Cristiano Ronaldo Captivates the World as He Arrives in Russia #259


Cristiano Ronaldo has won on every level multiple champions leagues multiple individual accolades collections a League titles even a European championship but the one thing he has not delivered that would certainly submit his legacy is a World Cup title to Portugal. This notion is wishful thinking as Portugal goes as Cristiano Ronaldo goes. Delivering that that greatness would surely make him the greatest of all time. The Real Madrid Winger is one of the top 5 players to ever play the game of football no matter who you ask he cannot be any lower than that. Although he did some nice things in the Euros he is never truly lit up a tournament. This year’s World Cup in Russia is his best chance to do so although he has scored in every World Cup has been a part of  taking Portugal to the semi-finals in the quarterfinals over that time. He has yet to have a Diego Maradona Johan Cruyff or Pele moments in the World Cup. It is the one thing that has eluded Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo they are the most dominant athletes I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and that includes Michael Jordan but on this stage to a certain extent they have not lived up to it. However In fairness this is the biggest stages of stages and Portugal is not a super team like the likes of Germany Brazil and Spain his entire career he’s been against the odds epsically on International level. In terms of talent and ability the Portuguese national team has never really been considered one of the elites although they have done well in tournaments the battle against the heavyweights has always eluded them. Which makes Cristiano Ronaldo’s chances of winning the World Cup significantly less because of what he’s up against but his entire career he has gone against the odds and Achieved greatness but its still a lot to ask. He’s truly one of the greatest ever seen and delivering a greatness to Portugal at this tournament would completely change the conversation of who was the greatest of all time. This tournament in Russia may be his last it’s might be the last time we ever see Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Cup there’s so much pressure on his back to perform because this could be the last moments we remember from the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo. I’ve never seen a player work as hard as Cristiano does he’s a talented player but he does not have the Talent alot of the greats that have come before him. He developed into the greatest scoring machine in football history his place in history has been settled but a World Cup trophy for the great Cristiano Ronaldo could make him the greatest player in the history of this sport for when people talk about Maradona and people talk about Pele because what they have done at the World Cup on the biggest stages I Believe Christian Ronaldo is already better than the both of them however a World Cup trophy would put him in a whole new category. Cristiano Ronaldo has won and dominated Europe’s Elite competition and domestically his trophy cabinet is like a slot machine it just keeps on coming. If he drags this team to a World Cup victory it will be one of the greatest accomplishments we have ever seen due to the team that he has around him on this Portugal national team he is the engine he is the grit he is Portugal. This World Cup could also change the Messi vs Ronaldo debate these two greats have been at the top of their level for as long as I can remember more dominant than any two athletes in sports history but it World Cup trophy for either would change their entire Legacy Russia awaits what will we see the unlikely become a reality will Ronaldo Light Up This World Cup? Physically Ronaldo is a nightmare to deal with he is a complete athlete with size athleticism speed and ability. These are all the things that make him one of the best players in the world at this point you can say it’s Messi or Mohamed Salah but Ronaldo has proved his ability throughout his career especially late in this season. The amount of Records he has broken is tremendous. At 33 years old he won his third straight Champions League trophy as well as scoring 44 goals in all competitions as well as scoring during every single stage of the Champions League beside the final. For this Portugal team isn’t going to scare anyone but Ronaldo will not be denied in Russia stopping Portugal can happen slowing down this machine is next to Impossible.

Portugal ended up drawing a very tough group featuring Spain Iran and Morocco. Spain from top to bottom is one of the best teams in the entire tournament that features a lot of his Real Madrid teammates. It is and Incredibly deep team that on their day can beat anyone with World Cup winners throughout the squad Spain has won 3 out of the last 4 International trophies although they didn’t do that well in last year’s World Cup this team is no joke. It’s really was Ronaldo versus the Spanish Dynasty.
These two teams kicked off Group Play on a hot and humid night in Sochi as Russia opened its doors to Real Madrid Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal and the Spanish national team that fired their manager just two days before the World Cup after he had agreed to leave after the tournaments to take over Real Madrid. A lot of controversy and tension in the air but we were treated to an absolute classic in one of the best World Cup matches we have seen in recent time. Going into this game Cristiano Ronaldo had yet to really light up a World Cup he had only three World Cup goals going into this match on the biggest stage against this Spanish team Ronaldo made his presence known very early. Ronaldo took the ball in the opening five minutes and the drove it into the box baiting Barcelona nemesis Gerard Pique in the process as he took Ronaldo down giving Portugal an immediate penalty right out of the gate. Cristiano Ronaldo’s stepped-up with only three and a half minutes gone. He slotted his penalty past David De Gea putting it in the top right corner to give Portugal the 1-0 lead. Being one of the only players in history to score in four different World Cups. Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to pressure as he calmly gives Portugal the lead on the biggest stage in the world. In the 23rd minute Diego Costa scored a superb goal as we were in for an instant classic at this year’s World Cup. On the stroke of half-time Reynaldo got himself in position for another opportunity as we were witnessing greatness. Ronaldo ended up striking a deep ball at David De Gea the Spanish goalkeeper made a mistake but Ronaldo found the back of the net to score on his shot from outside the box his second of the day. As he was truly a lighting up this tournament in the early stages of the game. In the second half Diego Costa added another on a easy tap in to equalize making it 2-2. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team at a real Madrid Nacho scored one of the goals of the tournament just a few minutes later as his deep strike hit the post and went into the back of the net to give Spain the 3-2 lead. We were witnessing World Cup at its absolute peak. Spain looked really good throughout the rest of the game for Portugal had some chances to draw even but Spain were in control. At the death of this game Portugal were given a free kick in the 89th minute as Cristiano Ronaldo Gave Portugal one final chance to equalize. He stared down the ball as time was ticking away. You could see it in his eyes you knew how much this meant for Portugal in this group to get a point here you could tell that he was going to score this he was so laser focused on this moment. Cristiano Ronaldo scored in unbelievable free kick completing a thrilling hat-trick in his first match of this World Cup proving his greatness as he displayed why he still the best player in the world. He became the oldest player in World Cup history at 33 years old to score a hatrick doubling His World Cup goal total to 6 as well as scoring against Spain for the first time in his career. It turned out to be one of the best matches I have ever seen in the World Cup it had everything controversy excitement mistakes thrilling goals. Cristiano Ronaldo on Friday night light the world on fire we expect more greatness from him as this Portugal team now looks like they can contend for the World Cup if Cristiano Ronaldo can play at this level for the rest of the tournament.


Cristiano Ronaldo had yet to shine at the world cup before this game. You could see in that free kick how much I truly meant to him. He has cemented himself now with that performance in that moment during that free kick that is a moment is one we will remember for a long time. Cristiano Ronaldo had never really performed at this tournament to that level and it really shows why he’s one of the three best players that had ever played this game. Cristiano Ronaldo is a big game player there have been some finals where he hasn’t played the best but when everything is on the line and his team needs him the most he delivers greatness to his country and his Club. Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in Russia with a performance for the ages. While this Portugal team on paper isn’t all that great if Cristiano Ronaldo plays at his level it is possible this team could defend their European championship I still think it’s unlikely they will win it but if they do the greatest of all-time discussion will be put to bed. This team goes as Cristiano goes the question remains how far can he take them.



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