Columbia Beats Down Poland to keep their World Cup Alive 5 Talking Points #267


A massive clash between two teams fighting for their lives and this tournament took place tonight. Columbia faced off against Poland after both sides failed to win their Opening match. Columbia lost a tight one to Japan after being down to 10 men after just five minutes. While Poland embarrassed themselves against Senegal. The loser of this match would be eliminated from this tournament everything was on the line. In this match there was only ever going to be one winner Poland was horrendous defensively this creative Colombian side ripped through them over and over again. Yuri Milla opened up the scoring for Columbia off a set-piece in the first half to give Columbia the early lead. The Colombians ripped through the Polish defense so easily they launched counter attack after counter attack completely out playing them in every area as Poland put together an embarrassing performance once again. In the second half Falcao double the lead before James Rodriguez set up a counter attack for Juan Cuadrado who found the back of the net in what ultimately was a 3-0 win for Columbia. A performance of real domination as we now get a better look of who this Colombia team really is. Columbia will face Senegal and their next match a win against Senegal will qualify them for The Knockout rounds which I fully expect them to do. While Poland gets eliminated from the World Cup after to truly embarrassing performances they have been the most embarrassing team and this year’s World Cup.



Colombia Goalkeeping Improves


During last week’s game against Japan I criticized the goalkeeping abilities of David Ospina the Arsenal’s second-choice goalkeeper. Ospina had struggled to hold down the number one goalkeeper spot for Arsenal which included Peter Cech who was atrocious last season. He didn’t perform very well last week against a Japan side that lacks serious Firepower going forward. But none the less struggled against Shinji Kagawa and Company. Colombia face Poland which has real fire power in the Bayern Munich Striker Robert Lewandowski. However Ospina turned it up against Poland despite a very poor Poland side despite their ranking he made some pretty great saves throughout the 90 minutes keeping a clean sheet which only is going to enhance his performances going forward. Despite how miserably bad Poland were they did get their chances very good chances but Ospina dealt with them with ease he was in control a superb performance from him and the defense hopefully they can take this going forward because being defensively strong is going to be very important against it team like Senegal that features Sadio Mane.



Poland has been an Embarrassment 

Soccer: World Cup-Poland vs Senegal

There have been teams in this tournament that have lost by big numbers Saudi Arabia gave up five goals against Russia Panama gave up six goals against England Tunisia gave up five goals against Belgium. There have been some big defeats during this tournament but I believe there’s one team that has been an absolute embarrassment above all else. This Poland team is so pathetic words almost can’t capture they’re so bad it’s practically an art form. This team is ranked top 10 in the world they are the eighth-ranked team in the entire world by FIFA. It just is unreal how pathetic they are at this moment it’s hard to see any strengths coming from anywhere. They’re passing ability from their goalkeeping ability from their attack from their Midfield they are really poor all around.  There are so many teams that did not make this tournament that surely could do a better job than this joke of a team they have a world-class Striker and they still can’t find the back of the net. They have yet to score a goal and have conceded five goals they have no chance against Japan they will rip them to shreds much like Columbia did their elimination was completely deserved they have been Dreadful.



Relentless Colombia Attack 


In Colombia opening game against Japan we didn’t really get to see what this team can actually do. After just five minutes Columbia already were down to 10 men and faced a challenge against a Japanese team that was looking to prove everyone wrong. Columbia got hit in the mouth James Rodriguez wasn’t fully healthy and after a horrid start to that first game it was merely impossible for them to put in a good performance. However that was all put to rest when Colombia faced off against Poland they absolutely crushed them. One of the big eye openers from this match was there attack they still has that magic this team still has that ruthlessness that they showed 4 years ago. The link-up play between Juan Cuadrado James Rodriguez and Falcao have been unbelievable. They delivered attack after attack after attack. From the second the game kicked off Poland had no chance because of how efficient they were moving the ball up the field and on the counter-attack they were ruthless. Goals from Juan Coronado Falcao and an assit coming from James Rodriguez. If this team can play like this there is no question they will be in The Knockout rounds I have this team going to the quarterfinals and after an underwhelming performance in the opening game it is very clear they are up for the challenge. There attack is ruthless if you allow this team to go in the counter they will punish you. In my eyes Senegal was lucky to get a draw against Japan this Colombian team with the attack and the fluidity with their passing will be a handful for Senegal. if their Midfield and attack can continue to play like this they can go deep in this tournament. This attack is on par with anyone they put everything together today if they can keep this going who knows how far they can go.


Robert Lewandowski Didn’t bother showing up 



Bayern Munich Striker Robert lewandowski is considered by many one of the best at his position in the world. In qualifying he took Poland on his back into this tournament. He has been a non-factor he has played both games yet has made zero contributions. He is still a world-class striker but in this tournament he has shown the world that he is not the best in the world. Harry Kane has 5 World Cup goals easily as they have come  he has had some luck to get them but it is clear in this Tournament Harry Kane and Luis Suarez are far superior. This tournament is what makes great players great players and a player of his quality to not show up in a tournament like this with his entire country depending on him. Is just painful to watch right now he cannot hit a barn door he’s been in inefficient not effective and ultimately average. His poor form during this tournament it’s probably the most contributing reason for their elimination. He will look back on this tournament and feel that he let his country down. I hope he can turn it around in the next World Cup but right now there are no positive vibes in his performance in this tournament he’s been very disappointing



James Rodriguez is back



Last week Columbia’s engine of the team James Rodriguez came on as a sub after a minor injury. This is very concerning to me because Colombia goes as he goes he is their most important player. Columbia need him to play at the level that he showed at the 2014 World Cup where he won the Golden Boot scoring six goals. I was a little worried about that because I felt that without him they would not be able to go as far as I originally picked them to go. He returned to the starting lineup today and displayed The world-class capabilities we all know he has. He was sensational he played his role extremely well in the Midfield supplying great service to the Colombian Strikers. James Rodriguez’s superb assist on the third goal created the counter attack led by Juan Cuadrado who scored with ease. His role in the Midfield is extremely important if he plays the way he has today against Senegal Colombia will have lots of chances to win that game I see them as second favorites to come out of this group this victory was extremely important. James Rodriguez had his Footprints all over this game and after an inspiring performance like this Colombia should feel very confident going forward James Rodriguez is officially back with no health concerns he’s going to be a big problem for opposing teams.

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