Eusebio Di Francesco Inks New Deal with Roma #262


Monchi has been a man on since the start of the summer he has secured 4 signing before the World Cup even kicked off. It is his vision to create a winning team in this historic City. A lot of the transfer talks of cooled off over the past week due to the World Cup having start it up in Russia because of this he has been unable to do deals with players currently in Russia playing in the biggest tournaments in the world. Monchi has for the most part identified Moroccan midfielder Hakim Ziyech is one of the club’s top targets no negotiations or talks can take place until his return from the tournament. However make no mistake he isn’t just sitting in his office waiting for it to end he has still been pulling off deals and keeping the phone lines open for negotiating with players. Which I will get to in a few days time when an alleged signing is announced which is due to come sometime this week regarding a player not at the tournament. However Monchi has discussed a new contract for Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco after a fantastic debut season with the Rome Club taking them to the Champions League semi-final. Di Francesco became coach last June as he returned it to the club that he won a Scudetto as a player with Roma he replaced the unlikeable controversial Luciano Spalletti who left for Inter Milan. Di Francesco has agreed to the deal as he has put the pen to paper as he agrees to an two-year extension that will keep him at the club until June 30th 2020. After signing the contract Eusebio Di Francesco had some comments about the news. ” the confidence that the president and the directors have shown in me makes me very proud and I hope to repay them all season with a campaign even more exciting than our last .”Last year, when I arrived it really felt like I was back home today I can say that I have found my place of residence. It is an important statement from the club and the sporting director that they want continuity and stability for our project. Personally, it is a reason to feel very proud and motivated we played brilliantly in the Champions League season. As for Serie A, we want to return for the new campaign with the aim of doing much better” Monchi and Roma President had this to say. “Last summer, when we appointed Eusebio, I went on record as saying that we wanted someone who could come in and get the very best out of our first team players and also help bring through some of our great young talent,” club president Jim Pallotta added. “I think it’s clear that he achieved both those objectives in his first season here as coach. It’s important to have the continuity and stability that Eusebio brings to the project and the contract extension that he has signed today is testament to our belief in his abilities to take Roma forward. ”Today’s renewal once again demonstrates the great confidence and belief we have always had in our coach,” sporting director Monchi said. “We are all convinced that together we can aim for new heights and achieve our objectives.” It may not be a marquee signing but extending Di Francesco contract is a massive move he is one of the three best managers in Italian football. I believe only Max Allegri and Carlos Ancelotti are better than di Francesco. His tactical approach is brilliance and he has the ability of making key decisions and games. Having your manager  of the future at a club is extremely important which is why I believe mochi wanted to get this done because now they have their manager secured for the next two years which gives Roma the opportunity to continue to close the gap on the old lady.



Before taking over at Roma Last Summer Eusebio Di Francesco spent several years at the Sassuolo where he did one of the most impressive things in football history as he took a team deep in the depths in Seire B to the Europa League in just a few short years finishing above AC Milan and Inter Milan in the process. He was hired last year to replace the villain Luciano Spalletti who is now viewed and negatively at the Stadio Olimpico. As a former player he understood the culture the city and what the team needs going forward. He was given an enormous job not many people were expecting much from the former Roma Winger. He arrived just a few months after Spanish transfer wizard Mochi who was recently hired as the new sporting director who had a vision of this project in mind. Di Francesco was given some job as people were not expecting much from this Roma team. After an historical season the year before it was hard to believe they could repeat success in that manner. Along with that they lost Mohamed Salah who ended up being one of the best players in the world last season scoring over 40 goals they also lost and Antonio Rudiger and Leonardo Paredes. As well as their stopper for the last 2 years Szczęsny. All the odds were against Roma going into the season but Di Francesco got the best out of a lot of the signings than Mochi made. And did things that’s Spalletti never did. Roma played beautiful football di Francesco was a genius tactically it didn’t work so well in the league as they fell out of the title race in December. However Roma made their deepest Champions League run in 30 years. Roma won their Champions League group that featured heavyweights Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. Roma followed that up getting the best Shakhtar Donetsk in the round of 16 on away goals after losing the first leg. Which set up one of the biggest Champions League ties in Roma football history. They made their first quarter finals in 10 years which is the farthest Luciano Spalletti ever took them. Di Francesco showed up and drove this team to the Pinnacle at least on the verge of it. In the quarterfinals they faced a Barcelona team who was undefeated in the league up to that point. They played really well in the first leg completely out playing Barcelona and stopping Leo Messi which is a daunting task. However misfortune and controversy lead to a 4-1 defeat in the first leg of the quarterfinals. Roma lost due to a Penalty no call on Dzeko and a pair of own goals but an away goal gave them some hope. The following game in the second leg Roma went on to pull off one of the greatest comebacks in champions league history. Roma needed a 3-0 victory to knock out Barcelona at home. And that’s exactly what they did Dzeko scored very early in the game De Rossi converted a penalty in the second half with 8 minutes to go Kostas Manolas send the entire city of Rome into an explosion of excitement. A day that Roma will not forget for a very long time the reason they were able to do that is because of the adjustments Di Francesco made. In the semi-final they faced old friends Mohamed Salah and Liverpool in the first leg they were absolutely crushed di Francesco made a few errors in that game but learned from it. They lost 5-2 but did grab too late away goals that kept the tie alive. And the second leg they won 4-2 but fell one goal short of the ultimate miracle. Although Liverpool were deserving winners Roma were denied two clear penalties over the two games and two of Liverpool’s goals for over the two legs were offside but nonetheless they pulled off an incredible European Journey that no one saw coming. From the get-go he has been the best man for this job and because of his relationship with the city because he knows what it means to the people he is a Roman this is why he is the perfect man for the job and I see him staying here for a very long time this could be a 20-year job for him I know how rare that is but given the circumstances it’s possible he could be here for an extremely long time. Monchi did a great job by extending his contract because a lot of other teams would be interested in his services Monchi will continue to put the players around him to be successful because make no mistake Di Francesco, Monchi and James Pallotta have one thing on their mind win the league this is the first step in doing that.




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