I Didn’t Realize How Much I Missed You Until I saw You Lineup on the Other Side #234


I have been a Roma fan since the 1996 Season I have supported this club for 20 Years this club is my life my family my everything. Over the years I have seen players leave managers depart and Ownership change as well as seeing players and coaches come in. Its just apart of the game sadly in a perfect world I’d love to of kept the big stars that have been pit stops at the Stadio Olimpico playing for Roma. It really doesn’t work that way in football this sport is a business and certain situations force clubs to sell their stars. As fans their are certain players we gravitate to. Roma fans embrace their stars its their identify of people in the city Football is their escape maybe even to a fault. This club as embraced Club legend’s Francesco Totti and Danielle De Rossi the pair of Roma captains spent their entire careers at Roma they identify with the people in the city because they are on of them true Romans. The fans in this city has always shared appreciation and love for Radja Nainggolan who a player that continuously refused to leave the Capital city. As well as Edin Dzeko, Mirilam Pjanic, Erick Lamela and someone by the name of Mouhamed Salah. What you never want to see is on of your own come back to haunt you on the biggest stage in the world. Mouhamed Salah did exactly that in the champions league Semi final first leg at Andfild scoring twice and assisting another two. Roma’s former #11 refused to celebrate any goal as he has far to much love and respect for Roma and the time he spent there. As his return to the Stadio Olimpico coming Wednesday in what will be an even more emotional night then the one at Anfild his story to the top of world football is powerful the king of Egypt has risen I didn’t miss him until I saw him lining up on the other side.



Chelsea Flop into Serie A sensation with Roma


After showing his skills playing in Switzerland and Egypt he was courted by two of the premier leagues biggest club during that time After showing his skills in Switzerland he was courted by two of the biggest Premier League clubs. Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea and Brendan Rodgers’s Liverpool after a big decision for the Egyptian to make ultimately chose to join Chelsea. According to Salah it was because of a timely phone call and conversation from then manager Jose Mourinho. However the Egyptian didn’t flourish the way he did at at Basel . He was barely given an opportunity to show what he’s capable of doing. In his first two seasons at Chelsea the only 19 appearances scoring two goals it wasn’t that he wasn’t good but he just wasn’t given enough of the chance to show what he could do. He was raw but had potential to do something a lack of opportunities led to him being sent on loan. In the 2014-2015 season he arrived in Serie A a place in a league that he would spend the next three seasons. He arrived in Florence in 2014 as he joined afc Fiorentina on loan as he got his first taste of Italian football. He’s finally was in a position to show the world what he could do. In his debut season and Italy for Fiorentina Salah start to show the potential he displayed while in Switzerland. At Fiorentina during that 2014 season he made 26 appearances for the viola scoring six goals in the league and 9 goals in all competitions. He was a massive part of a fourth-place finish for Fiorentina that included a trip to the Europa League semi-finals as the team from Florence top their group as they beat Tottenham Hotspur Roma and Kiev on the way to the semi-final where they lost to eventual Champions Sevilla. He drove the Viola to semi-finals of the Italian cup eliminating Roma in the process. Italian football was taken back by his incredible pace speed and intelligence as fans we felt he was a gift to Italy and now made sense why he was nicknamed the Egyptian Messi while he doesn’t operate on that level at least at the time there were similar characteristics between the two stars the league was gracious to have a player like him and that was evident during his first season. His loan ended there was a fair amount of controversy surrounding his exit from Fiorentina. There was an option to buy with his deal with the viola but the Egyptian International refused after getting interest Champions League Rivals as Roma.

