Champions League Semi Final Roma vs Liverpool #235

ROma Li

Salah Returns to the Stadio Olimpico for the second leg of the champions league Semi Final with a place in Keiv at Stake. Liverpool currently hold a 5-2 advantage meaning Roma need a 3-0 win at the Stadio Olimpico to advance to the final Sound familiar history will need to be made again. Roma are coming off a very convincing 4-1 win at home against Cheivo as they come into this game with great confidence. It will take everything they got to over turn this deficit epsically against this Liverpool team they are a different Animal. In What will  be a special night as Roma try to do the impossible once again against an Old Friend as Salah returns to Rome for the first time a place in Keiv at Stage where one of these team’s will meet Back to Back Champions Real Madrid.      





That’s right Roma will have to make history again what they did in the quarterfinals against Barcelona will have to be repeated. It is a daunting task but there’s no reason to believe they cannot do it. It will take everything out of them to pull this off and certain changes and adjustments must be made for Roma to pull this off. Much like Barcelona nobody gives them a chance despite Roma having done this before most people feel the climb is too big this time around. I completely understand that point of view but as I have learned during this competition it’s a dangerous thing to do that to a team like this the second you count them out they can create Magic. Unfortunately for Roma two of their most important players will be unable to play due to injuries. Diego Perotti and Kevin Strootman will be sidelined. This could be very costly for the Italians Diego Perotti in the 20 minutes he played during the first leg was someone that Liverpool struggled to deal with he was a threat and a large part of Roma getting a few goals back in the end having scored the late penalty to give Roma just a glimmer of hope. Eusebio di Francesco was criticized for playing too high up during the first leg this is a mistake he will not make twice. It is highly likely according to several Outlets that Di Francesco will go with his preferred 4-3-3 formation. Roma have three goals to makeup they must attack this may be their downfall and playing this way might give Liverpool a chance to kill it off but Roma has no choice but to play attacking football. I think this also calls for some unusual changes to be made. Roma are coming off one of their most impressive performances of the season all the glaring errors made by Roma were eliminated. Obviously Liverpool are a much tougher team then what they faced on the weekend but none the less because of their weekend performance. I think it’s highly likely that Roma will play Edin Dzeko and Patrik Schick together in their attack and I’d say Stephan El Shaarawy I would keep the front three exactly how it was on the weekend. I think Roma Turkish kid Cengiz Under will play a big role Off the Bench but I think Roma should go with experience to start. With the absence of Kevin Strootman in Roma’s Midfield Roma will likely call upon Lorenzo Pellegrini the young Italian is capable of putting in some really great performances as it had shown the last few games in the league. He has stepped in for certain players and played well. Roma’s back for should be the usual we see in this formation. Roma can pull this off but they’re going to have to attack and attack with numbers they’re going to have to do whatever they possibly can do to limit mistakes. This may cause them to lose but at this point they have to risk it. The key player for Roma in this match will be none other than Edin Dzeko he has scored in four consecutive Champions League games and has broken the 20-goal Mark in all competitions. if Roma have any chance at this Edin Dzeko needs to get things going he needs to find the back of the net at least once if he can get Roma an early goal then maybe just maybe history can be repeated.



Liverpool find themselves in a great position despite the late collapse Liverpool dominated the entire duration of the first leg at anfield other than the first 20 minutes they were killers. It was domination at its finest which is why they need to do anything they can to repeat that performance just one goal can kill this off and secure their spot in the final in which they will play Real Madrid. This game is mental they need to not underestimate Roma if they treat this as a win already they could collapse it would not be the first time. However given the situation Liverpool have to like where they are. All they really have to do is score once or hold off a comeback they are in a position where they can still lose an advance that is the only way they have given themselves. Like I said last week This Liverpool team is a different animal I don’t believe they’re better than Real Madrid but I believe it will be really difficult for them to throw away the lead the currently have. The front 3 is lethal as it showed in the first game as they were responsible for all five goals that Liverpool scored. That’s quite simple they just have to make sure their defense does not collapse and their Midfield can handle what is going to be throwing their Direction I think it’s unfair to say the tie is already over because as it proves this Roma team doesn’t quit. However I find it hard to believe with the attack that they have they will be shut out it is the tallest of tasks Liverpool just need one goal and I believe they can get it. This will be a very emotional day for Mohamed Salah who returns against his former team a team that helped him develop into the Superstar he is today. As we saw last week in his reaction after scoring his refusal to celebrate and his emotional status on his face he left part of his heart in Rome a club is still probably considers home. Despite all that he is My key Liverpool player in this match he will be up for the challenge and he will not celebrate if he scores he will not let the emotion of the day stop him from leading his team to the Champions League final this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many players he’ll be ready and willing to do what it takes. Mohamed Salah will be the big difference maker in this game.


Bottom line

History will have to repeat itself for Roma to come out of this alive. It will be incredibly difficult given what is in front of them at the moment Liverpool are a better team than Barcelona. A lack of focus could derail them they need to treat this game that they are on the verge of being knocked out. As we have seen under estimating Roma can be a dangerous game and Liverpool very much don’t want to fall victim to it. The challenge is going to be the Stadio Olimpico Atletico Madrid Chelsea Qarabağ Shakhtar Donetsk and Barcelona have all made trips to the Stadio Olimpico many of them as favorites. Not one of them has scored not one of them has been Victorious. Make no mistake Roma are the best home team in this competition they don’t leak goals. Liverpool will have to break that streak it is my opinion that Roma will go guns blazing to get back into this it can be done because they have proved it during this very competition. I believe a goal is required from Liverpool to come away as winners. Roma has a mountain to climb but they’ve had a mountain to climb against Barcelona and they came out on top of it. In every stage of this  competition Roma have lost the away leg and clawed it back at home. They have shown they can get results on their pitch. In actuality this will be as difficult As It Gets in Mohamed Salah’s return to the Stadio Olimpico he’s a player who scored many goals here. He’s he’s only one part of the equation Liverpool’s attack is going to be a problem I believe they can get the necessary goals to advance. However I don’t believe Liverpool will win the game I believe Roma will win it but not by the amount that is necessary. But Roma will not concede to the fact but they’re not going to advance this Roma team will give everything that has to pull off a miracle once again as unlikely as it might be it can be done.



Roma’s Projected starting 11 4-3-3
GK: Alisson Becker
DEF: Alex Kolarov, Federico Fazio, Kostas Manolas, Alexandro Florenzi
DEF: Danielle De Rossi, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Radja Nainggolan
Front Three: Stephen El Shaarawy, Patrik Schick , Edin Dzeko
Manager: Eusebio Di Francesco

Liverpools’s Projected starting 11 4-3-3
GK: Karius
DEF: Arnold , Lovern, Van Diik, Robertson
MID: Milner, Wijnaldum, Henderson
Front Three: Salah, Firmino,Mane
Manager: Jürgen Klopp


Key Players

Roma’s Edin Dzeko and Liverpool’s Mouhamed Salah


Date: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
Venue: Stadio Olimpico,Rome
Kickoff: 1:45PM (USA) 7:45PM (ENG), 8:45PM (ITA)
TV Broadcast: Sky Itaila,ESPN

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