Farewell to Radja Nainggolan Good Bye My Friend #270


Monchi and James pallotta have done an incredible job this summer already recruiting top notch talent to Roma. Roma continue to add depth as the summer continues and a few deals will come through in the next few days as well to strengthened this squad even more. However sometimes you have to make the tough decisions and Monchi was given an incredibly tough decision to make. Monchi has been in this business a long time and he knows what he’s doing but some moves that are made in the best interest of the club sometimes are the hardest ones to make. A day I wished would never come has arrived as Roma loyalist and a man who has carried this club with great pride and honor will finally make his exit from the Stadio Olimpico. Radja Nainggolan has been pushed out by Roma management. The club has made a decision that it is in the best interest of the team going forward to sell their star midfielder. The club felt it was in the best interest to sell him now I believe it was ultimately the right decision but incredibly painful for one to make. Radja Nainggolan has held this club with a high regard ever since his arrival 5 years ago he became a fan favorite and developed into one of the best midfielders Serie A has to offer. Radja Nainggolan will go to Inter Milan on a 21 million deal that will include two players in exchange with Inter Milan youth team Superstar Zaniolo and Defender Santon. Radja Nainggolan represented this club like very few ever have but in the end this was the right business decision as he joins and Inter Milan team that are far inferior to the current Roma team. Once again this is a very tough decision to make but Radja Nainggolan has accepted and respected the decision from the club. He flew to Milan earlier this week and passed his medical earlier today. While Zaniolo and Santon will undergo their medicals later this week as well as Radja replacement Javier Pastore who is arriving from PSG. Radja has been such a prominent player in this Roma team for the last 4 years so this is a tribute and goodbye to a true friend as well as an explanation of why this was the right move.


This move has been picked up by the media as they spin it into something it is clearly not. There shouldn’t be any outrage about this move by the club a lot of people are bent out of shape because of the low price but aren’t looking at this transfer at full value. Monchi and James pallotta made the correct choice a very difficult choice to make given what Radja Nainggolan contribution and affection he had with the Roma fans and the City. But nonetheless it was the right choice for the club to make and the deal at self is a pretty good one from Rome’s perspective. The amount that is paid was rather low but Roma are getting 2 players in exchange that can help this team next season. Let’s face some hard facts Radja Nainggolan is 30 years old while a lot of players can play deep into their 30s the Belgium International will not be one of them. Believe it or not the midfielder smokes cigarettes regularly this will alternately diminish any chance he has at longevity it’s something he is probably aware of and is fine with but I think it’s possible he will retire before he reaches the end of his Inter Milan contract. In exchange Roma are getting a 19 year old who was lighting up the youth league for inter not only that but was the top scorer in the League. Roma have a lot of young Talent but it is possible that he could make it’s into the first team this season. Obviously Roma have some better young players in the squad who are ranked above him but he definitely can make a contribution this season. Roma also add Santon who is the guy who has not had the greatest success lately but Roma can get the best out of him. Radja Nainggolan will not be able to be at his level for that much longer he’s still got a few good years in him and Inter Milan fans should be excited but you got to know this isn’t some revolutionary move that’s going to make Inter Milan contenders. Roma is still a lot better then Inter  even without Radja Nainggolan. Let’s face it Inter Milan is Marco Icardi and everyone else they have some good players but they’re not surrounded with the talent or depth that Juventus Napoli Roma AC Milan Florentina and Lazio have. I’m not saying they are the worst team out of the bunch but in terms of depth they are nowhere near and in this deal Inter Milan just gave up a massive asset. Some people believe that Radja Nainggolan will Rediscover his form from two seasons ago because he will be reuniting with Luciana Spalletti at Inter Milan. That just is not the truth because as much as people want to attribute Luciano Spalletti to his success during that season that’s not the truth. The reason he was so successful during that year was because of Mohamed Salah. Radja Nainggolan is a great player and I’m not trying to say negative things about him but his quality during that season was attributed to the impact Mohamed Salah had on that Roma side. There is no power shift in this deal Inter Milan are in financial problems after this deal I don’t think they can afford to sign anyone else. From Radja’s perspective I don’t understand it from his point of view he just went to a worst team if he would of gone to Manchester United, Liverpool or Real Madrid it would of made more sense. Inter had Rafinha and Cancelo they lost both because they couldn’t afford to pay the buy option on their loans. Inter Milan get a little better with this move but they’re still nowhere near as good as Roma. Goalkeeper advantage Roma, defense advantage Roma, Midfield advantage Roma, Roma  have a better manager  and better front office. The only place that you really could argue that Inter Milan have the advantage is the attack and I’m not sure that’s entirely true even though they have Icardi overall All Things Considered Roma have more depth in their attack and have more attacking options. Inter Milan have some nice pieces but they got a long way to go this move doesn’t change anything. As good as he is Inter Milan do not have the resources around him. It is a heartbreaking and painful move is but Monchi got it right he’s been getting things right his entire career. Monchi have got players on cheap transfers and turn them into Stars. Mochi for the first time and a long time has brought excitement to Roma. Roma can actually target so really good players now. He has changed the entire Dynamic of how we do business top quality players want to come I’m not going to start doubting him now I am on board for whatever moves makes this one was a bit emotional one for me but it was the right move it’s just unfortunate we couldn’t give him a Fairy Tail ending.


I woke up this morning and I felt sick to my stomach I quite honestly thought this day would never come. Radja Nainggolan has completed his move to Inter Milan this process is extremely painful to take I feel like someone has just ripped out my heart and lit it on fire. Radja exemplifies what it means to be a Roman he has worn that badge on his heart is fell in love with the city with the club and ultimately with Roma as a symbol he will still carry Roma in his heart. He has been one of my favorite players to wear the Roma shirt since his arrival. When Mohamed Salah left last summer I was disappointed but I got over it fairly quickly. He is not Radja he would have spent the rest of his career here if it was up to him. He has rejected teams after teams after teams over the last 5 years to stay with Roma. However from personal aspect I am absolutely broken I have so much love and admiration for this man who he is not only as a player but as a person and him for what he represents as a human being it will be incredibly painful to see him in those stupid blue and white colors. Roma are losing a player that I will miss dearly it will be a long time before I get over this I want to thank him for four amazing seasons we will always love him because of what he meant to the city. I once thought he would finish his entire career with Roma I thought he was going to be the next Captain. Words cannot Express how much love how much compassion how much emotion he brought to this team every season. He loved Roma and he will always carry that with him and his heart he didn’t want to make this move it was a choice that wasn’t his own. He gave his all for this club and quite honestly this is one of the saddest days of my life he will be missed I missed Mohamed Salah but no emotions can describe how much I will miss this man thank you for everything you have done I’m not going to wish you good luck but I will say this I hope he settles and is happy in Milan but one thing is certain no matter what happens in this final stage of his career first and foremost he will always be a Roman.


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