Strong Roma Performance Not Enough to Delay a Historic Title for Juventus #242

Score: Roma 0 Juventus 0FT


Stadio Olompico, Rome

Prior to Roma’s biggest game of the season today it has been a very interesting 24 hours in Italian football. Yesterday afternoon 5th Place Inter Milan lost to Sassuolo at the San Siro. In doing so they gifted Roma Champions League football next season the Romans now will finish fourth as a worst-case scenario. Then in this morning’s game Roma’s Derby Rivals Lazio drew to Crotone. Which gives Inter an opportunity to still get Champions League football as they play Lazio on the last game of the season. Very interesting things have just blown up overnight as the season is coming to a close things have just gotten very exciteing. Roma go into this much important game having won their last four matches as they find themselves in terrific form over the last month. Eusebio di Francesco and his Roma side very much would like to pick up a big victory in Roma’s last home game of the season. They open the doors to the stadio olimpico to defending champions Juventus who can wrap up the title with points tonight. Over their last two meetings at the stadio olimpico Roma have won both of them so despite what’s on the line for Juventus Roma will be very much up for it. I’ve often referred to this match as Italy’s El Clasico some word play off of the El Clasico match in Spain between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The reason is quite simple Roma and Juventus are not necessarily Derby rivals but these teams do not like each other one bit it still is a very tense rivalry and I expect a very tense atmosphere. In their first match of the season between these two teams Juventus pulled a narrow 1-0 victory. A match but at times you could say was a bit lucky for Juventus. Regardless these two teams have a lot on the line Juventus can win the title and roma can guarantee third with a win here this game is no joke this is the match both these teams look forward to and I expect to see an absolutely thrilling match of football. We saw a very competitive first half with Roma and Juventus battling it out it was a scoreless first half but several chances for Roma as they looked like the far superior team and exceptional performance from Gialorssi superb Juventus defending proved to be the difference in the opening 45 minutes. Roma were in attack mode for the majority of match up to that point having done an exceptional job of creating opportunities to score but at the end of the half it was still scoreless. In the second half it continue to be aggressive from both teams there wasn’t a high volume of shots but a vastly competitive game. Juventus put themselves in a little better attacking positions but much like the first half Roma did look like the better team going forward. However Radja Nainggolan red card took Roma’s momentum away as Juventus held off and incredibly tough Roma side to claim their seventh straight Scudetto. A historical achievement for one of the best teams in Italian football history who was thoroughly have deserved the league title. While Roma get a hard-fought point to create separation from their Champions League competitors. In their final match of this season at the Stadio Olimpico.

Eusebio di Francesco and Roma remain in their 4-3-3 formation with several adjustments being made within his team. A changes needed to be made due to injuries. In goal between the sticks as usual would be Brazil’s number one Alison Becker who has accumulated 21 clean sheets in all competitions including 16 in the league which he currently ranks second in Italy. Roma’s back 4 would look a little different after hearing news that Manolas would be out for the remainder of the season. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Juan Jesus and Federico Fazio. Then to fill out the defense at right back would be Alexandro Florenzi. In Roma’s three-man Midfield would be Roma Captain Daniele De Rossi in the center on his right would be Roma’s talented youngster Lorenzo Pellegrini then to the left would be Roma’s world-class of Belgian Radja Nainggolan as always a very strong midfield for Roma. Then in Romans attack would be Stephan El Shaarawy on the left wing on the right wing would be Roma’s Turkish youngster Cengiz Under who has been a revelation during the second half of the season. Then up front as the main Striker the red hot Edin Dzeko who has scored and 5 out of his last 7 games. Then as always Roma would come out with a strong with the likes of Gerson Patrik Schick and Rick Karsdorp who has just recovered from his injury.