The Following season he would join Rudi Garcia’s Roma a team that had finished second in the league in three straight seasons. He was a part of a trio of loan signings along with Man City Striker Edin Dzeko and Arsenal goalkeeper Szczęsny. Both the deals for Salah and Dzeko were to become permanent once certain targets were reached. After just a few months Salah and Dzeko became Roma players permanently. In his first season in Rome playing for Roma the Italy saw exactly who Chelsea paid for. He was a revelation and quickly became one of the best players in the entire league. In 42 appearances in his first season in the capital he scored 15 goals and added 12 assists. He had shown that he can deliver on both accounts. Roma season did not as go as well as they have liked though Rudi Garcia got the sack in January. The season turned around when a Roma hired old and new manager Luciano Spalletti who was a massive help for Salah. The arrivals of Stephan El Shaarawy and Diego Perotti ended up helping Mohamed Salah create more magic and more losses turned into victories. Roma went from 5th Place to 3rd drastically as they put on an incredible Run of form in the back half of the season to end the year and third place just two points out of second. Pjanic Salah and Radja Nainggolan prove to be an incredible unit. Late in the year Dzeko even started to play a lot better as he had struggled most of the year. A third-place finish was good enough to get themselves in the Champions League play-off. At the end of the season Mohamed Salah was named Roma’s player of the season he showed his incredible ability as his potential drastically increased he was slowly becoming one of the best players in the league he was developing into a world-class player Roma had a lot to do with that. We had no idea that’s the 2016/2017 season would be the last of the Egyptian king in Rome. Mohamed Salah would be a part of one of the best seasons and Roman history. Unfortunately the season started with Roma losing their best player Miralem Pjanic to arch rival Juventus. To make matters worse Roma crashed out in the Champions League play-off to Portuguese side FC Porto. However this would be one of the greatest seasons in Roma’s history. Edin Dzeko woke up as he scored 17 goals during the preseason and his link-up play with Mohamed Salah was excellent Roma had something special here. With El Shaarawy Diego Perotti Mohamed Salah and Edin Dzeko with Radja Nainggolan as well this was a team capable of anything. Mohamed Salah who was loved and adored by the fans played a large part in Edin Dzeko smashing Roma records all season. Roma Striker score 39 goals in all competitions smashing records set by Legends such as Francesco Totti he won the Golden Boot and was the top scorer in the Europa League. Mohamed Salah was a large part of that the way they played together was magic it was a shame that only lasted so long. An incredible season for Roma they broke records for the most away victories the most points with 87 the most goals scored by a single player as well as many more. In what would be Mohamed Salah’s final season at the Stadio Olimpico as well as his Mentor Totti’s last as well. Roma were Four Points short of winning the league. Made it to the Europa League round of 16 and the Italian cup semi-final. Mohamed Salah was just Next Level during that season in 42 appearances across all competitions the Egyptian king scored 19 goals and supplied 17 assist during that record-breaking season. He was proving to be one of the best players in the world even though this was not the belief of many Roma and Italian football knew what he was capable of what he’s done at Liverpool is not surprised any of us because we saw his developments he was a a gift to Italian football the ability was incredible. The fans loved him and to this day we still keep them close to our hearts. At the end of the season Radja Nainggolan ended up winning Roma’s player the season with his 15 goals but no one can underestimate the brilliance of Mohamed Salah during that season. In two seasons with Roma he scored 34 goals and dished out of 29 assist. We did not expect to lose him as quickly as we did even going into the summer it’s not something we thought would happen but that’s football. I think its now a known fact that Jose made a mistake my letting him go and Roma took advantage of his silliness even if it was just two years.

Transfer Saga and Explanation


Prior to the end of that season Roma hired transfer wizard Monchi from Sevilla who brought that club from the lower leagues in Spain up to La Liga winning 11 trophies during his reign. He Came with great expectation and with a plan to repeat what he did in Spain. After the season Spalletti let his contract expire to join Inter Milan in which Monchi hired Eusebio di Francesco as a replacement who turned out to be undoubtedly the right man for this job. I could talk all day about the goings-on at this club but this is about Mohamed Salah. There is a giant misconception from fans about the pricing and the sale of Mohamed Salah to Liverpool. During that summer Roma needed money they were mutually forced to sell him. They almost didn’t have a choice there are speculations and rumors that Mohamed Salah asked to leave do not believe everything you read those claims were completely false. Mohamed Salah was gracious and glad to join Liverpool and from what I see is very happy at anfield but it was not requested by the Winger to leave. Roma were in a very sticky situation a lot of their players all of a sudden were in the market. Not to say everybody was available but Roma were willing to listen to offers based on the situation they found themselves in.  Roma and Liverpool fought over a price for weeks on end. The Egyptian king had already agreed on personal terms but Roma in Liverpool were debating over a price. Here’s where the misconception comes in Roma did not want to sell for the amount that they did Roma knew the potential and how good he was going to be as the number one option. We seen him score and score and score at Liverpool he is turned into a goal scoring machine and is one of the favorites to win World footballer of the year. It is not a different player he has improved under Jürgen Klopp side with the player not different his potential is not different a lot of things are quite the same. His potential was largely developed in Rome but the reason he wasn’t scoring like this In Italy was because at Roma he was not the number one option. Last season Dzeko was a goal scoring machine there was not a way in which Mohamed Salah could be the number one option based on the way the Bosnian was playing. However Roma knew his value approximately we knew that his value was probably around 70 to 80 million during that time obviously it’s much higher now probably between a 100 million to 150 million is probably his value maybe even more. However during that time his value was about 70 to 80 million based on what Roman new about him and based on what was seen. The rest of the world was oblivious to it though they didn’t see his greatness in the same light. That is where the problem came in Roma couldn’t openly ask for 70 million because no one would have paid it they were in an unfortunate position where they would they would have to sell at a discounted price. The two sides ended up agreeing on a deal that with add-ons reaches about 50 million. Which sounds like a good deal of business but it wasn’t based on how he has performed this season but Roma is not at fault for that because they were not in a position to ask for what he was worth. Mohamed Salah sale did help Roma upgrade in several areas including defense their defensive efficiency has massively increased. While goals are not coming as frequent as often Roma were also able to grab a player who can develop into that star  the Turkish youngster Cengiz Under has proven that he’s capable of being a star in this league it will take some time to develop because his talent is very raw but in the future he will be a star. Liverpool got the better deal but Roma also sold Antonio Rudiger and Leo Paredes but this is Less of Us storyline. A small part of this deal has to do with the fact that Radja Nainggolan expressed great loyalty to Roma refusing to leave. Would Roma have cash in I don’t know but during that time he was worth in the transfer market more than Mohamed Salah so if he was sold instead it is possible that the deal never would have happened because it would have solved money problems. However if you asked me today I would have not taken that deal because Nainggolan is a fan favorite and his Express loyalties an emotional connection to Roma that Francesco Totti expressed he is one of the most loyal players we have seen come through and his refusal to leave I would have been more crushed if he had left instead. Mohamed Salah is missed at Roma relationship with the fans in that city is Unbreakable every time something great having a Liverpool the Roma Twitter account tweeted at him with positivity we have an unbreakable Bond it will never be broken and maybe one day he’ll come back at the end of his career but I am so happy and glad he has done so well and that is genuine.The transfer business done was  out of our control and we didn’t have a choice that part of this story is left out now you know so before you make some joke about how Liverpool completed a daylight robbery remember that it was not in Rome was control they got what they could have got at the current time.


