On the Brink of Death Marco Rojo Saves Leo Messi’s Legacy In the Argentina Shirt. #272


Leo Messi is one of the greatest players in football history but up to this point has failed to deliver on the international stage. Unfortunately for Leo Messi he’s from Argentina he is right footed he has creative and attacking and he wears the iconic number 10 Jersey for his national team. The pressure never ends for Messi to bring a World Cup to Argentina Diego Maradona it was not as talented skilled or effective has Leo Messi is but he has brought a World Cup to Argentina as he lifted them] to Glory in the 1986 World Cup. Something no one will ever take away from him. But because of this the pressure on Leo Messi to deliver a world cup of Argentina is that all time high. Leo Messi it’s probably playing in his last World Cup this is his last chance to deliver that greatness for his country. Everything and anything short of that is a let down. 4 years ago Leo Messi was on the brink of Glory in the World Cup final but failed to deliver on that stage. It’s a team game but Messi is a leader this is the last chance Messi will ever have to put himself on that level. Believe it or not Leo Messi’s Argentina was on the verge of elimination in their final group game Marco Rojo saved Leo Messi’s Legacy for Argentina.


Coming off an appearance in the World Cup final you would have thought Messi in Argentina would just walk into the World Cup finals in Russia. Strangely that was not the case they struggled even to get to the tournament which in all senses of it made little sense. This Argentina team features some of the best attackers in World football Sergio Aguero Pablo Dybala Marco Icardi Gonzalo Higuain Angel Di Maria as well as many more that’s only to name a few. There’s no reason a country with the talent ability and skill of Argentina should have had any problem making the tournament but it is the whole they ended up falling in. Argentina ended up in a group that featured Brazil Uruguay Columbia and Peru. In the South American region for World Cup qualification Argentina at times looked like they weren’t even going to make the tournament. Imagine a player of Leo Messi stature and ability not even make the World Cup as great as he has been Barcelona his legacy was on the line. Against All Odds Leo Messi performed to his highest level in the last day of qualifying scoring a hat-trick after going behind after 1 minute that performance of a life time was needed they never would have made the tournament if it never happened. They ended up grouped with Croatia Nigeria and Iceland in group D. Argentina were the favorites despite their rough ride to get there many expected them to top the group. With Croatia considered a close second and it wasn’t just the group a lot of people thought that Leo Messi could get the players around him performing at their best and they would actually have a chance to win the World Cup.


When the tournament kicked off in Russia there were controversial decisions made when Jorge sampaoli a manager that has been highly criticized for good reason. Inter Milan Striker Marco icardi was left out of the squad after winning the Golden Boot in Italy having scored 29 goals this season. It was a very questionable decision to make ultimately they paid for it in their opening game. Argentina opened up the tournament against the very energetic the very passionate Iceland one of the feel-good stories of the tournament a country of 300,000 people making their second straight tournament having failed to qualify for any tournament prior to 2016 their fans and their iconic Thunderclap was one of the most beautiful things in the beginning of the tournament. Messi and Argentina could not have started it there World Cup any worse. In their opening game against Iceland Sergio Aguero gave Argentina the lead before Iceland got themselves back into the game. And in the iconic moment when the game was on the line in the second half Argentina was given a penalty. After Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in his opening game the weight of the world was on Leo Messi to deliver. He failed to do so as his penalty was saved as Argentina only managed one point in their opening game. In their second game against Croatia it went from bad to worse the Croatian Midfield ripped through Argentina and Messi was somewhat non-existent he was not delivering on the biggest stage with a pressure that’s always on him he was letting his country down. It is a team game but as a leader he was not fulfilling his job and as the captain of that team he was letting things get out of control. Croatia we are victorious 3-0 as they put Argentina on the brink of elimination. In their opening two games of the World Cup Argentina only had one point. In their final group game against Nigeria they needed a win anything less was a one-way ticket back to Argentina. Messi scored the opening goal as he finally arrived in the tournament he was incredible during this game which is something he hadn’t done up to that point after having not performed in the opening 2 games. Nigeria equalized with a penalty and arguably could have gotten another one if the referee had made the right decision. His legacy was hanging in the balance getting bounced in the first round of the World Cup in what would be his last tournament will be completely unacceptable and a strike would go against him on his football resume. But lo and behold came Marco Rojo the Manchester United Defender who played less than 700 minutes this season and appearing in only 12 games was the man to save Leo Messi’s Legacy. Rojo scored the game-winning goal with 4 minutes to go ensuring their qualification in the round of 16.


An amazing moment for Argentina But how far can this team really go? Being unable to win the group will come at a cost they will play France in the round of 16 in a game that mutually no one will give them a chance in. There was a lot of luck involved in them qualifying and it’s going to take a lot more than luck to have any shot of taking out France. France is one of the most deep teams in the entire tournaments they have dangerous options at every position on the field and on the bench. Despite having not played well on Talent alone that can beat Argentina they are better coached and they are better at every single position. If France is at their best it could get really ugly I give Argentina a small chance because they have Messi but a very small chance to qualify past the round of 16. They simply are not good enough this was an amazing moment for Argentina for them to qualify with All Odds are stacked against them it’s a great story but the book is nearly closed we are almost at the end of the chapter. Even if Messi is at its absolute Peak it’s hard to see a way in which they overcome what will lie ahead however id love to see it happen because Messi truly deserve more then what he has gotten. If they advance I will give them all the credit in the world but I just don’t see it this will be the end of the Leo Messi Fairy Tail in the Argentina shirt.


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