Roma vs Liverpool 5 talking points (Part 2) #237

After Roma fell to Liverpool 5-2 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals. Roma were on the brink of History again as they fought back to only fall a goal short of forcing extra time and a game that I believe they would have lost in the extra period. Liverpool became the first team to score against Roma at the stadio olimpico in the Champions League but Liverpool got blown away. Roma dominated much of the game as a 4-2 score line You could argue could have been a lot worse than it was. Roma had 2 stone wall penalties denied that could of sent them to the Champions League final. However it was not meant to be as outrage for VAR in the Champions League is Revisited. Dzeko & Radja Nainggolan lead Roma to the verge of History but the Romans ran out of time as they cap off on a historic and incredible Champions League campaign that they should all be proud of. Liverpool advances to the Champions League final as they will face Real Madrid in the Ukraine. An unfortunate way to be eliminated as Roma were so close but yet so far.

Roma’s best Champions League campaign since 1983


Roma ended up falling one goal short of the ultimate miracle. Despite that this was the one of the most magical Champions League campaigns the Roma supporters have ever experienced. Roma got much farther than anyone expected and throughout this entire competition they never gave up they never wavered they gave their all until the very end. They were underestimated throughout this entire competition. In fact in their 12 games on the way to the semi-final they were only favored in only two of them Qarabağ home and away. As they had the reputation for the best home form in the Champions League. In nine home games Roma were undefeated and only conceded two goals. No one truly believe in this team but they believe in themselves and that is why they’ve gotten as far as they did. Roma ended up in the group of death with two-time Champions League semi-final list Atletico Madrid and the reigning Premier League champions Chelsea. As well as Qarabağ it was the belief of most Atletico Madrid and Chelsea would go through. Roma not only competed they beat Chelsea they drew with Chelsea away and beat them at home and they got a points off Atletico Madrid. They overcame the odds and actually won the group something and no one expected. In the round of 16 they faced a very Lively and strong Shakhtar Donetsk the Ukrainian champions. They were not expected to beat them either a lot of people thought Shakhtar was the better team and would go through. After losing the home leg 2-1 they clawed it back in a second leg to advance to the quarterfinals. That’s when the magic happened Roma drew Barcelona in the quarterfinals and went on to lose the first leg 4-1 one meaning a 3-0 home win would be required to advance to the semi-finals. Roma shock the world because that’s exactly what they did to pull off one of the greatest come backs in Champions league history on of the best European nights Roma have ever experienced. Then in the semi-finals they draw Mouhamed Salah’s Liverpool they lost to Liverpool 5:2. Once again a dramatic historical comeback would be required unfortunately despite defeating Liverpool at home 4-2 they fell one goal short of a another historical moment. This is one of the best campaigns that Roma have ever been a part of. Its a Roman belief that you never give up, They believed they could do the impossible and the one thing about this team is they never gave up and they made everyone involved with this club proud. Roma Lost Mohamed Salah and still was able to make the semi-final. Roma should be extremely proud of what they accomplished Eusebio Di Francesco has this team playing great football he played a big role in this incredible champions league season. This team is not a fluke this team will be back.

VAR Needs to be introduced In the Champions League It is a MUST


There is no question that the VAR must be a part of the Champions League next season this has cost many teams throughout this competition. Roma has fallen victim to it on numerous occasions. Including twice last night which could of actually reversed the result. If a VAR was operational yesterday it is possible that Roma will be heading to the Champions League final that is how costly this has been during this competition. I am not saying that the game was robbed Liverpool are worthy of their place in Kiev at the end of the month but that is not excuse the fact that VAR has cost Roma in this Champions League. It was more clear than ever yesterday Roma had two Stonewall penalties denied there is not a way where you can look at those two calls and not give penalties. On the first one edin dzeko is tripped and the Box by Liverpool’s goalkeeper what was ruled offsides on the replay it it showed that he was on side that would have been a penalty and a RED card. Then later we saw one of the most obvious penalties of modern time. Stephan El Shaarawy hit the ball inside the Box in which his shot was blocked by Liverpool Defender Arnold. On the replay it shows his hand have complete contact with the ball but once again there was no call. Also Liverpool second goal was probably offsides and in the first leg one of their goals that was offsides if VAR was operationable it could have completely changed the game. If you want to go back even further against Barcelona dzeko was tripped in the box and absolute penalty was denied. In the same game Pellegrini gets taken down in the Box was denied. It’s not just Roma either in man City’s quarter-final second leg against Liverpool they had two goals that were wiped off which in have been goals. Again completely could change the outcome of that game as well. Another quarter final game Juventus and Real Madrid with that was a real Madrid which may or may not have been a penalty no review Real Madrid have given a penalty Ronaldo scored causing Juve to get knocked out Real Advance. These things are happening throughout the entire season. Being a referee is it difficult job VAR can make it a lot easier it really doesn’t make any sense to me why we don’t have it in the Champions League this is the biggest Club competition in the world’s we cannot have mistakes like this next year. VAR has its issues sometimes it takes too long to review sometimes they still get it wrong but it’s better to have it then not as it was proven during this competition. Had Roma had two calls in this game would it have changed the outcome Maybe it’s possible I’m not going to say Roma deserved to be in the final more of the Liverpool but those calls completely change the game. El shaarawy’s call was clear as day we need to be Var in the Champions League and it’s been proven over the course of this entire competition.

