed opportunity for all three of these teams. It would have been a great opportunity for Roma to somewhat would have clitched their place in 3rd having the easiest schedule for the rest of the way would have been a great opportunity for them  to take under control of that position. Because of that the teams all are very much in place and Lazio also blew it as they had a chance to put themselves in the driving seat to finish ahead of Roma for the first time and several years. All around disappointing from everyone

Lucas Leiva dangerous tackles

As in most Derbies there was an aggressiveness factor with a lot of cheap shots and fouls. However former Liverpool player Lucas Leiva who just recently signed with Lazio this summer took it too far. It was an absolute Miracle he was not sent off for the way he played against Roma last night. The former Liverpool midfielder went into the game with the sole intention of trying to injure key Roma players so Liverpool would have an easier route to the Champions League final. I found this completely unacceptable I understand he would like Liverpool to be in the final but to try an injured Roma players was completely inappropriate and unacceptable. He was frequently going for the legs and knees of Edin Dzeko Kevin Strootman Radja Nainggolan as well as many others. He was not trying to give tough defense he was trying to injure them whenever he had the opportunity to deliver a cheap shot or a potential injury risk play he would go for it. Fortunately he was unsuccessful but that kind of behavior is bad for football I think major repercussions should be handed down to him. He deserves at very least a three-game band for the way he conducted himself. In Derbies like this Roma hates Lazio and Lazio hates Roma so i get that but I feel Lucas took it a bit too far it’s never acceptable to intentionally try to injure people especially in the sole purpose to make Liverpool’s Champions League campaign easier. Karma has a weird way of getting back at people if Roma goes through and beats Liverpool to advance to the Champions League final Karma will be justified.

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