Mexico Curse Continues As Brazil are On to the Quarters #284

Brazil 2 Mexico 0FT


Another 4 years has passed and we revisit a very similar story with this Mexico team. This was a highly criticized team for good reason being one of the most underperforming national teams we have seen in the last 50 years. A round of 16 matchups that Mexico at all costs wanted to avoid and in fact avoiding this matchup was within their control and they failed to live up to expectations. It was Brazil Mexico in the round of 16 of this World Cup in Russia which was the very thing Mexico wanted to avoid. Mexico lost in the round of 16 6 World Cups in a row going into this match this is something Mexico very much wanted to change. Many of the locals believe that this team is actually cursed having had the bad luck they had over the years. However this time it was in their own control and they let it slip through their fingers. Mexico failed to win a group that they were in pole position to win inevitably having to face off against heavy favorites Brazil. Mexico wanted to avoid Brazil but it was too late now losing the grip on the group spelled their inevitable Doom against Brazil. Mexico held on as long as they possibly could but goals from Neymar and Bobby Firmino ended Mexico’s run in the world cup at the same place it has ended in the last seven World Cups. They were unable to keep their foot on the gas after an excellent start to the tournament but in the end they fall posing the question if they are really cursed.

After incredibly bad luck in the last several World Cups Mexico and their tinker man Juan Carlos Osorio ended up in a very tough group from my point of view one of the most difficult groups in the entire world cup. With defending Champions Germany a very good Sweden team featuring Emil Forsberg the Bundesliga Superstar and a South Korea team with Spurs star Son Min. Just from face value this was incredibly a difficult group Mexico needed to start this thing strong as they faced defending Champions Germany in the first game of the World Cup with a chance and opportunity to show the world they have what it takes to finally get past the round of 16 at the World Cup. Mexico shocks Germany winning thanks to a Chucky Lozano first-half goal. German looked unorganized exposed at the back while Mexico looked ruthless this Mexican team could have easily won this game by several more goals. This was celebrated all through Mexico as they got in historic win against Germany the question became whether they can stay focused and keep this thing going. I feel like they took their foot off the gas a little bit against South Korea after beating Germany I believe the attitude of the team changed which greatly affected their failure to win the group. They ended up getting passed out Korea with a 2-1 victory. Giving them six points after the first two games almost ensuring they would get out of the group and in great position to win It. That’s where the problem began the entire world cup Mexico’s biggest goal was avoiding Brazil the best way they were going to avoid Brazil is like winning the group which it looks like they were on their way to do so. Against Sweden they played like the group was already won they didn’t take it seriously enough they thought it was already over they looked disinterested and unmotivated as Sweden cracked Mexico 3 0. This meant that Sweden was on level with points with Mexico with 7 however with Sweden’s big win they ultimately won the group. Mexico in the end they completely blew it only needing a point to insure themselves on top of the group and even if Sweden won if the deficit was smaller Mexico would have avoided Brazil they truly did it to themselves. Meanwhile Brazil did not find things as easily as you would expect even though it ultimately worked out. Brazil failed to beat Switzerland in The Opening match due to exceptional defense and goalkeeping not to mention Neymar was fouled a game-high 10 times as a Switzerland defense did not allow him to do anything. Things do not get any easier in their following game again slowly ranked Costa Rica the game was tied at 0-0 deep into the game in stoppage time. Brazil finally broke through with goals from Neymar and Coutinho. In their final game of the group against Serbia Brazil picked up another 2-0 win with Neymar and Paulinho scoring the goals setting up a favorable match against Mexico.

Mexico faced off against the dreaded Brazil most people saw this going one way Mexico just were not good enough to hang with Brazil even though they tried to hold them off as much as they possibly could. Both teams had a high volume of a attempts throughout the match but Mexico despite having 14 shots were just too wasteful only one was on goal the entire game. Which did not benefit them because Brazil were having the best game of their entire world cup. They were unbelievable in the attacking sense and Roma goalkeeper Alisson and the defense played their part in keeping a clean sheet. Neymar and Bobby Firmino scored in the second half to knock out Mexico at the round of 16 stage for the 7th World Cup in a row While Brazil after an unimpressive opening 3 games really started to look like contenders. Brazil will face Belgium in the quarterfinals which is set to be one of the most exciting games of the World Cup so far. I don’t believe there’s any clear favorites regarding this matchup I would say Brazil or probably slight favorites if you were going to pick someone because of their experience and their depth and they have the advantage in a few areas. Belgium is as talented as anyone at the moment with the likes of Kevin De Bruyne Eden Hazard Dries Mertens and Romelu Lukaku. However Belgium have holes Japan were up by two goals in the round of 16 match up in the second half. Belgium were able to crawl it back winning in the 90th minute. This proves how good this Belgium team is but also shows that they have holes that can be exploited. I think Brazil will win this but I think it will be very tough mentally and physically for both teams Brazil has slightly more quality and I think defensively they have a major advantage and that’s why I see Brazil getting past them. Now that Brazil have shown how good they can be do they have enough to bring A 6th World Cup trophy to Rio De Janeiro we will have to wait and see.



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