Liverpool did Just enough

Liverpool drastically under performed during their second leg against Roma at the stadio olimpico. Luckily for them they have a three-goal Advantage going into the game. Despite some of the glaring issues that were displayed they did what was required to advance. The olimpico has been a fortress for Roma during the Champions League going into the game they had not conceded any goals. Proving to be one of the best home sides in the competition that still proves to be true but Liverpool was the first team score against them at home this season. Roma did manage to keep Mohamed Salah quiet throughout but Liverpool still found a way to get the away goals necessary to give them the advantage. Without the away goals Liverpool would have blown the lead and be going home. Those two goals proved to have incredible importance. Because of their willingness to get those most important goals despite losing they find themselves in the Champions League final for the first time since 2005 . They have now an opportunity to win their sixth Champions League trophy and put an end to the trophy drought they currently have. Dominated the entire game but took advantages of their chances seem to be the overwhelming difference. And those sort of moments will be important against the back-to-back European Champions Real Madrid who will give them a daunting task. If they can take advantage of their chances and maybe they have a chance because like I said Liverpool’s attack had a relatively quiet game. It was hugely important without those goals Liverpool would have gone home they were crucial.

Edin Dzeko is one of the best strikers in the world

Edin dzeko has proven to be one of the best strikers in Europe. He has proven this again and again throughout this season. He might not have the stats the Edinson Cavani has or Sergio Aguero or Robert Lewandowski. However there is no question that Edin Dzeko is one of the best strikers in the world. He has proven to be able to perform at this level again and again. You could make an argument that he’s been the best player in the Champions League this season outside of Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah. He has been a very crucial part in Roma Champions League campaign he has scored crucial goals throughout the season in the league and in Europe. He only has 24 goals in his name but during The Knockout stages of this tournament everything he touched turned to gold. During this year’s Champion’s League he scored eight goals in 12 games. Including five consecutive knockout stage goals as he scored the winning goal against shakhtar Donetsk a vital away goal against Barcelona and two away goals against Liverpool. He has proven time and time again that he is one of the best in the world. This was probably his best Champions League campaign he’s ever had. He possibly could have the goal of the Champions League with his thrilling volley against Chelsea during the group stages. Roma really have a robbed the bank with his arrival from Man City 3 years ago for 8 million. In 3 years at Roma he currently ranks 12th on their all-time scoring list with 74 goals. He had a very disappointing first season but since then he has been nothing short of world-class. Nearing his mid-thirties he still delivers both in Europe and in the league and this year’s Champion’s League season he’s been one of the best and one of the most important for Roma.

Liverpool’s defensive liability

Liverpool are ecstatic about reaching another Champions League final as they waited a long time for this moment. While you can make an argument that Liverpool can beat anyone on their day and they certainly can. With their incredible attack with Mohamed Salah sadio Mane and Bobby Firminho. They have created the most dangerous attack in the world football as they set Champions League record for most goals in a campaign with 46. They are dangerous as it gets they are a different kind of animal but every animal has its weaknesses Liverpool are no different. As great as they are and they thoroughly deserve to go through over the two legs last night’s performance was a little bit concerning. It was proven that despite their improvements a large part to do with their addition of Virgil Van dijk. Defensively they are still a liability Roma’s attack ripped through their defense with no problem whatsoever this is going to be a big problem when Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid meet up with them in the Final. The problem is the defensive mistakes have to be completely eliminated. Although I like their goalkeeper I don’t think their backline is strong enough there’s no question about it that they have the ability to win the Champions League. But had no issues dealing with through that defense.Roma have a great Midfield and are very strong in attack but Real Madrid’s is better. If Liverpool make any sort of defensive mistakes Real Madrid will punish them if they give Ronaldo just one chance he will bury it. Which put makes this an interesting situation because they have to make sure that the defence is as strong as possible that might mean they have to experiment and that could be a dangerous thing to do. Their attack isn’t going to let them down their Midfield probably won’t let them down either although it’s not the strongest their defense cannot make mistakes because Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid will make them pay for it and personally that will be their downfall in the Champions League final.

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