Roma vs SPAL 5 Talking Points #227

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Roma traveled to the stadio Paolo Mezza to take on relegation-threatened spal Who sat this one point out of the relegation Zone before this game. While Roma wanted to take more control of third place to get into the champions league and take momentum into Liverpool on Tuesday night. many regular Roma starters were rested for this game as Roma second-tier starters and rotational players got into the team. Starters or not it made no difference Roma turned out to be too much for SPAL to handle as Lorenzo Pellegrini Radja Nainggolan and Patrik Schick starred in what would be be a 3-0 Roma victory. as Roma picked up a great deal of momentum into the champions league on Tuesday night as Pellegrini Nainggolan and schick all found the back of the next as they cruised to an easy Victory on a much important game as they remain in the much important third position as they continue to keep pressure on a Lazio and Inter Milan.


5 Talking Points


The upside of Patrik Schick & Lorenzo Pellagrini


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Last night Roma rested a majority of stars as the Liverpool games is just a few days away. This is was an opportunity for some of Roma’s young Stars to show their true colors and what they are capable of doing. Last night we saw the true potential of Lorenzo Pellegrini and Patrik Schick. My consensus after seeing them over the 90 minutes was this the upside these two guys have is absolutely enormous. Roma have developed a lot of young talent in the squad and Pellegrini and Schick are at the front foot of that. Patrik Schick is Roma all-time record signing. He has struggled with injuries early in the season which to a certain extent derailed what the season could have been. The Czech Republic International has shown glimpses of greatness during the season yesterday he scored his first goal in the league taking his season total to 2. Despite it being an underwhelming season what I saw yesterday was a star in the making. He did it tremendously well put himself in great position to get Roma’s third goal who was assisted by Lorenzo Pellegrini. Patrick Schick is going to make a name for himself in this league if you give him full health and a summer where he can work on his game he will come back next year as a new player he can set this League light in due time he does not have the ceiling that under has but he had so much potential I have full faith in him this is one of the hottest young talents in Italian football. He will deliver on what he’s capable of in time. On the other hand Lorenzo Pellegrini has started several games this season and has scored three goals during this campaign. He is also considered one of the hottest prospects in Italy at just 21 years of age he has made his debut on the Italy’s national team. Not only that but he has had the attention of Manchester City Chelsea Manchester United and Juventus for Very good reason he is a boy Hood Roman so him leaving is probably an unlikely expectation but last night he really showed how much of a ability he really has. He was the best player on the pitch and really stepped up in the absence of many of the Roma Stars. He did an exceptional job working with Radja Naingglan in that Midfield not only did he give great service to Roma’s attackers but he assisted on one goal and he forced the own goal in the first half he put together a near-perfect performance a Flawless display. He’s going to be one of the best players in this league in a few years the more he develops. The big headline was Roma’s important win but it also quite honestly could have been be coming out party of the Lorenzo Pellegrini and Patrik Schick I was incredibly impressed with the both of them Roma has a couple young stars on their hands.

SPAL will struggle to survive


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Another thing that’s stuck out for me in this match was SPAL’s survival chances will be very slim going forward. While watching this game it became very clear why they’re in this position to begin with. If you look at some of the other teams in the relegation Zone something they have is a goal scorer. It is necessary for survival to have one. This is something that I believe they lack they don’t have and goal scorer with the ability to keep them up. There are certainly worst teams and this league but without a goal scorer this team will struggle to keep their survival. I don’t think they lack the desire to stay up but they might lack of quality I’m not sure they have the resources to clinch another year in Italy’s top flight. With last night’s loss May slip back into the bottom three it will only get tougher from here they will need to score goals and all of their next games to really stand a chance. However with that being said their next two games are against the other two teams in the relegation Zone. If they win both they could escape from it but dropped points I either game could sabotage their bid to survive. Their last two games are against Torino and sampdoria I don’t see them winning either so their next few games will determine their entire season. I think they are better than Verona and benevento but their lack of goals will certainly be a problem. I think the three teams promoted will all go back down with Spal included.

