Cavani as a superb defence ends Ronaldo’s World Cup dream #281

Score: Uruguay 2 Portugal 1


Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the greatest footballers we have ever seen in this sport be best players of this generation. They have won everything domestically individually and just our next level when it comes to domination in a sport. The one thing they’ve always craved is that World Cup trophy while Messi has more pressure to deliver it Cristiano Ronaldo equally want to lift that same trophy. It is the one they crave although Ronaldo has a European championship a World Cup trophy for Portugal would end the greatest of all-time conversation. There was an opportunity for us to see these two greats face off in the quarterfinals but following Messi’s elimination in the round of 16 in a seven-goal thriller which saw Griezmann and Mbappe Lead France past Argentina to ultimately and Leo Messi’s International career. This was the very thing Cristiano Ronaldo would try to avoid at 33 years of age this will be his very last chance at World Cup Glory Ronaldo will be 38 years of age in the next World Cup this was it for him. Cristiano Ronaldo in this world cup has been pretty special at least early but unfortunately for Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal they were up against An Almighty task. They took on Uruguay in the round of 16 Ronaldo was forced to go against not only a team that’s attack heavy but the best defense in the world. Unfortunately the European Champions could not contain Edinson Cavani or deal with the Uruguayan defense which in the end ultimately led to Portugal’s exit as we saw Cristiano Ronaldo much like Messi walk off and the World Cup for the very last time. Edinson Cavani and the defense came away with a very narrow 2-1 win they will now face France in the quarterfinals. Ultimately was a sad day for football as we had to say goodbye to two of the all-time greats as their teams we’re just not good enough to push them further.


Cristiano Ronaldo never lit up at World Cup prior to the tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal were coming off a Triumph at the European championships two years ago in France. Where Ronaldo got injured early in the game and his leadership off the pitch Led his team to Glory. However things did not go as easily as you would expect they didn’t struggle to get to the tournament but at the same time it was not easy he basically had to carry the team on his back having not a lot around him he had to shoulder the majority of the responsibility. Ronaldo and Portugal ended up in the same group as Spain and a lot of his Real Madrid teammates the group also consisted of Morocco and Iran. Spain and Portugal were heavy favorites to come out of the group despite the lack of talent Portugal have with Cristiano Ronaldo they seemed almost a shoe-in to advance past the group. In the opening game against Spain he put on a performance of a lifetime after having not scored against Spain during his career he scored a hat-trick including a game-tying goal off a free kick in the 89th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo had not dominated a game in the World Cup until this year although he has scored the goals he had never put it in a performance like that. Cristiano Ronaldo followed that up with another goal in their next match up against Morocco. Although Portugal did not play particularly well they were able to pick up three points against Morocco before their final match against Iran that would determine their placing in the group. Once again Portugal was not spectacular and as it turned out it wouldn’t be enough to win the group. Portugal took the lead in that game and Cristiano Ronaldo had a chance to double it from the spot that almost would Ensure winning the group. He did the unthinkable and missed the penalty something that deeply cost Portugal. Iran got penalty in the last minute of the game they put it away to earn a draw with ultimately meant that’s Spain would win the group forcing Portugal to play Uruguay. Uruguay road to this point came a lot easier they qualified quite easily for the tournament finishing second in a qualification group only to Brazil. With Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez as well as the best defense in the world they were in good shape to go on a Deep Run in this tournament. Not only that but they were in arguably the easiest group in the World Cup. They were grouped with Russia Egypt and Saudi Arabia three teams nowhere near the ability of this Uruguay side. They missed a lot of opportunities in their opening game but scored a late winning goal against an Egypt team without Mo Salah. A game-winning header that gave them the victory. They followed that up with another narrow win against Saudi Arabia getting another shutout. They ended the group stage with a convincing three goal victory against Russia. Coming out of the group stage they’re one of the best teams in the World Cup up to that point. They won all three games and had not conceded a goal yet their defense was proving why they are the best in the world. This set up a meeting between Uruguay and Portugal a much-anticipated match of this World Cup arguably the best players in the world against the best defense in the world. It was A World Cup match filled with stars with the likes of Edinson Cavani Luis Suarez Cristiano Ronaldo and Diego Godin.

This very anticipating match lived up to the hype with a brilliant tactical battle by both teams. This game boiled down to Cristiano Ronaldo against Luis Suarez Edinson Cavani and a strong team. Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t have much of a team this young Portuguese team has a lot of raw potential but not the type of players that are going to win you the World Cup so too and to a certain extent Ronaldo was by himself. For Uruguay it basic all they needed to do is stop Ronaldo and they would advance. However in the early stages of the game was the link-up play between Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani that brought this game to life early. Very early in this game Luiz Suarez hit an excellent cross to Edinson Cavani who jumped put his head through the ball as it hit the back of the net to give Uruguay a very early lead. For the most part Portugal dominated possession and the point of attack with twice as many opportunities at the goal. However the defense was just too good Portugal would try to cross into the box but it was uneffective. The Uruguay defense was so strong that you never felt nervous when Portugal got in attacking positions because you just knew and felt that they would deal with it. It seemed like the only way it’s going to go would be a remote possibility was on a corner kick or a freak goal. Cristiano Ronaldo was completely shut out by the Uruguay defense as he lost the ball constantly. Diego Laxalt and Lucas torreira were excellent defensively in their Midfield was exceptional defending space between them in the defense which made it really hard for Portugal to even stand a chance. However Portugal did manage to get back into this game a corner kick with a header by Pepe to equalize for Portugal. It ended up being very brief as Uruguay wasted no time retaking the lead. Edinson Cavani is a world-class Striker and arguably one of the best in the world and on this biggest stage he proved it again after receiving a brilliant pass Cavani took a one touch strike into the top corner to give Uruguay the 2-1 lead. Edinson Cavani was brilliant however shortly after he had to come off with a minor injury which gave this match a sense of humility. Cristiano Ronaldo came over to Edinson Cavani who was limping and helped him reach the sidelines as he was heading for the bench and incredible touching moment in a game of this magnitude it was an amazing sense of class shown by Ronaldo. The game with carried on and it turned out to be a defensive master class by Uruguay who seemingly did whatever they could to hold on to the lead Portugal continued to attack. but it never was going to be enough the Uruguay defense was too strong and Portugal lacked a complete team to have the resources to break them down. Cavani brilliance and a superb defensive display by Uruguay sent the European Champions crashing out as the great Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal see their World Cup dream ended in disappointment. I want to take this moment to appreciate the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo and what he has done at this world cup he has won everything domestically he even brought his country to Glory in the Euros two years ago that is something no one can take away from him it’s just a shame we couldn’t see him. Uruguay will face off against France in the quarterfinals of this World Cup next week. I believe the winner of that matchup will go on to win the World Cup. I think it will be an extraordinary match. we will see Edinson Cavani Luis Suarez and an indestructible defense against Antoine Griezmann Killian Mbappe Paul Pogba and a young French team go head-to-head. Uruguay defense is incredible but France might have the players to do something it will be an unreal battle between two heavyweights. I strongly believe that the winner will win the World Cup Uruguay has proven they have what it takes but can they go all the way?

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