This has been one of the most anticipated games in recent weeks a big game between two big teams with implications on both sides. It was time after preparations predictions and speculations we were just about to kick off in Rome. In front a fantastic atmosphere at the Stadio Olimpico with loud and passionate fans from the city as well as the ones that flew in from Turin. Enough talk and it was about to get under way. Out of the gate there was no clear team in-control but in the opening few minutes Roma looked very good the Midfield strung together some really good movement from side to side. There weren’t a lot of chances right away it took awhile for it to open up a little bit there was a lot of attacking play from Roma though. Eventually just prior to the 10th minute Juventus made a defensive mistake as Lorenzo Pellegrini took the ball in Juventus’s attacking area supplying a great run on the break he supplied it Edin Dzeko. Dzeko took a shot but missed wide largely because it was on his weak foot so couldn’t get a really the power and accuracy he usually gets. It was a great opening chance for Roma and it only continued. Collectively as a unit Roma played really well in the first half their entire team was moving up in an attacking way. Roma’s entire Midfield was doing such a great job pressurizing Juventus. Just a few minutes later Radja Nainggolan stripped Pjanic of the ball creating another break with Edin Dzeko and Radja moving in numbers. The Belgian decided to go for a deep strike from outside the box instead of laying it off to Edin Dzeko. He missed Over the Bar however from those distances he has converted on them many times. However I understand Edin Dzeko frustration as he was in a spot that would have been a higher percentage shot. It was seemingly all Roma in the first half they controlled possession and control the game. However it’s wasn’t that Juve was playing bad because defensively they were doing an excellent job but they struggled to get their attack going early. Roma looked particularly dangerous on both wings. Roma’s youngster Under was showing incredible speed and toughness against Alex Sandro it was a very enjoyable one as under was proving that he can play top-notch football against the champions. There were some opportunities but not a lot of clear shots a lot shots blocked throughout it as the defenses of both teams weren’t letting them get anything easy. Near the 30th minute Roma had another chance after several chances that orchestrated Inside the Box under made intelligent pass to Lorenzo Pellegrini who was just inside the Box. Pellegrini took a high percentage shot with his ball just missing by inches. A very good shot from Pellegrini he’s proven in this game to be able to make intelligent passes and shot which is why I like the look. It wasn’t that Roma were in domination mode but they seem to have some control in this very tense battle. There was a lot a physical play it’s really intensified as the game continues to go on. A little later Juventus finally got a chance as Pablo Dybala took a very ambitious strike that just was slightly wide did Allison’s goal. A very scary attempt from Juventus. A few minutes later Federico Fazio had his header saved coming off a corner not a legitimate attempt as the defender was just trying to get his head to the ball. Then near The Bitter End of the first half Alex Kolarov took a sharp free kick from outside the box really well taken but his shot hit the outside of the net. As Time expired in the first half with a scoreless 0-0 draw.

Lorenzo Pellagrini takes a shot in the first half a superb performance from Roma’s young talent.

Despite the 0-0 score line Roma played a tremendously tough opening 45 minutes a game they quite easily Could Have lead due to a few opening chances missed. As expected Juventus was extremely tough defensively despite not creating a lot of chances they held their line firm. Knowing what’s at stake knowing it just takes a point for the league title to be confirmed Juventus very much tightened up defensively as they do not want to delay their celebrations. The majority of the second half there were not be a lot of chances flowing between each other the game still was very entertaining. To a certain extent it was a physical battle between two of Italy’s best teams this season. Physical play we saw was almost required in this game. The speed and pace of Under was something that Alex Sandro finding very difficult to deal with under had a chance in the opening parts of the second half but the Juventus Defender went with the foul as Sandro saw it and be smart play Given the mismatch advantage that Under has. There would be a fair few plays like that from both teams. For the large part of the second half there werent many more shots. However Roma still seem to have the momentum going forward and looked dangerous in many situations. Lorenzo Pellegrini had another great chance a few minutes later as his header was saved By sczesny the kid was playing out his mind. That was about to end through as Roma’s best player Radja Nainggolan got pair of yellow cards. He was the catalyst in the Roma Midfield throughout the game. Foolish play from the Belgian as his season comes to an end. Despite the numbers gone down I believe he still was one of the best players this season ending the year with six goals and 13 assists a very good campaign but he will miss the finale next week after seeing red. Unfortunately for Roma it took the energy and momentum away and mutually forced them to take off the man of the match to build a more structured defensive Midfield now that they were down to 10 men. Lorenzo Pellegrini came off after a man-of-the-match performance as he was replaced by Maxine gonalons. Despite having the advantage Juventus wasn’t really taking advantage of it as a Douglas Costa hit a attempt High over Allison’s goal. Roma would then make their second change of a game as Patrik Schick came on for Cengiz Under. Despite not scoring a great game by The Turk who did a great job on Alex Sandro quite simply put he couldn’t deal with the Turk. Another substitution followed with Kevin Strootmon Back from injury replacing Roma captain Danielle De Rossi. Over the last portion of the game Juventus really was doing well they could to just hold out just a point would be enough to secure the title. Juventus played really passive wasn’t attacking at all doing what they could to hold off a final Roma attack but it was too little too late as the referee blew his whistle in what was another historic season from the old lady. Securing Juventus seventh-straight scudetto. Juventus players and fans burst into celebration as Roma had to watch them lift the trophy on their own ground. While Di Francesco and his players did a lap around the stadium applauding the fans for their support this season. A painful thing to watch from the Roma perspective but the Romans learned a lot from Juventus in this game. Roma now are unbeaten and the three straight games against Juventus at the stadium as we say goodbye to the Stadio Olimpico for the final time this season.

