Roma vs Cheivo Verona 5 Talking Points #233


Roma return home After their disappointing performance at Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final. Cheivo arrived at the Stadio Olimpico to battle Roma in need of points as the visitors had hoped to avoid getting dragged back into the relegation Zone. While Roma tried to keep the pressure on in a battle for the final automatic Champions League spot with Lazio and Inter Milan trying to beat Roma to the punch. after a performance in England that was very critical of how the team was set up Roma put together one of their most Impressive performances of the season. Patrik Schick scored again Edin Dzeko added 2 and even El Shaarawy added one and what would be a 4-1 demolition of the flying donkeys as Roma went on to win their third straight.
5 talking points

Cheivo now find themselves in the Relegation zone

Torino - Chievo Verona
This match was always going to be a tough task for the flying donkeys. A result here could have confirmed safety in the league but the exact opposite would occur. With the loss they are dragged back into the relegation Zone their status in the league is under threat is now they find themselves in a survival fight. SPAL won their game this morning meaning they have escaped from the relegation Zone while Cheivo unfortunately now find themselves in the bottom three. Beating Roma for teams near the bottom of the table is a big task but it ended up being a costly one for the flying donkeys who now are on very thin ice points are necessary at this stage if they drop any points over the next few weeks they could be in huge trouble. All it takes is a good result next week to get out of the relegation Zone but if they’re unable to do it they could see themselves going down to Italy second division they must get it together if they want to remain in the league.

Alisson’s Penalty Save changed the game

With a 2-0 lead early in the second half Roma Superstar goalkeeper Alison Becker changed the outcome of the game. A penalty was called against Roma as well as seeing Juan Jesus given a red card. Cheivo had a chance to minimize the deficit to give them some hope of getting something from the game. Alison Becker ended all that hope as he saved the penalty. This fired up his Roma teammates and the Romans ended up scoring two goals in succession which completely changed the outcome of this game. If he doesn’t make that save the results may have been different because a one-goal lead is easier to crawl out of then the two-goal lead Roma had up to that point. The save inspired his teammates to take it up a notch as we saw Edin Dzeko and Stephan El Shaarawy kill the game off within minutes after the penalty was saved. Roma did concede a goal in the closing minutes of the game but Allison save completely turned the game on its head contributing to what would be a route as Roma cruised to their third win. The penalty save was a game-changing moment in the game despite being 10 men down they came out with more aggression and more aggressiveness in the second half and it was all because of his save his value in the transfer market has just gone up.

Cheivo lacks a goal scoring threat

The flying donkeys biggest issue this season and a large part of why they find themselves in the relegation zone is lack of a goal scorer or at least not enough of them. Their goalkeeping and defense isn’t world class but they can do a job. They can grind out victories against opposition they can get draws they can collect points with their goalkeeping options and their defensive pressure that’s not the problem. Goal scoring is there issue while they do have Roberto Inglese it’s just not enough. Their star man has 10 goals in the League this season which is a respectable amount especially for a relegation team. The problem is they cant compete. Even if he scores if you’re able to slow him down and have enough quality in your team to score more than they do you’re going to win. If they stay up they’re going to need to add a few more goal-scorers if they want it survive next season at the moment it’s looking bleak and a large part of that is because their attack isn’t very strong if you’re going to stay up in this league you need to score more goals then they have. Their best player scores a lot of big games but it just never seems to be enough. Not to mention they are likely to lose him in the summer because his performances haven’t gone unnoticed.

Dzeko & Schick Can play together

FC Torino v FC Internazionale - Serie A
Last night’s Victory proved something very important that Edin Dzeko and Patrik Schick can play together. Patrik Schick was brought in the summer to work with Edin Dzeko in Roma’s attack. Edin Dzeko was coming off a career year and with the absence of Mohamed Salah Schick was brought in to create a Strike force with the Bosnian. However things didn’t exactly go as planned for most of this season as they were barely played together as a cohesive unit but Patrick Schick dealt with injuries and lack of consistency. However with that being said the Czech Republic International has really started to find his place in this team. Despite Schick only having three goals this season he has scored in consecutive League games for the first time since hes been in the Roma colors. Last night they both scored proving and someone silencing the doubters that they can work together. Not only do they both score they both had good communication as Edin Dzeko acted as a leader for Roma’s young striker. Edin Dzeko can play at the level he has this season and Patrik Schick can improve these two can create a lethal Strike Force. For next season Patrik Schick can get some consistency this could be one of the most terrifying Partnerships in Italian football. as we have seen over the last few seasons Edin Dzeko is a scoring machine in three seasons with Roma he has scored 72 goals which currently puts him 12th on Roma’s all time scoring list. he remains hot having scored in four games in a row and Patrick Shake has scored in two of his last three games these two have now proven they can play together I’d like to see them play together on a more consistent basis because they will only improve both these guys are in great form and they will be my preferred Strikers to start against Liverpool in the Champions League semis.

Roma and Lazio to battle for Champions League football.

it is my firm belief Gonzalo Higuain ended Inter Milan’s chance of a Champions League place next season. The Milan Giants Now find themselves Four Points behind Roma and Lazio. For months this has been a three-team race for that much important automatic Champions League place. With Inter Milan’s 3-2 loss to Juventus it’s going to make it very difficult for them to make it back into the fold. however I believe this race for Champions League still may come down to the last game of the season. obviously Roma wanted to put in a great performance to keep momentum going into the Champions League semi-finals On Wednesday. this team wants that third spot it will continue to win because they know how much it means. after Roma’s European campaign this season seeing them make the semi-final of the Champions League that included one of the biggest comebacks in the history of the competition against Barcelona they will do whatever it takes to get back here. Both Roma and Lazio are equal on points with 70 but Roma do hold the advantage having won the head to head. Roma really only have one game in which they could drop points which is Juventus at home. Roma will win All the other games left this season. Lazio will play Inter on the final day which is there only opponent left that they could lose. both teams want this Champion league place is still possible without being third butt an automatic entrance to the competition is something both of these teams desire. Lazio wants this bad but Roma know what it means and finishing third would give Roma bragging rights to that team down the road and if Roma play like that the rest of the season there’s no reason why they can’t beat Lazio to the punch.

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