Champions League Final Preview Real Madrid vs Liverpool #251

The Champions League final is Among Us with two historic clubs going head-to-head on what will be an extraordinary night in the Ukraine. History can be made on one side while relevance can be signified on the other. Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo are on verge of capturing their third consecutive Champions League trophy as the Madrid giants look for their fourth trophy in 5 years. Cristiano Ronaldo has been a machine as he has scored in near the every game during this Champions League campaign. Real Madrid got through PSG and Neymar last year’s semi-finalists Juventus and German Champions Bayern Munich on the way to their third straight final as Cristiano Ronaldo looks to capture yet another world football player of the year award.. Meanwhile on the other side Jurgen klopp and Liverpool who are drastically close to be coming a force in European football once again. It hasn’t been more than 10 years since their last final in 2004 this team has gone through a lot in the last decade but we are getting a taste of what this team can do going forward. This team is led by Mohamed Salah potentially is Ronaldo’s biggest threat on his hopes of retaining the Ballon D’Or. Liverpool beat Porto Premier League champions and record holders Manchester City and controversially beat Roma on their way to this amazing European night. The winner of this game will likely determine who wins the Ballon d’Or as Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah are heavy favorites.This is the biggest Club match in the world with everything at stake between two historical teams looking to write their own history.

Real Madrid

The Los Blancos Club are the greatest team in the history of the Champions League have have won more times than any other club. Including this Real Madrid team who have won it 4 out of The Last 5 Years as well as becoming the first team to win back-to-back in champions leagues. They are the favorites and rightly so they know how to win this competition. Since Zinedine Zidane took over at Real Madrid in 2016 I have won it every year. Real Madrid are going for their third in a row which would even further enhance the claim that they are the greatest Champions League team of all time. Real Madrid are not perfect they really struggled to get things going into the league and result had to watch Barcelona run the table this year but in Europe they have been a different type of team one that can beat anyone on any day. Once again Cristiano Ronaldo has lit up this competition he has 15 goals during this campaign. In doing so set a record for the most consecutive games for the goal in the competition history. They’re not perfect but in Europe they just are next level they know this competition very well and have all the belief in the world that they will win it having been here before is it an advantage. Real Madrid are seasond veterans and have have a advantage in nearly every area. They are two-time defending champions for a reason and from their point of you they should not be threatened by anyone. However it’s comes down too how they will perform on the day and I believe no matter what happens Real Madrid are going to be ready for what lies ahead. The key player for Real Madrid is quite clearly Cristiano Ronaldo this has been his platform. He has dominated this competition for the past decade this would be his fifth Champions League trophy and his fourth with Real Madrid. He is arguably the best player in the world and he is just hot coming into this game. During the second half of the season no one has been on his level whether Real Madrid win or lose you can expect a great Champions League performance he is the Champions League highest score in history with over a 100 goal he will be a nightmare to deal with for looking for Liverpool. They have some really strong pieces in the Midfield with Toni Kroos and Luka Modric as well with all these pieces they are going to make Liverpool really work for everything


If we’re being really honest with ourselves we know Real Madrid have the advantage across-the-board Real Madrid are the better team however Liverpool have the materials to pull off an upset. If they are going to have a shot of this is going to be predicated on their attack its the only advantage that they could possibly have. It also helps that Liverpoik have one of the best players in the world in Mohamed Salah he will be hugely important if Liverpool are going to have a chance at stealing the throne from the Spanish Giants. The front 3 of Mohamed Salah Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino is arguably the most dangerous in the world. Their attack it’s just next level in terms of what they can do when they all play well together. Liverpool’s defense I think is still a major issue and do not have the luxury to make mistakes in this game they are much improved since the signing of Virgil Van dijk but it still is a cause for concern. Liverpool’s Midfield isn’t the greatest either Liverpool does completely relied on their attack because their attack is with the best in the world. Which will cause a huge problem for anyone the question remains if Liverpool play its best football of the year will it be enough. From Back to Front Liverpool need to play after absolute best for this game or it will slip through their hands. Their attack has scored more goals in the Champions League anyone in history if I’m not mistaken. The key player for Liverpool is out a doubt Mohamed Salah the Egyptian Winger is in the conversation with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the best player in the world. He has been an absolute Revelation this season without him Liverpool would not be in this position so Salah having a really good game is extremely important if they are to stand a chance. He is very capable taking over a game and that is what’s going to be required of him. Jurgen klopp has this team playing really well right now I do not have the level of Real Madrid but if they play their best maybe they have a chance.

Bottom line

This match this final boils down to one thing. it does not matter to me that Liverpool have the advantage Head to Head. This is actually a rematch of the 1981 European Cup Final in which Liverpool won but this is not about the past this is about right now nobody is going to argue that Liverpool are at a huge disadvantage Real Madrid is clearly the better team however That does not necessarily matter. it comes down to how the two teams perform in Kiev on that night. Liverpool can make up for it with their most efficient attacking football season. However it won’t matter unless they are mistake-free in their defense. In my personal opinion one defensive mistake from Liverpool and its game over If Real Madrid are giving a gift for an easy goal-scoring opportunity Ronaldo and Company will bury it. Liverpool cannot make one defensive mistake or This Champions League final will end. Liverpool could even be mistake-free and still lose Liverpool don’t want to give anything easy away. Real Madrid have the advantage and their defense Midfield goalkeeper and manager Liverpool has the much better attack but many would argue Real Madrid has the best player in Ronaldo. because of all this Liverpool need to be very careful with the ball not to let any mistake ruin them. let me be very clear Liverpool could win the Champions League they have the attack to do it if their attack is at its very best they might be able to pull off the upset but mistakes cannot be made Real Madrid have been here before and if you make things easy for them they will end this before it starts. I believe Real Madrid will win the champions league for the third consecutive year winning their fourth in five years. Other than all the reasons I have listed one thing sticks out of my mind when I’m thinking about this match. In the Champions League era no one has ever gone back to back until this Real Madrid team showed up. In the last 2 years I have not seen them not lift this trophy and until someone knocks them off I won’t bet against them in order to be Kings of Europe they’re going to have to knock off the team wearing the crown.

Key Players

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah

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