Emotions Ahead of His Return to the Olimpico 

In the present time Mohamed Salah will be making a return to the Stadio Olimpico tomorrow night in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final. I’ve taken this moment to reflect. During the first leg emotions came over me for most of the season of course I missed him not being at Roma during the season but during the season it doesn’t  really feel it you don’t feel the realness because you’re so focused on doing well. I didn’t realize my emotional feelings about this until I saw him. While I saw him playing in the Premier League for Liverpool  doing really well emotionally it didn’t affect me. However when I saw him lineup on the opposite side against Roma then it became real. Liverpool have put together one of their best Champions League campaigns over the last 10 years. Then Roma put their best Champions League season since 1984. Since the champions leagues started Roma had never been to a semifinal. Throughout this campaign Roma has been underestimated and while this article is not about Roma this is important to say. against Shakhtar Donetsk Roma overturned a 2-1 deficit in the first leg. Then in the quarterfinals against Barcelona we saw one of the greatest comeback in champions league history at 4-1 down Roma overturned it to advance the Semis beating them 3-0 at the Stadio Olimpico. Mohamed Salah was one of my favorite players that have come to Roma from the jump I loved this guy. I was so grateful that he come to us he is so respectful towards this club and referred to Roma as “No club in the world quite like it its special”. When I saw him line up on the other side in the first leg against Liverpool at anfield I shed a tear. When he scored against us I felt so emotional he refused to celebrate any of the goals scored including his own. Not only that but based on his reaction that man was ashamed of his goals he did not want to do this to Roma. To this day Salah is still a big supporter of Roma It is his favorite Club other than his own. The picture apologetically putting his hands up tells a thousand words He looks guilty ashamed upset miserable anything you name it. Almost like how could I do this to my brothers. Mohamed Salah still talks two many of his Roma teammates in his very close with several members of the squad including Edin Dzeko and Kostas Manolas. Over the full game I realized how much I miss Salah. I’m not afraid to admit since the first leg I have spent hours watching old Roma highlights of him I didn’t realized how much I miss him until I saw him on the other side. It was very emotional feeling for me personally because of how much I love this guy it’s sort of felt like the feeling you get when someone breaks up with you or a family member dies it took me on a rollercoaster of emotions and I’m still feeling emotional about it. When he returns to Rome my emotions will going in overdrive the emotional feeling that I feel right now will in the multiply when I see him again. This is how much Roma love and care about him all these supporters all his teammates the bond we have with him is Unbreakable I will forever remember those two years he spent lighting up the Stadio Olimpico. Mohamed Salah thank you for everything you’ve done and the respect you have shown to my club it will be so real when we see you at the Stadio Olimpico on the other side but win loss or Draw you are one of us.


The Raw Potential and Development 



The Final Product and Ballon D’or Candidate 













































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