SHOCK Exit As Defending Champions Germany Go Down In Russia #273


Winning the World Cup is incredibly difficult you will not find a more challenging thing to do in sports. Once you have won it to stay strong and stay effective and continue to play in good form is always going to be challenging especially going into the following World Cup. Teams that have won the World Cup have found out how difficult it really is to defend the title. Winning the World Cup excruciatingly difficult in its own right because of how many teams are in it and how much this tournament needs to all those fans players coaches and supporters. Trying to repeat as champions of the world is next to Impossible this German Powerhouse has found out just how difficult it really is to retain the World Cup. In three of the last 4 World Cups the teams that had previously won the World Cup have gone out in the group stage. In 98 France won the World Cup went out in the group in 2002 in 2002 Brazil won the World Cup went out in the quarterfinals in 2006 Italy won the World Cup in 2010 out to the group stage in 2010 Spain won the World Cup in 2014 out in the group stage. Germany has just repeated the trend as they shock everybody by leaving the tournament after just three games one of the favorites to win it leaves in embarrassment With a loss to South Korea on the last day of the group stage. In a group with Mexico Sweden and South Korea they failed their country as the Germany World Cup ends in disaster.

Going into this world cup in Russia if there was one team that you felt pretty confident that wasn’t going to have an early exit it would be Germany. Certain teams have been criticized for not having a team but rather star players. Argentina has Leo Messi Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo Egypt has Mohamed Salah Uruguay has Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. As well as many other teams have their star players and the criticism has been some countries dependent too much on a star in a tournament like this. Germany has always had is a team that are discipline a team that are efficient a team that work hard very German like. At the end of the day and it turned out to be not necessary. You need a team to win the World Cup one star cannot deliver you the trophy you need other pieces involved to do that but as we have seen at this world cup there been a team that been dragged to The Knockout stage by a star. Cristiano Ronaldo dragged Portugal to round of 16 I don’t think Portugal has what it takes to go on a Deep Run but without him could they have gotten here I don’t think say. Portugal are fully relied on him as many of the other countries were relied on a single star but the argument has always been a Germany has a team and they do. Marco Reus Toni Kroos Thomas Muller Tino Werner Manuel Neuer Joshua Kimmich and many more this is a team that has all these Stars that connected in the perfect way everything was aligned 4 years ago they were unable to do that this time around I think they laced energy and new blood. leaving out Leroy Sane and some of the other decisions that were made out of cost them this tournament and eventually I believe it will cost Joachim Low his job this was an utter Collapse by Germany. Despite having some good teams in their group there is no excuse for them not qualifying with the group they have and the team they have this Germany Football Federation is so deep they could have taken 3 teams to the World Cup German Football is the peak of discipline and dominance in European football. They  just collapsed just like many teams who had won the World Cup the previous years. Only Brazil and Italy ages ago have been able to repeat as champions Germany got exposed and they deserved to go home but they could have escaped.

After a very disappointing opening game against Mexico and a last-gasp victory against Sweden  thanks to Toni Kroos late winner everything was still to play for in the final match day of the group stage. Germany had not played particularly well up to that point and going into the match today all they really needed was to win. They were facing off against a South Korea side that had already been eliminated from the tournament who had nothing to play for they were going home regardless of the results. It is a game that Germany should have won. Against South Korea they had 74% of The Possession a 24 Shots. They completed 624 passes with a completion rate of 89.5  on paper they completely ripped them apart they dominated South Korea in every aspect of it. However they were very ungerman Germany is disciplined and efficient today they were wasteful. They have world class Talent throughout this entire team players that have won absolutely everything at club level as well as a large portion of their players having been on the World Cup winning team in 2014. They needed to win this game or it was game over eventually after seeing Germany waste so many opportunities to put the game to bed. South Korea punished them for it they scored two goals in stoppage time to eliminate the world champions. Germany ended up finishing third in their group with only three points out of a possible nine. Mexico in their own right coughed up first place and despite beating Germany will still have to face Brazil. Sweden went on to win the group shocking practically everyone. Much like many defending Champions before Germany failed to live up to expectations. Germany needs to regroup and reload for the next World Cup I don’t believe they need to change their philosophy because German system for Success has been extremely effective but a new manager must come in as they just weren’t good enough for a team that was considered the favorites they failed to get out of the group stage for the first time since 1938 which was only their second World Cup as Germany makes history for the wrong reasons. Germany will be back but this is a moment Germany will suffer through.


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