Roma’s historic away form

It is no secret that Roma has had a rather unfavorable form at home this season. At least in the league but away from home they are just a different kind of team. Roma are unbeaten in 25 of their last 26 games away from home just an incredible stretch. In the last two seasons Roma have only lost two games on the road. Florentina last year and this year against Juventus in Turin. The only team with a better away record as Napoli during that span. Away form could turn out to be crucial this season period with just a few games left in this year’s campaign they must continue to play at this level in hostile territory. Their form at home has been an issue in the League but if they continue to play at this level away from home they certainly have a chance and getting results against Liverpool on Tuesday night. Where most teams fault under pressure of trying to deliver in someone else’s backyard Roma seem to have no issue with it and Thrive under circumstances in which they are not the home team Roma are an unreal team away from home just look at the numbers. This is one of Roma’s greatest strengths they thrive in something that most teams struggle with.

Alex Meret is a Gem no none knows about

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Alex Meret is not a name that’s a lot of people know about but let me tell you this is a name that people will soon be very familiar with. The 21 year old goalkeeper is on loan from Udinesse I’ve been impressed with him every time I’ve seen him perform he’s capable performing at the highest level against any opposition. he is not one of the best in the world but his potential is endless. Make no mistake here without him Spa wouldn’t have anything to fight off because they would have already been relegated. he has kept this team afloat his goalkeeping has made massive difference in many results. When he faces a team like a Roma Napoli Juventus it’s going to be really hard to keep a clean sheet but he has made some really fantastic saves against those big teams. I don’t think he’s ready to be a starter on a big Club like the ones I listed but I believe without a doubt he deserves to be the number one goalkeeper at Udinesse. He is a bright star with a big future in front of him he can develop into an incredible goalkeeper. he has the ability and the intangibles to take it up I level with the right coaching and guidance in a few years he could be one of the best goalkeepers in this country. I really hope to see him win the starting job next year because he is such a talent. in this game it was evident if it was not for him Roma would have scored many more goals . He frustrated some of their best players that is proof how good this kid can be. He has not arrived but he is coming.

Champions League Place continues to heat up

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the Champions League places just keep on heating up and heating up. There is barely anything separating Roma Lazio and Inter Milan. For the second week in a row all three ended up with victories. I said this from the very beginning this will come down to the last match of the season. Roma do find themselves in third equal on points with Lazio. As a Roma lead the head to head. Two matches if all goes as planned will determine everything. Roma vs Juventus and Inter Milan vs Lazio. The results of these two matches will largely impact how the table looks at the end of the season. all three teams want that third spot Not only for Pride sake but because third place is automatic qualification for the Champions League next season. 4th Place still can get in but will have to qualify and 5th Place down to the Europa League. I think two of these teams will be in the Champions League next season somebody is missing out. Not only are they missing out in terms of pedigree but they will miss out in terms of finances. There is a mass of money increase for Champions League football and all three of these teams want it. I think Roma have the advantage going into these last few games because of their success in Europe. The Romans need to do everything they can to carry those over into the league so they can Ensure their place in the Champions League next season. This is why the next few weeks becomes so important because of what it means to each Club. This entire season could come down to one match at the end of the season between Lazio and Inter Milan. I will say this I believe Roma will get third from top to bottom they are the more talented team they’re the best team out of the three. And given what they’ve been doing in the Champions League there is no reason why they can’t come out on top at the end of the day. I see Lazio getting 4th and Inter Milan getting fifth. This is just how I see it at the moment. However if Lazio does get 3rd I believe they will still be in the Champions League Inter Milan will not make the Champions League unless they get their third regardless how this thing finishes it is so tight right now nobody can make mistakes. Roma’s main focus needs to be getting as many wins as possible because the results of Lazio and Inter Milan games are out of their control. It will be a fight to the Finish.

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