Mbappe Steals the Show as France sends Messi Home for the Very Last Time #280

Score: France 4 Argentina 3 FT


The group stage is now in the books as the business portion of the competition begins  things start to get really exciting. Welcome to knockout International Football. A place in the quarter finals at stake between a young European superpower in France against one of the greatest players of all time Leo Messi as he drags his Argentine side as far as he can take them in what could be the last time we see him in the Argentina shirt. Legacies are at stake during one of the most anticipated matches of the round of 16. You have an Argentina team featuring one of the greatest players in the history of football with a constant pressure of to deliver a World Cup like Diego Maradona. This Argentina team barely made it out of the group and have been poor for the most of the World Cup so far. While France have the second-youngest team and the entire tournament and arguably have the most talented with the most depth out of all the teams in this tournament. In what was supposed to be Leo Messi’s arrival on the big stage it was his opportunity to deliver greatness to his country and what could be his last match on the national team what was expected is a Leo Messi performance for the ages. France had not done particularly well either going into this game but this game turned into the arrival of Killian Mbappe. The French teenager sent Leo Messi home in one of the best games in this world cup. He scored two goals and was a big part of creating another. As France eliminated Argentina with a back-and-forth 4-3 win in the round of 16. France showed but they have what it takes to win this tournament they live for the big moments and they looked as fluid and a strong as they had been this world cup. They will ultimately face Uruguay in the quarterfinals the team has what it takes to go all the way but this match was without a doubt the coming out party of Killian Mbappe at the World Cup.

France came into this tournament as one of the favorites to lift the trophy at the World Cup’conclusion. Extremely talented team a lot of young players a complete Squad and team. This is one of the reasons why coming into this they were one of the favorites they I have so many options and so many ways they can threaten you. France ended up in a group with Denmark Australia and Peru they could not have been given and easier group. France is just on a different level top to bottom they were always going to top this group and they didn’t even need to try that hard to do so. Granted they didn’t play that well during the group stage but it seem like France is built for knockout football which is why it’s not that surprising on the way they performed during the group. They got seven points out of a possible 9 beating Australia and Peru in the process. No one was taken back on how well they performed in the group stage their performances they weren’t special at all but because of the depth and their team and the superstars they have in Antoine Griezmann and Killian mbappe they costed through the opening three games quite easily. They didn’t have to use all their energy because of the teams in their group they did the job well won the group did exactly what was after them but like I said this is a team of built for knockout football. On the other hand Argentina’s place in the round 16 was very much in the balance over Argentina’s opening games. In fact they were on the verge of being knocked out in the group stage. Leo Messi 4 years ago let his team the World Cup final where they ultimately fell short to Germany they weren’t the most talented team but despite that he brought them to the brink of Glory. Argentina is an attack heavy team with superstars throughout the squad other than Lionel Messi the likes of Angel Di Maria Pablo dybala Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain. In attacking sense they are on par with anyone despite the fact that whoever reason they kept Marco icardi at home which has been criticized by many outlets. Also their coach Jorge sampaoli has done a less-than-stellar job since he’s taking over Messi had to drag this team into the World Cup it was not an easy Road. They were in a group with Croatia Nigeria and Iceland. a group they should have had no problem getting through Croatia is an incredible team but there was no reason why Argentina couldn’t get through without too much trouble. It ended up being way more trouble than it should have been Leo Messi is one of the best players of his generation. He was unable to light up this world cup and his team who are incredibly attack heavy couldn’t deliver either. They ended up just scraping by in fact with just a few minutes to go in their final group game against Nigeria they were on the verge of elimination Marco Rojo score a late goal to send them to The Knockout rounds. Despite that there was some real questions about this team Croatia brushed them and Messi missed a crucial penalty against Iceland that would have given them to Victory. Despite the fact that France was in an easier group there was never any question marks of what they could be able to do. Argentina just could not handle the pressure the world. Two teams that had completely different routes and getting to the stage but we were in for one of the most gratifying matches of this World Cup for a place in the quarter-finals at stake with everything on the line.

An extremely talented and young vibrant France team vs Leo Messi’s Argentina a world-class player versus a team. Absolutely anything is possible despite the struggles and a negative vibes it was wide open. Argentina came out and played pretty well but France countered practically everything they were able to do. Argentina struggled and had issues dealing with the pace PSG 19 year old Killian Mbappe. He was absolutely terrorizing the entire argentines defense they had no answer for him. it felt like fouling him with the only thing that worked and early in the first half it unraveled. Mbappe on the counter attacked used his frightening pace to rip through the entire field in what look like a sure opening goal. He was brought to the ground Inside the Box and France was given a penalty. Antoine Griezmann stepped up and buried it to give France the early lead. Antoine Griezmann  might have had to goal but Mbappe orchestrated the opportunity they had no answer for him he was too fast too quick too young to deal with. Despite the opening goal Argentina weren’t totally out of it. They played quite well considering their performances Early In This World Cup. Leo Messi was mutually invisible Argentina still managed to make a game out of it. Right before halftime Angel Di Maria scored a belter to equalize right before halftime. Despite the equalizer France did look like the better team but Argentina or very much in it. The thing about this tournament is you just need to get hot so even if you’re not the most talented team You can find a way to win in these knockout games. in the second half this game turned into a shootout and an absolute classic a thriller of a match would start to unveil. Mercado gave Argentina shock lead in the second half as the young and talented France found themselves behind. However that did not have an effect on how they played France was organized eccentric and tried to get on the Counterattack as much as possible because that seemed like Frances best weapon. France equalized with one of the best goals of this World Cup as Pavard scored a superb strike from outside the box to make it 2-2. from this point forward it was France domination. They did a great job in their Midfield with Paul Pogba and Kante feeding France attacking players. The point of attack was PSG 19 year old Killian Mbappe. A Paul Pogba cross led to an open pass from the wing into the 19 year old as he found the back of the neck to make it 3-2 and this game was turning into a thriller. In a blink of the eye the game blew open as Killian Mbappe was released buy a Midfield pass creating a counter attack before PSG Superstar finished off the attack to make it 4-2 Leo Messi in Argentina. The 19 year old seemingly putting the nail into the coffin. Became the first teenager since Pele to score two goals in a single game after World Cup. With minutes ago Argentina would score again to minimize the deficit with a Sergio Aguero goal. It would put an end to an absolute Thriller of a match as Mbappe and France put an end to Leo Messi in the Argentina shirt. This was an unbelievable game A very strong France team showing they are true contenders. But this game was the coming out party for the Killian Mbappe at the World Cup. Killian Mbappe has proved on this big stage but he’s arguably one of the 10 best players in the world. He has the potential to be one of the greatest French players in football history I’ve never seen a teenager this skilled and this gifted since Cristiano Ronaldo. He is without a doubt winning the young player of the year at this year’s World Cup he is vital to their chances of winning the World Cup which I fully expect them to do. They will play Uruguay in the quarterfinals next week. The young Frenchman well face the best defense in the world. The question is can they contain him they did to Cristiano Ronaldo they will have a game plan to shut him down Uruguay is one of the best teams in this tournament it will be an ongoing battle between these two Powerhouse teams I believe the winner of that matchup will win the World Cup. Can killing Mbappe deliver the World Cup trophy to France?
















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