Never Write off Germany Toni Kroos Saves Germany in Russia #266


Germany is a European superpower they have been one of the biggest powerhouses in European football. Starting from the youth they have developed Germany into one of the most in depth teams in the tournament they could probably take three different national teams and do very well. Germany are four time World Cup champions one of the most successful football nations in the world having won the World Cup in 1974 1990 1954 and 2014 they are the reigning champs for a good reason since Joachim Low took over they have gone on deep runs in every single tournament they have been in. This era of German Football has made it to the semi-finals at least and four consecutive World Cups. They haven’t been eliminated in the group stage since 1938 it is the epitome of domination in football while there is 14 years the difference between World Cups win they are going on deep runs every single time they have built this from the ground up which is why they are one of the favorites every single time but its harder then it looks to repeat. Germany came into this tournament as heavy favorites they are the defending champions and were expected to go on a deep run in Russia. The expectations and pressure on the team ranked number one in the world since their Triumph in San Paulo in 2014 against Argentina they have won the under-21 European championships the confederations cup and made it to the semi-final of the European championships in France this was a team that was very much expected to go the distance. The last thing  we expected was Germany to get off to a rocky start believe it or not they were on the verge of elimination last night they were saved at the brink of death by Toni Kroos but the question Still Remains can this Jeremy team still compete for a World Cup.

The world champions ended up in UEFA group C of qualifying one of the easiest groups in all of Europe. It featured Northern Ireland the Czech Republic Norway Azerbaijan and San Marino. They ripped through all five teams twice winning every single game scoring an astounding 43 goals while only being scored on four occasions. This wasn’t really a surprise given the group they were in there was never a question in that Germany would return to the world’s biggest stage. There was a little bit of controversy going into the World Cup not as much as the controversial as Spain was dealt with but still some. Talented German youngster Leroy Sane after winning the Premier League title with Manchester City was left out of the squad despite scoring 13 goals and supplying 14 assists. It was one of the most questionable decisions going into the World Cup coming out of Germany. They are world champions and they deserve a lot of credit and maybe this was the right move but I personally thought it was insane to leave a player of that quality out of your team. Over there opening two games of this tournament it has proved up to this point to be a poor decision. In the FIFA World Cup they ended up in group F which many were referring to as the group of death. They were joined in the group by Mexico South Korea and Sweden. all of those teams have immense quality not the quality that Germany has but it certainly is a very tough group. Despite their grouping Germany were still strong favorites to come out of it as a group winners.


Germany are defending champions and one of the best teams in the world what transpired in the opening game of the tournament shocked the world as a major upset was in the making. It came out of the shoot right away against what would be there most difficult opponents as Mexico and Germany went head-to-head. Germany has a pretty good track record against Mexico they are disciplined they are efficient they are German so as you can imagine they were heavy favorites going to the game but Mexico has proven to be a strong side and they punched Germany in the mouth. Germany has the players Germany has the quality Germany has a world-class coach while Mexico has a group of young Talent some pretty decent players and a coach who still doesn’t know his best lineup. In their opening game against Mexico they were relentless Germany seemed unorganized and got exposed at the back. Their tactics left them wide open and exposed defensively. When Mexico had their chance in the first half of the opening game they took advantage. Mexico got on the counter-attack as Chicharito Hernandez connected with Carlos Vela who then found a young vibrant Chunky Lozano and the box as he beat Neuer one of the best goalkeepers in the world to give the Mexicans the first half lead. Germany and Mexico continuously went at each other’s throats and Mexico look dangerous almost all the time and probably could have scored a few more. The defending Champions did all they could But ultimately were denied as they lost their first World Cup game since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It was very concerning as now Mexico put themselves in Prime position to win the group what is actually massively important because the team that finishes second in this group will likely have to play Brazil in the round of 16. It was an uninspiring performance from Germany Mexico success would only continue as they won their next game against South Korea the Mexicans find themselves in complete pole position to win the group. In Germany’s second group game yesterday against Sweden the Germans were almost in a must-win situation even a point would not be viewed as good enough to give them a chance to advance. It did not start well as the underdog Sweeds struck first Sweden took the first half lead to put Germany on the brink of elimination. After conceding the goal Germany took it up a notch their attack was fluid and dangerous almost constantly it looked like Germany was going to equalize. Later it got into the game the more difficult it was going to become Germany eventually equalized in the second half with a goal from Marco Reus Germany knew this was not going to be enough they needed another one to really give them a good chance at qualifying to a knockout stage. Sweden were trying to hang on for dear life Germany needed a hero as they were given a free kick at the death of the match. Germany were given a free kick on the side of the box. Up stepped up Was Real Madrid Superstar Toni Kroos and a Dortmund star Marco Reus. Marco Reus laid it off to Toni Kroos who then scored one of the best goals and the tournament at a rather difficult angle. the Real Madrid midfielder curled it into the top corner to save Germany from elimination at the World cup. An incredible clutch moment when his country needed it most from a player who doesn’t score many goals Germany held on to win to keep the defending Champions hope to retain their title alive. In all likelihood they will probably need to Brazil in the round of 16 unless they get beat by Serbia but once you get there anything can happen. The question now becomes can Germany keep it going and start playing the efficient football we are accustom to seeing this is only the beginning though Germany still has a lot of work to do to show why their favorites because at the moment they are not. Brazil looks almost unavoidable now but Germany now have some momentum that they can surely use to get back on track.


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