Roma Players Thank Supporters after the Team’s final home game of the season.


Roma did everything they could to hold off a Juventus title celebration on their own pitch. Roma showed great quality in this match that warrants the notion that this process will turn them into contenders they are coming but it just wasn’t their time yet. As Juventus are Crowned champions on a historic night in Rome winning their seventh consecutive Scudetto. In my opinion arguably the greatest Italian team we have seen. Despite heroic challenges from Napoli there was only going to be one winner as much as I personally don’t like them they have deserved this achievement they battled and battled through adversity but in the end the old lady was just too much as they are champions once again and what could be Max Allegri last season in charge. As far as the game goes it was a very competitive very tense atmosphere and performance from both teams. Despite no goals on the score sheet and a very minimal amount of shots it was a thrilling match couldn’t take your eyes off. It was just one of those games no goals found the back of the net but this game had everything you’d want it was great intensity in front of an excellent atmosphere a fantastic 90 minutes of football. Roma did a lot of good things in this match in fact this result could have been different if they were able to take advantage of the mistakes Juventus made early in the game. Dzeko Nainggolan and Lorenzo Pellegrini all three had some pretty high percentage looks in the opening half I believe if they were taken better advantage of some of them Roma could have won this game and delayed the celebration. The Romans defense played excellent especially in the second half I was really impressed what the way they pushed up the field creating I strong back line. Despite not being my man of the match I thought the Turkish youngster wounder was exceptional he has just got this lightning quick pace he was an absolute nightmare for Alex Sandro the battle between the two was incredibly gripping to watch. Unfortunately for Roma the engine was kind of taken out when radja nainggolan was sent off. Despite that a really good performance from Roma who shut out the best team in this league. The man of the match goes to Lorenzo Pellegrini who I believe has the ability to be a full-time starter next season. There’s so many times in the game where you looked at him and watchex the way he played and you were taking back about how good he actually is. I think he’s had a tremendously successful debut season. Despite only three goals this season when he is played he has been a standout performer. The boy hood Roman has had an excellent campaign. In this game he was making incredibly intelligent plays making smart passes taking the right shots putting the ball in the right situations he played with the mental and physical intelligence of someone much older incredible knowledge and intelligence for someone in their early twenties he is going to be a massive part of this team next season. Today he was just incredible he proved every bit that he is earned to have a starting position on this team. With this draw it takes Roma to 74 points With Champions League already wrapped up they now can secure their place next week as only a draw will be required against Sassuolo a game that they are highly likely to win. It’s unfortunate that Juventus is going to lift the trophy in their Stadium but Eusebio Di Francesco and his Roma team have by all accounts proved that they are coming.


Man of The Match: Lorenzo Pellagrini (4)

Next Match: @ Sassuolo, Sunday May 20th,2018 
A.S Roma
Shots: 9
On Target: 2
Possession: 47%
Passes: 504
Pass Accuracy: 86%
Shots: 7
On Target: 0
Possession: 53%
Passes: 574
Pass Accuracy: 89%

Top Of the Table
1. Juventus 29-5-3 92Points CHAMPIONS/ Champions League 
2.S.S Napoli 27-7-2 88 Points (Champions League)
3. A.S Roma 22-7-7 74 Points (Champions League) 
4. S.S Lazio 21-9-7 72Points (Champions League up for Grabs)
5. Inter Milan 19-12-5 69Points (Champions League up for Grabs)
Bottom Of the Table
16.  Cagliari 11-4-22 36Points
17. SPAL 7-14-16 35Points
18. FC Crotone 9-8-20 35 Points 
19. Verona 7-4-25 25Points (Relegated)
20. Benevento 5-3-27 18Points (Relegated)

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